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Coronavirus whistleblower speaks out about possible COVID

Posted by: PizzaSlice

Dr. Li-Meng Yan joins Tucker Carlson with insight on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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Two nagging questions.

1) why didn't she publish in a peer reviewed journal. "The paper was uploaded to an open-access website Sept. 14 and was published by the “Rule of Law Society & Rule of Law Foundation” — two related entities in New York tied to Steve Bannon, a former adviser to President Donald Trump. Bannon is listed as the chair of the Rule of Law Society in a registration document filed last year with the state."

2) She has been saying for months that she has proof. Why is she sitting on it. If you have proof...release it...publish it along with your"study" in a peer reviewed journal.

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@RiverTam Nailed it smiley



She better be careful that she doesn't get ‘Epsteined’. You know how them humans get when the truth is exposed.


top expert
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@JadeEnigma In case you are wondering why I'm laughing this time, it's because Tucker Carlson.

He is the Sally Jesse of your people. smiley


@JadeEnigma sure make this about tucker. He is not the story here, she is.

Time will tell if what she speaks is true or she she just want her 15 minutes of fame. She claims to have proof.. Will be interesting to see what other scientists say about it after analysis.


@PizzaSlice You don't listen to the scientists when they talk about what will happen when the northern ice cap melts, why the heck would you listen to them on this? Cherry pick much?


@JadeEnigma Funny that. I guess science is only right when it agrees with their agenda.


@rickgrimesrocks I've been led to believe that science is a matter of opinion. Of course the last time I said that I was threatened with a suspension but shhhh!


@rickgrimesrocks She was there, she's risking her life to get the truth out. Not to be confuses with some bureaucrat with their finger to the political winds seeking their next grant. So you choose the latter over her?


@Bread&Circuses I never once said I didn't believe her. I don't know the truth as to whether the virus is man made or comes from nature. My point is that some people only believe the scientists when it agrees with their agenda. If it doesn't agree with their agenda then the scientist are a bunch of kooks who don't know what they're talking about.


@rickgrimesrocks Please see my reply to JadeEnigma in this thread.

What agenda are you talking about? My only agenda is to learn the truth, rather than believing things blindly. I didn't dismiss any scientist and I didn't take sides in this or the other topic mentioned. I have just been trying to learn from people that appear to know better than me. Asking a question does not equals opposition.


@JadeEnigma Sorry for late reply, I have been away.

Why are you trying to pick a fight with every single comment you make?

I never claimed that this was true and I never said that I had taken any side on this. I just thought it was a real bombshell IF it was true, and acknowledge that it would be interesting to hear what real scientist would say about it. I have since seen some analysis of these claims and most people agree that it was a non story.

Regarding the ice caps. I have NEVER said that it is false, I have just been questioning it based on the fact that ice decrease in volume when it melts.

The other fact that makes me question things is the amount of Co2 that we have in the atmosphere, and how much plantlife really want and need.

Just because I am questioning something doesn't mean I disregard it.

I am not one of the sheeps who believe in everything I hear.
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@PizzaSlice Other scientists have spoken and dismissed her "study"


@RiverTam Yeah, I read some analysis after this was aired and most people seem to dismiss it.

It is just very curious why someone would risk their life for 15 minutes in fame. Doesn't make much sense.

For the sake of everyone, I do hope it was not man made and not spread on purpose.


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