Biden’s order about ‘transgender’ athletes

Posted by: dramucom

Here's one side of the issue:

and on the other side here is the Women's Declaration from WHRC (which also has a petition you can sign if so inclined)

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Yup...this is a train wreck waiting to happen. Either way you go, somebody loses. Ban them from sports and it is gender discrimination, allow them to compete and you are invalidating every law and jurisprudence against doping.



Not seeing a lot of support in the media for this executive order.



I don't think it will be too difficult to spot a school boy in a girls changing room who wasn't there for anything other than getting his jollies looking at the girls getting changed. I don't know why this has to be an issue, for thousands of years humans have managed to know their gender identity when they reach puberty and it's always worked and if people don't interfere, it will carry on working, this is something that doesn't need to be guided or forced on kids, just let them be kids for the duration.



the one argument i have had about gender identity since it actually became an issue is: there is nothing legally anyone can do to prevent anyone from identifying as a gender 1 day and changing their mind to identify as the other gender the next time. if you consider this aspect seriously it means men can claim to be women at any time or vice versa and do so for perverted reasons perhaps. now lets consider that in the aspect of sports...... unless an athlete were to come forward with allegations, what will stop college programs from offering scholarships to all natural born boys for example but tell half of them they need to "identify as a girl" i realize tis is an extreme concept but in this day and age, is it really that impossible a concept? heck with this in place the athletes themselves could declare gender just to make a team because they are outclassed in the sport of their usual gender. yes i realize i see this being more an issue for female sports, because it could really get this jacked up.



This executive order fulfills a Supreme Court order. It was going to happen eventually. It is part of progress. Might as well try to keep snow from reaching the ground with your bare hands.

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@Xanthe199 Quite right. The Judiciary Branch has decided on the matter and the only thing the Executive Branch can do is to enforce it.


@Xanthe199 There are 70 pages of signatures in the Women's Declaration from people who would probably disagree that it is progress.


@dramucom The only avenue against this decision is another Supreme Court decision overruling it. They will get another chance on this, much sooner than you think, as the Olympics are just around the corner.


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