Do camels really have water in their humps? | Live Science

Do camels really have water in their humps? | Live Science

Do camels really have water in their humps? | Live Science

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senior guru

What do you call a camel with no hump ?

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@Bread&Circuses I would of went with horse.


top expert

There is a technique how you can optimize the filling level of the camels - in case you have planned a longer desert crossing.
You step behind the camel when it is drinking and wait for this brief moment before it stops.
Right then you give him a powerfull kick in the buttocks.

The resulting shock creates a sudden negative pressure in your camel and it sucks in additional liters of water.

This practical technique is called دهاء (diha '), which means "outsmart" or وجه الفتاة, which describes the facial expression of the camel when sucking in.

I wish all sons of the desert a happy and safe journey.

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@🎄DonRobusto🎄 When I came up with this, I had a translation program translate the word "oops" into Arabic. I then translated the result back into english.
To my surprise, "face of the girl" came out. smiley smiley
So we are dealing with a language that is very rich in images. smiley


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