Astronomers spotted a new gas giant with the shortest known orbit. The world takes just 16 hours to circle its star — but someday, the dance may come to an abrupt end.

This doomed alien planet has a year that lasts just 16 hours — and it's getting faster | Live Science

Earth is our Solar System's bluest planet, and yet no one really knows where all our water came from.

The Sun Could Be The Mystery Source of Earth's Unexplained Water, Scientists Say

To transform into a butterfly, a caterpillar must first dissolve into a goopy soup within its chrysalis. Now, in striking new videos, scientists have revealed how this goo reassembles into the delicate scales on a butterfly's wings.

New video reveals how 'caterpillar soup' transforms into shimmering butterfly wings | Live Science

Today's quantum computers are complicated to build, difficult to scale up, and require temperatures colder than interstellar space to operate.

Researchers propose a simpler design for quantum computers

“You start to ‘expect the unexpected’ when exploring the deep sea, but I’m still stunned that we came upon the ancient tusk of a mammoth,” said Steven Haddock, senior scientist with the Monterey Institute.

Ancient mammoth tusk discovered 10,000 feet deep in ocean off California coast | TheHill

What's that moving across the sky? A planet just a bit too faint to see with the unaided eye: Uranus. The gas giant out past Saturn was tracked earlier this month near opposition -- when it was closest to Earth and at its brightest. The featured video captured by the Bayfordbury Observatory in Hertfordshire, UK is a four-hour time-lapse showing Uranus with its four largest moons in tow: Titania, Oberon, Umbriel and Ariel. Uranus' apparent motion past background stars is really dominated by Earth's own orbital motion around our Sun. The cross seen centered on Uranus is called a diffraction spike and is caused by light diffracting around the four arms that hold one of the telescope's mirrors in place. The rotation of the diffraction spikes is not caused by the rotation of Uranus but, essentially, by the rotation of the Earth. During the next few months Uranus itself will be visible with binoculars, but, as always, to see its moons will require a telescope.
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Dozens of people have been snowed in at the highest pub in the United Kingdom for three nights after the country was hit by Storm Arwen.

Storm Arwen: Pub-goers snowed in for three days at UK's highest inn | CNN Travel


The star anchor misled viewers about advising his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, during the latter's sexual harassment scandal.

A U.K. man's leisurely stroll on his father's farm led to the discovery of an expansive Roman villa complex and striking mosaic beneath the soil.

UK man stumbles upon 800-square-foot Roman mosaic on his father's farm | Live Science

Sony's Spider-Man: No Way Home in its first day of pre-sales yesterday on Fandango already beat that of 2019's Avengers: Endgame.

CNN has suspended anchor Chris Cuomo indefinitely following new revelations about his involvement in the harassment case against his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D).

CNN suspends Chris Cuomo indefinitely | TheHill


Iran struck a hard line Tuesday after just one day of restarted talks in Vienna over its tattered nuclear deal, suggesting everything discussed in previous rounds of diplomacy could be renegotiated.

Iran strikes hard line as talks over nuclear deal resume | AP News

A federal judge is ordering the Department of Justice (DOJ) to release four redacted pages of the Mueller report that detail who the special counsel declined to charge in his probe into Trump campaign ties to Russia

Court orders release of some redacted passages of Mueller report | TheHill

The more people identify with a party, the more likely they are to ascribe bad motives to the other side's policy goals.

Why American Politics Is So Stuck — and What New Research Shows About How to Fix It - POLITICO


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