Bill Gates on Climate Change: 2050 the ‘Soonest Realistic Date’ for the World to Change

During an interview that aired this week on "Fox News Sunday," Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates addressed climate change on the heels of the winter storm in Texas.

Well that won't help if we're all dead in 7 years, nope not at all...

Bill Gates on Climate Change: 2050 the ‘Soonest Realistic Date’ for the World to Change

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Well since he's a scientist oh wait I mean doctor I mean expert? Nope he an old computer nerd..Not sure why the f**k anyone would take advice or listen to this lunatic fruit loop. Bill Gates is an expert on commadore 64s and windows 95, he can f**k right off with his mass genocide and population control pipe dreams.

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@RubyFreeman He's a dangerous nerd pumping misinformation propaganda and untouched as he can endow his was into any institution, company or government body using $$$ - not knowledge.


top expert
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@Omenomen reasonable premise - looking at the world through that lens it's easy to leverage power in multiple ways.


@Omenomen I never got that Omenomen. You seem to have access to at least some education and as far as i remember you even have a degree in theology (?) can someone like you just THINK OF believing this rubbish? This is so bone chilling idiotic that a 5 year old could detect it...very disappointed


@Adrian88 Theology isn't what you seem to think it is.


@Adrian88 "Seem to have access to at least some education?"

Carefully, Adrian. I think you are overestimating me. I feel I got praise I did not deserve. After all the studies and work in the educational system and continual effort on the development of my intellect, I think that "access to some education" is a big overstepping from your side.

But, listen. I have something for you, a quantum of solace and hope that everything isn't lost yet. I know it is in Serbian, but I am sure you will recognize it.

Here! My Christmas present. I am rereading it right now.



@Omenomen You think Russel would have voted for Trump?
I apologize for being rude. But thats exactly the reason why i am asking. I read some really good high value stuff and posts by you and always was so surprised that you supported positions, to put it milddly.


@Adrian88 Well, yes. There is a problem. A multilayered one. I am willing to engage in a conversation and explain myself. We can talk in an open chat, but knowing nature of both of us, I suggest PM. That would protect the conversation from interruption and deflection.

Apology accepted, by the way smiley


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If you want to get the whole story from the horse's mouth ...

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@😷...Box...😷 You mean Jackass do you not,boxy



@DeplorableForever Actually I didn't so for trying to put words in the Box's mouth, it gives me great pleasure to present his award which was founded by the Gates' Foundation for making a HA of yourself on numerous occasions.

And although you are the very first recipient, going by the comments here you may not be the last.



@😷...Box...😷 If mouthing falsehoods for Gates in the pursuit of happiness gives you sensuous pleasure, who am I to dispute...


@DeplorableForever You would not believe the pleasure!

It is indisputable DF.

You still get the award however.


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