Pub-goers will need to drink 124 pints this summer to save the nation’s food and beverage industry, finance experts have claimed.

Brits need to drink 124 pints each to help struggling pubs | Evening Standard

Mice, rats and pigs all share a secret superpower: They can all use their intestines to breathe, and scientists discovered this by pumping oxygen up the animals' butts.

Pigs can breathe through their butts. Can humans? | Live Science

Science Proves Dogs Really Love Us But For a Surprising Reason

Recent images of robotic technology from around the world

Photos: Robots Are Everywhere - The Atlantic

By Emily Reynolds. Researchers found "contagion" of physiological stress response from mother to child.

Children Can “Catch” Their Mother's Stress — Particularly If She Tries To Hide It – Research Digest

Damon Weaver was 11 when he interviewed the former president in Aug. 2009.

Student reporter who interviewed Obama at White House dies at 23 - POLITICO

So, watched a bunch of making Bangers and Mash (a British dish) videos, sent away for the Marmite (a brown thick paste like thing for adding deeper flavoring and color to dishes) like 8 bucks USD for a small jar, and bought really good sausage.

I don't even know what kind of flavor doing this was going to make but was really happy that this turned out so good, just potatoes, scallions, sausage, onions, Marmite, corn starch (for thickening) and water (I kept two cups of the water from the potatoes when draining and used that in the pan) that is it and this is going to be a common dish now in my house, the flavor is a combo of a rich onion brown gravy with your favorite sausage, with a hint of fennel, the texture compliment each other perfectly.I used red potatoes but use any you have, this is the video I followed, the water from potatoes I got from another video and added to this one. I find that corn starch is easier to work with than flour.
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BEIJING (AP) — China landed a spacecraft on Mars for the first time on Saturday, a technically challenging feat more difficult than a moon landing, in the latest step forward for its ambitious goals in space.

China lands on Mars in major advance for its space ambitions

United Nations members should press China’s government to end its crimes against humanity against Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims at a high-level event on human rights abuses in Xinjiang, Human Rights Watch said today. Delegations should urge senior UN officials to press ahead with an investigation of mass detention, cultural persecution, and other serious abuses with or without access to Xinjiang.

UN: Governments Should Urge Xinjiang Inquiry | Human Rights Watch

A report says 45% of the world's supply of a key panel component is obtained by a system of coercion.

China uses Uyghur forced labour to make solar panels, says report - BBC News

Nigel Farage says 'collapse' of UK Labour Party puts Dems on notice

Let's talk about Resident Evil Village's most relentlessly horrifying section: House Beneviento.

Let's talk Resident Evil Village's spooky House Beneviento


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