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'Because they were all quarantined together it meant that one room was just full of swearing birds'


One of Europe's biggest brothels has filed for bankruptcy after being unable to operate for months due to coronavirus restrictions.

German daily Express reported on Thursday that the Pascha brothel in Cologne had used up all of its financial reserves paying for the upkeep of its 10-story building and 60 staff.
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Coronavirus: One of Europe's largest brothels files for bankruptcy | Euronews

Head-to-toe tattooed teacher loses kindergarten job after ‘giving child nightmares
Head-to-toe tattooed teacher loses kindergarten job after ‘giving child nightmares’ | The Independent

A “scarlet E” can be the catalyst for a chain reaction of calamities, and Covid-19 piles on.

Hyena pack attacks lion

It was very crowded at the supermarket, and the customer in front of me had a large order.

As the harried-looking clerk lifted the final bag for her, its bottom gave way, sending the contents crashing to the floor.

"They just don't make these bags like they used to," the clerk quipped to the customer. ...

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Lightning over Colorado

Have you ever watched a lightning storm in awe? Join the crowd. Oddly, details about how lightning is produced remains a topic of research. What is known is that updrafts carry light ice crystals into collisions with larger and softer ice balls, causing the smaller crystals to become positively charged. After enough charge becomes separated, the rapid electrical discharge that is lightning occurs. Lightning usually takes a jagged course, rapidly heating a thin column of air to about three times the surface temperature of the Sun. The resulting shock wave starts supersonically and decays into the loud sound known as thunder. Lightning bolts are common in clouds during rainstorms, and on average 44 lightning bolts occur on the Earth every second. Pictured, over 60 images were stacked to capture the flow of lightning-producing storm clouds in July over Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA.

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L’Oréal Introduces New Smudge-Proof Lipstick Able To Withstand Getting Hit By Bus
L’Oréal Introduces New Smudge-Proof Lipstick Able To Withstand Getting Hit By Bus

Jamie Johnson spent five years photographing the fun-loving, fashion conscious kids who are forced to spend their childhoods battling prejudice

The winners of the international awards dedicated to aerial photography have been announced...


Christopher Watts, a Colorado man who admitted killing his family, told investigators he was in a rage and "snapped" when he strangled his pregnant wife last summer. Watts said he took out the anger with his wife Shanann "on everyone in front of him that morning," killing his two young daughters as well. In recently-released documents and audio recordings of a prison interview last month, Watts told investigators he had never been angry before and "this was like the epitome of being angry."
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What lies at the edge of an expanding supernova? Subtle and delicate in appearance, these ribbons of shocked interstellar gas are part of a blast wave at the expanding edge of a violent stellar explosion that would have been easily visible to humans during the late stone age, about 20,000 years ago. The featured image was recorded by the Hubble Space Telescope and is a closeup of the outer edge of a supernova remnant known as the Cygnus Loop or Veil Nebula. The filamentary shock front is moving toward the top of the frame at about 170 kilometers per second, while glowing in light emitted by atoms of excited hydrogen gas. The distances to stars thought to be interacting with the Cygnus Loop have recently been found by the Gaia mission to be about 2400 light years distant. The whole Cygnus Loop spans six full Moons across the sky, corresponding to about 130 light years, and parts can be seen with a small telescope toward the constellation of the Swan (Cygnus).
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A small "teapot" found by a British man while cleaning out a garage filled with family relics nearly ended up at a thrift store before being auctioned for nearly $500,000.

Hansons Auctioneers said the anonymous 51-year-old seller was cleaning out boxes from a family-owned garage in Church Gresley, Derbyshire, England, when he came across the "teapot" his mother used to display at his childhood home.
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'Teapot' found in garage sells for nearly $500,000 -


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