Call me Ishmael . . .

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I remember reading that story when I was a kid. I remember the intro. Magic of narration.

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@Omenomen It was always a marathon for translators to get this book translated. I remember the novations they give to a greek translator for the time and effort he dedicated to translate this. As an important and famous literature book it has also tons of naval and old terminology that must be correctly translated.


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From Les . . .

Could have been worse - they could have named the coffee shop after Owen Coffin.
Better read this for the whole story:

PS: Remember the group "Mountain" and their hit "Mississippi Queen"?
They also had a big hit called "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" about the Essex and dedicated to Owen Coffin:



I loved the "Orca" with R. Harris also. Been deeply mental the script, giving a lot to think. Not of course as long and adventurous as the book and the film of Moby Dick. I personally loved all versions, with G.Peck, with Stewart and the latest one.


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