Breonna Taylor's Family Receiving Largest Settlement in Louisville History Following Wrongful Death Suit

he city of Louisville has agreed to a $12 million settlement with the family of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old Kentucky woman who was fatally shot five times by police in her apartment in March.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer made the official announcement on Tuesday in a joint press conference with the lawyers of Taylor's family. He said while the investigation by Attorney General Daniel Cameron is still ongoing, his "administration is not waiting to move ahead."

In addition to the payment, the settlement includes a number of police reforms to be implemented in the city. One of these includes the requirement of commanding officers to approval all search warrants before an officer seeks judicial approval.

Breonna Taylor's Family Receiving Largest Settlement in Louisville History Following Wrongful Death Suit

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top expert

I still think there needs to be criminal charges laid. This was an avoidable tragedy had the police done their jobs properly.

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@JadeEnigma Totally agree with you, it didn't need to happen.


@JadeEnigma I agree with you. There should be some kind of charges, especially against the one cop who fired, like 12 rounds I think it was. That was totally reckless behavior.

I do think they will have problems filing any charges though. The cops were there with a search warrant, a no knock warrant, at that. They didn't know it was obtained with lies. In going to the house they just thought they were doing there jobs. I'm not sure if all the cops fired their weapons or any more details like that. But like I said I do know the one cop was at least reckless in his behavior and there should be some charge for that at the least.



Good. Maybe a good chunk from the police and general budget will make them understand this isn't business as usual anymore?



The moron boyfriend shot a police officer in the leg and got his girlfriend killed as a result, because of return fire.

Naturally, the boyfriend is a hero to the liberal hive mind.

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@Bruce Jenner He didn't know who was coming into his apt. He thought someone was breaking in. The police didn't announce themselves since they had one of those STUPID no knock warrants. He fired thinking he was PROTECTING his girlfriend and himself. That is why they have banned those no knock warrants now. It was wrong what they did to this young couple and that is why they settled with them for $12 million. The police officer who obtained the warrant even lied to the judge saying they had proof her ex-boyfriend, who they suspected was a drug dealer, was receiving packages at her house. There was NO SUCH PROOF. What they did was TOTALLY WRONG.

Liberal hive mind, my ass. All you have to do is look at the FACTS to know this killing was not justified.


@rickgrimesrocks It was stated that the boyfriend did hear them knock but apparently didn't hear them announce themselves as police officers.

Nobody should expect anything less from a criminal.

The girl that he had shot is also known to have been involved in drug trafficking.


@Bruce Jenner Uhm "no knock" means just that. The only knock you hear is the door crashing down from the battering ram.



@MPA2000 Don't try to figure it out. It's not worth the energy. the cultists make things up or twist the truth to suit their own beliefs and explain the inexplicable so long as it lines up with their agenda.


@JadeEnigma It is obvious by your incessant emoji spamming that information intake isn't your strong suit, Jade.


@Bruce Jenner Okie dokie, silly man.

Gently sprinkles you with smiley face glitter


@Bruce Jenner "The girl that he had shot is also known to have been involved in drug trafficking."

That is totally and utterly FALSE. Neither her or her boyfriend have a drug history. What do you do just make sh*t up and decide that it's true?

Also, even the neighbors said they never heard any knock. The first noise they heard was the battering ram breaking the door down. Some of the bullets even made their way into the neighbor's apartment. How that for reckless??


@rickgrimesrocks This is why it helps to read multiple sources, to weed through contradicting information.

2020 is objectively the most subversive year of all time.


@Bruce Jenner smiley smiley

Multiple sources like Breitbart, That pundit thingie you guys seem to like, or maybe youtube...


@JadeEnigma Breitfart is subversive. I wouldn't recommend anyone use it.


top expert

Justice shouldn`t be settled.
but on the other handside smiley i have at least 20 relatives i would easily sell for 12 million US$.


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