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CNN Finally Agrees with Donald Trump on Something

Posted by: James1Henry

There’s a first time for everything and the first time for CNN agreeing with Donald Trump is Donald Trump saying we’re going to have to stay locked in our houses long past April.

Okay, I think actually the first time they agreed with him was on bombing Syria, but that really just offers more perspective as to just how bad for America this Coronavirus mass hysteria actually is.

Hysterical doom-kook Stephen Collinson writes for CNN:

It’s so childish the way these people write. Literally like satire. You read it and it’s just almost literally unbelievable that this is supposed to be a professional news outlet, spewing this level of vitriol. You read this stuff, or watch it, and it’s like something out of the The Simpsons.

“Bad, bad, bad man does many bad, bad, bad, things. He does them so much because he is very, very bad. But even bad man knows that locking everyone in their houses and collapsing the economy because of the flu is good. It is the most good thing, so even bad, bad, bad man knows it’s good.”

None of these pos will ever explain why people who have virtually no risk from the disease are being locked up in their houses.

The only people at risk are:

Old people
Fat people
People with cancer or some other serious medical condition

Everyone else, according to the same people locking us up, can get the disease and have very little problem.

They will say that these people can still be carriers, but so what? If everyone who is at risk is locked up, who do the carriers pose a risk to?

I guess the theory is that a young healthy guy might have a fat slob girlfriend he lives with. Many such cases. Or a young healthy guy might live with his boomer parents because his boomer parents collapsed the economy and destroyed marriage so he’ll have to live in their basement alone forever. Many such cases of that as well.

But at what point does personal responsibility enter into any of this?


Is this a country run by women?

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