Biden says the US is doomed because African Americans? Ugh

Posted by: MPA2000

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timestamp 1:14:29
Biden clearly talks about - if we don`t get the racial problems done (meaning by cooperation and understanding)- the country is doomed.
Listen to the sentence before and after and it isn`t "shocking" at all
The Twitter clip is cut and put out of context on purpose.
A clear MPA2000 rubber duck again.

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@Adrian88 well done and thank you for finding the area of the chat that the clip came from. good job as well pointing out the full context of what the actual message being said was to be. this folks ,even though not professional, is what fact checking looks like to either support or deny something being said. now that the truth wills out on this post i enjoin others to listen to the clip and from the timestamp adrian88 located. so you can truly understand why words and context matters. well done once again adrian88.


@Adrian88 I don't understand the "rubber duck" reference, so I supposed that is your own personally defined mockery.

Be that as it may, the snippet didn't take anything out of context. He said what he said and then doubled down on it by saying the country is doomed because White people will be the minority.

This is the problem with supporters on the left, when their side makes racist comments they circle the wagon and start throwing terms like, "It was out of context" or "You have to look at their record to know that they meant well" etc.

We can go all the way back to Biden's support for the 1994 Crime Bill that targeted Black males for selling crack with long prison sentences, even though the stuff weighed 1/10 the weight needed to be put away for the drug it was derived from, cocaine. From what I remember Democrats were all in on this and it was the Republicans who voted against the bill.
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@MPA2000 rubber duck, perhaps red herring is a comparison, at best i believe he thinks your post is lacking in information, and by doing so changes the complete idea and context of the entire meaning. i am guessing he considers this a falsehood.



Let me help your short, albeit selective memory. If we cannot make significant progress on racial equity, this country is doomed....". That is the full sentence that was purposefully omitted to take the words out of context.

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@thekingandI And then he goes on to say it is "doomed, not because of African Americans. It is doomed because by 2040 this country is going to be minority White Euoropean".

Nothing is out of context, his own words, as usual, prosecutes him. And his supporters are quick to circle the wagon and throw out "it's out of context". "You don't know him" or just throw out mocking and insults.


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It's doomed because of those who did not vote for him, in short. The old crook doesn't know what he is saying.

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@Omenomen Or you believe any old Trumpite...If we cannot make significant progress on racial equity, this country is doomed....". That is the full sentence that was purposefully omitted to take the words out of context.


@thekingandI Those who are born equal do not demand equality. Only those enslaved in mind. Welcome to the democratic plantation!


@Omenomen Is it Word Salad Day again?


@Omenomen Whatever happened to "Tired of anysubj, just hanging out here."?

In fact, whatever happened to "Donald Trump is still your president?"

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley


@Omenomen Pretty much. Biden has always been a walking gaffe machine, which is why even Hillary and Obama were selected over him both times.

This is going to be the most incompetent Presidency since Jimmy Carter.


this is the complete zoom call in contention on this article. 100 mins, i openly invite everyone to watch and either refute this current post by noting the timestamp or in doing so discovering its accuracy.

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@JudgePestilence but NOT, strangely the whole of President Elect Biden's uttered statement


@thekingandI if you read my comment in full i openly invite people to listen to the whole thing, since this article title supposedly comes from it. never said i watched it all, that's also why i invited people to note the timestamp of where the statement comes from to either support or refute the article as a whole. please don't think the statement is cut in half from another coversation when the implication comes from this zoom call. now if you watch the whole thing and 0 is said that will point to a possible comment made elsewhere being taken out of context possibly to be no more than a salacious header of a snippet of a videocall. you feel you are right. here's your chance to make a stand and prove it good sir.


@JudgePestilence Joe Biden is your president.


@JadeEnigma of course he is, unlike some people on this site, i actually respect and acknowledge the results of elections. continue as you are and i will gladly reinstate the 4 days of suspension you still owe. is that clear?


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