Apparently Jennifer blocked the door so people wouldn’t loot 😩😩
Lady in a power wheel chair tries to block looters from a store; Watch how the animals of Minnesota treat her😩

Rioting is always in season when the opportunity for peaceful protest gets boring and there's a Liquor store, Target or Walmart close at hand.

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Yes i saw that 2nd vid on Telegram earlier, how cruel can you be.

I bet the Left screaming mad about that "crickets"

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@PureVodka🍺 And they did it again rioting - these people are human trash - they scream that they are tired of being treated like criminals, dangerous and always syspect - yet they act in the most repulsive and destructive ways for no reason at all. It's like "protest in the daylight but riot and pillage when the sun goes down". I say use live rounds in the guns as a clear message this will not be tolerated. You are defined by your actions, white,black does not matter...


Looters: Disgusting subhuman trash worthy only of death sentences and contempt. The lowliest scavengers are more 'civilized' than these carbuncular agents of Satan.


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