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A Scottish Nationalist to the core and a damn fine actor.

The Man Who Would Be King with Michael Caine is probably my favourite of his ...

RIP, Old Man.

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A facinating new series takes to our screens in January 2021. Set in the present day, the story follows the work of a all round construction worker as he tries to right all the wrongs that have broken America over the last four years. One to watch.

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smiley smiley smiley
WOW! you made it into the wacko Olymp here.And that IS HARD to do!! Ask stephen19, maybe you are in the same clinic?
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A popular series that started off full of hope and promise, but has gone downhill over the past four seasons and FOX ENTERTAINMENT has finally given it the ax due to low viewer ratings and an inability to develop and conclude coherent storylines.

There has been rumours that the star of the show wanted more lines and a bigger say in production.

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Research? No need.

I lived through the Reagan years.

However he did have an 80s idea of Liberalism/Democratic Socialism that has changed a lot since then.


I bet your much more comfortable accepting with~
-There’s widespread voter fraud ( when losing)
-Gaslighting protests, then send in uniformed thugs and squeal law order.
Truth is manipulation political corruption is Prime time now. algorithmic echo chambers shaped individual news feeds and time lines So that two people sitting side by side may receive totally different recommendations based on their past views online.

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Worry free guys having fun!

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I have some colorful fungi growing in my back yard. Tea, anyone?

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There was Religious Freedom CENTURIES before there were homosexual "rights'. I believe that the Supreme court takes precedence into consideration in deciding cases. And where IS the constitutional right to be a different sex, or gender? Or CLAIM that you are? And where does it supersede freedom of Religion...the FIRST amendment?

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He's a BAD MAN!!! LOL!

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Brett Favre endorsed Trump. Wisconsin is his.


Such Hypocrites smiley


What a perceptive, witty and accurate depiction of the process smiley


I couldnt agree more. However, everything has a limit and believe me when I say that after the levels of personal abuse I had received from her, I was actually restraining myself in saying just that. smiley

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The message from your fellow TRUMPTONIANS on this site has been very, very clear - You are AMERICAN if you vote for Señor Trump and you are an UNAMERICAN RADICAL BLACK MUSLIM LIBERAL PRO-CHINA COMMIE if you don't.

There is no middle ground.

No one doubts the need to control illegal immigration through humane means. But let us not confuse this need with the discrimination of people in order to garner votes with the radical right wing base aka the White Supremacists.

Trump is the leader of the nation and as such has a mandate to preside over and unite ALL Americans. He has failed miserably and has only driven wedges into the fabric of American Society for personal ambition and power.

Crisis after crisis has shown how little this president can offer to unite a country in the middle of the worst health calamity in a hundred years and racial tension that has not been seen in the last fifty years.

If the system is broken then it is time to fix it or get out of the way.

We will see what ALL the American people decide next week what they want - Joe the Builder or Don the Destroyer.


I posted further information proving these claims are real phenomena, but then saw the Judge's post and deleted it. Maybe I'll find a different category to post it in. Thanks anyway Bondo, good article.


I agree with that assessment - at least we won't have to hear from Toobin; The other crackpots and crones will likely throw gas on any fires they can to boost ratings and their own egos.

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You nailed it. Americans that love America don't try to destroy it. Between the media, and the "education" system...they have managed to distort reality for those of lesser intelligence. Free things are a GREAT incentive....when you don't realize that it's cost is your soul. Those that are intelligent, but still betray America are just traitors. Even television shows, and newscasts that SEEM innocuous are gently prodding the voter in a self-destructive direction.

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Agreed! only one solution. If the fetus survives: exorcism!!!!


Dumb dog, he's got the sled pointed backwards smiley

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smiley Does he owe the IRS or somebody?
Why so many lame low budget films?
Hmmm, should I dye my beard, too? smiley


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Since I have no similarities to your patient, I find it odd that you would find we have anything in common. We have never met. What I find sad is that because you have nothing intelligent to say, you resort to trying to insult me. I bet that others here will find that sad as well. I feel sorry for you. Your patient was beyond your emotional impotence.

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