LA PINE, Ore. (AP) — Jack Dwyer pursued a dream of getting back to the land by moving in 1972 to an idyllic, tree-studded parcel in Oregon with a creek running through it. “We were going to grow our own food.

Illegal marijuana farms take West's water in 'blatant theft'

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated Castlevania Advance Collection for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC. The unannounced collection was…

Castlevania Advance Collection rated for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in Taiwan - Gematsu

Leaders in the largely GOP-led states had insisted that the benefits were discouraging people from work.

States that ended COVID unemployment benefits see no boost in job growth - Axios

Nissan's aging supercar will no longer be sold Down Under due to a pending change in regulations.

Nissan GT-R Is Dead in Australia After This Year Because of New Crash Regs

Apple announced the Watch Series 7 during a video event. The new Watch is a little larger than its predecessors and contains a few significant sensor improvements — but it has a whole new look.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is here and has a brand new look - The Verge

Head of "Facebook Coin," David Marcus discussed the up-and-coming Novi wallet, saying users do not need to worry about security or privacy. However,

The Head of Diem wants you to trust Facebook, but is he fighting a losing battle? |

For literally twenty-five years we've thrown billions in subsidies, tax breaks, merger approvals, and regulatory favors at U.S. telecom giants in exchange for the promise of amazing, competitive, ultra-fast, widely-available broadband (and oodles...

Data Again Shows That U.S. Broadband Is Painfully Mediocre | Techdirt

With the extended widescreen frame, the classic haunted house film bathes the screen in darkness, where every shot could contain an unseen horror.

How The Innocents Uses CinemaScope to Scare You

Vaccinating against certain cancer proteins can boost overall T cell response and help shrink tumors in mice, according to MIT scientists. The findings could help researchers decide what proteins to include in cancer vaccines.

Biologists identify new targets for cancer vaccines | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Star will have operation on hip injury, and will move 22 arena dates to April 2023

Elton John in 'considerable pain' after fall, reschedules UK tour | Elton John | The Guardian

The Pennsylvania Republican congressman falsely claimed that protestors have “been left in jail to rot for months and months without charges.”

Rep. Scott Perry Claims Jailed Jan. 6 Rioters Being Treated like 'Terrorists at Gitmo'





For the last few console generations, it’s felt like the AAA gaming landscape has been skewed towards cinematic experiences, focused on hyper-realism, and maintaining established franchises. If you wanted “gamey” games, or new, experimental big budget IPs, you’d have to look elsewhere. There are a few experimental AAA titles here and there such as Housemarque’s […]

Feature: DEATHLOOP Does What Many AAA Games Do Not — Embrace Its Medium - Final Weapon

Robert Durst was convicted Friday of murder in the 2000 slaying of friend Susan Berman.

Robert Durst found guilty of murdering close friend Susan Berman in 2000

We test out the new AWD version of the electric VW and visit its new factory.

Volkswagen's electric ID.4 was already good—does AWD change that? | Ars Technica

Instead of just monitoring for fatigue, this advanced camera system even knows when you're on the phone or texting while behind the wheel.

New In-Car Cameras Can Detect What You're Doing While Driving


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