Beautiful Eagle In The Nest Live Stream, -39.00 a great time
Just Beautiful had to share this. click back on time line for daytime activity!!

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can you imagine if we get to see those eggs hatch? That would be a once in a lifetime event for everyone, will keep posted, will scroll back through time line when it happens to post. Wow, she is beautiful.


Eggs have hatched.


What a joy to behold. I just caught the change of shifts from this morning using the time line.

Beautiful creatures doing what comes naturally.


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Every time I look it is just the mom laying on the eggs (I assume) Where is the daddy? Out hunting for food or playing poker with his buds.... LOL

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@oldshuntr Grab the time line and back drag it to the daytime and the beautiful movement of this guy, its beautiful, drag and backup the red timeline.


I watched one of these eagle nest live cams for an entire season. I think it was Decorah Eagles – Decorah, Iowa. Watched the eggs being laid, hatched, being fed, and being dropped off carrion and feeding themselves. I used to leave the site up on the monitor and check it out every time I went through the living room. Good stuff.


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