Brainteaser challenges you to find the robot hiding among the snowmen

This tricky festive brainteaser challenges you to find the robot disguised as a snowman in a vibrant winter scene.

The illustration, created by UK-based electronics company RS Component, is made all the more difficult by the fact that there are a number of other snowmen dressed and on display in the scene.

Do you have what it takes to spot the frosty robot from the real snowmen?

Brainteaser challenges you to find the robot hiding among the snowmen

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I think it's the one I circled.

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@SimonM Good find. His eyes are blue. But if that was the point, I am disappointed.


@Omenomen It's the only snowman without sticks for arms. Yeah I didn't feel like I had won the jackpot either. Infact, I'm not even sure why someone went to the trouble of making it, I can make better things out of loo roll!


@SimonM Yeah, I'm still looking. Gave it a second three minutes. I thought I was good at these. Usually find thing in first three minutes. Remember those hidden things puzzle pictures in Highlights Magazine? I loved those as a kid.


@Bread&Circuses I don't know Highlights Magazine but i know the pictures you're talking about, I used to enjoy those as a kid too.


senior guru

well, I gave it a commercial break, I'll get back to it


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