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@Bread&Circuses LOL I had a '62 Pontiac Star Chief. You could actually put TWO push mowers in the trunk and shut the lid....

@oldshuntr Just this week I had to collapse the handle on my mower to fit it in the back of my Ford Escape. The new recliner fit well with the back off.


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LMAO Back in the day when the chrome weighed more than most new cars made today....


What was that bump in the road anyway?

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@oldshuntr Just as an FYI, I do actually own an exact copy of this picture and it will still be drivable after any type of EMS BS.... LMAO


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My older brother's first car was a decade old Ford Skyliner (half glass roof) I thought that was the coolest! b3a38199247a5a4eb224532581e66f7c

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@Paladin* Decade old? Sure, I'll take some of that while it gets passed around.... smiley

@oldshuntr Yeah I meant he bought it in the mid '60s with his largesse from driving a bicycle ice cream cart around... Remember those?

@Paladin* I was farther out in the country than they wanted to try and sell to. LOL

I do remember how excited we all got when an actual ice cream truck played the music and drove by!

@oldshuntr Did you catch the Studebaker wagon on Jay Leno's Garage last night? The top over the back came off to create a pick up like vehicle. I liked those old Mercury sedans with the roll down back glass.

@Bread&Circuses Yeah, loved the blind speed driver!


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