Blockbuster Report Reveals How Biden Family Was Compromised By China

Posted by: StarKissed

This article serves the best interest of all Americans, regardless of Party Affiliation, or if Independent. If Joe Biden happens to win the Presidency, there are numerous Red Flags here, that should make everyone apprehensive about the Freedom of our country. The more China becomes involved here in the U.S., the higher threat of a take-over, and that doesn't appear to be a concern of Biden; his main objective is Wealth Building for himself & his family. These revelations should frighten us all. He is Highly Compromised, & we need to understand how devastating these ties with China can affect our daily way of life.

Below the Two links I have posted here, is a screenshot of High ranking names of Democrats who are also involved, or have been involved with either the same deal the Biden's have made with China, or from a different Deal. Whichever it may be, this is frightening, as these as hidden deals going on behind American's backs. Highly Illegal to say the least.

This First link goes to an article on Zero Hedge, but the actual investigation in the report is written by an Anonymous person, however, Zero Hedge makes it clear he didn't write this but feels the American Public has a right to know about the deeper connections between Joe & Hunter Biden's Compromising Relationship with China, due to our strictly Partisan MSM, who are determined to keep this type of information hidden. Zero Hedge has evaluated the information and finds no problems, and although he knows who the original writer is, he is obligated in keeping that info confidential to keep this person safe from harm. He also makes it clear he is not a Trump supporter, didn't vote for him, nor will he vote for him next month.

This link has selected highlights from the report with input from Zero Hedge:

This link take you to my Google Drive for a PDF Download, with the full report as written by the Anonymous Author. Anyone with the link has permission to Download and distribute it freely:


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senior guru

The Media has stifled any investigations or REPORTS of investigation. They are America's enemies.

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@bondojoe They really are, & I always look at the names of the Globalists who own these news Outlets. Most aren't Americans, nor do they value the freedoms we have here. They're usually associated with Totalitarian Regimes. I wish those who watch these Mainstream shows understood there's a nefarious agenda toward our country, and the pundits who've sold their souls to work for these people don't care if this country is destroyed.


@StarKissed You nailed it. Americans that love America don't try to destroy it. Between the media, and the "education" system...they have managed to distort reality for those of lesser intelligence. Free things are a GREAT incentive....when you don't realize that it's cost is your soul. Those that are intelligent, but still betray America are just traitors. Even television shows, and newscasts that SEEM innocuous are gently prodding the voter in a self-destructive direction.


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