Milky Way over French Alp Hoodoos

Real castles aren't this old. And the background galaxy is even older. Looking a bit like an alien castle, the pictured rock spires are called hoodoos and are likely millions of years old. Rare, but found around the world, hoodoos form when dense rocks slow the erosion of softer rock underneath. The pictured hoodoos survive in the French Alps and are named Demoiselles Coiffées -- which translates to English as "Ladies with Hairdos". The background galaxy is part of the central disk of our own Milky Way galaxy and contains stars that are typically billions of years old. The photogenic Cygnus sky region -- rich in dusty dark clouds and red glowing nebulas -- appears just above and behind the hoodoos. The featured image was taken in two stages: the foreground was captured during the evening blue hour, while the background was acquired from the same location later that night.

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Suspect was allegedly motivated by the theory, but network has barely mentioned gunman’s reasoning, even after Tucker Carlson pushed the concept in more than 400 of his shows.

As details of the Buffalo mass shooting emerged over the weekend, much of the media focussed on the shooter’s self-stated motivation: his racist belief that white Americans are being deliberately replaced through immigration in a “great replacement” theory.
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Fox News suddenly goes quiet on the Tucker Carlson pushed ‘great replacement’ theory after Buffalo shooting

Buffalo shooting is latest high-profile incident of apparent white supremacist violence

Buffalo mass shooting: Former Trump official says Republican rhetoric is directly fueling domestic terrorism | The Independent


The gunman was angry about “replacement theory.” Gee, where do we think he might have first heard about that?

The Buffalo Shooting Is the Latest White Rage Backlash, Brought to You by the GOP     | The New Republic


The chain opened in Moscow in 1990 as the Soviet Union was opening its economy to Western brands.

McDonald's to leave Russia for good after 30 years - BBC News

Police determined that Joseph McKinnon, 60, died of a heart attack while burying his girlfriend, Patricia Dent, 65, who he strangled.

Man Dies Of A Heart Attack While Burying The Girlfriend He Murdered



8.93M subscribers

Sinclair Broadcast Group is the largest owner of local TV stations in the country. That's alarming considering that they often inject political views into local news.
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SimonM_3404_DonRobusto_4802_vlad-sexyGraphics courtesy of RoButto Labs®️

63 percent oppose overturning Roe and Democratic enthusiasm ticks up in a new NBC News poll while Biden's job approval falls to 39 percent amid economic worries.

Support for abortion rights hits new high as midterm outlook stays mostly unchanged




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