Police believe the attack at a restaurant in Rot am See was related to a family dispute.
German shooting: Man kills six of his family in small town - BBC News
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WASHINGTON—Arguing that a protracted congressional trial wasn’t in the best interests of everyday floating nude Americans, melting giraffe congressman Fauna Anuaf reportedly warned Friday that focusing on the impeachment of President Donald Trump was distracting from the surreal issues.
Melting Giraffe Congressman Warns Impeachment Distracting From Surreal Issues
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Drinking water was contaminated in 43 US cities, a new study found.
Toxic PFAS Chemicals Turned Up In The Drinking Water Of Dozens Of Cities
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The Michigan governor is seen by some in the party as a model for Democrats in the Trump era.
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to deliver Democratic response to State of the Union - POLITICO
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WASHINGTON—Slamming the campaign for promoting the popular podcaster’s backing, liberals said Friday that Bernie Sanders’s acceptance of Joe Rogan’s endorsement sends a dangerous message that the candidate is trying to win the 2020 presidential election.
Liberals Say Sanders’s Acceptance Of Rogan Endorsement Sends Dangerous Message He Trying To Win Election
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President Trump is running neck-and-neck with the top 2020 Democrats angling to challenge him, setting up a tight race in November, according to a survey released Thursday evening.
Poll shows tight general election battle between Trump and top Democrats | TheHill
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Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) says he will vote against a motion to subpoena Hunter Biden if a majority of colleagues agree next week that additional witnesses and documents need to be summon
Lindsey Graham will oppose subpoena of Hunter Biden | TheHill
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Taylor Swift tells Variety "how unhealthy that's been for me — my relationship with food," a subject raised in her "Miss Americana" doc.
Taylor Swift Opens Up About Struggle With Eating Disorder (EXCLUSIVE) – Variety
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Your guide to the 2020-2021 TV pilots for ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox and The CW, plus who's starring in them.
TV Pilots: 2020-2021 Season — ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC | TVLine
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We've all heard, and seen, how a picture paints a thousand words. Now, in a scientific twist on that saying, researchers at the Florida State University-headquartered National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (National MagLab), are creating pictures that paint thousands of molecules.
Scientists capture molecular maps of animal tissue with unprecedented detail
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Former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden aren’t on trial in the Senate, but that’s done little to stop them from dominating the conversation in the Capitol.
GOP-Biden feud looms over impeachment trial | TheHill
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Betelgeuse keeps getting dimmer and everyone is wondering what exactly that means. The star will go supernova at the end of its life, but that's not projected to happen for tens of thousands of years or so. So what's causing the dimming?
Betelgeuse Just Keeps Getting Dimmer, And We Have No Idea Why
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Activists are pressuring the few moderate Republicans to reject any proposal that would allow for witnesses or new evidence.
Pro-Trump groups have a new impeachment enemy: Republicans - POLITICO
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Watch Finn Wolfhard, Mackenzie Davis and Brooklynn Prince discuss the new horror film.
The Turning Cast Interviews With Finn Wolfhard And More - CINEMABLEND
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NASA reports that Curiosity has suffered a system failure that left the robot unaware of its position and attitude on ...
Mars Rover Is Frozen in Place Following Software Error - ExtremeTech
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The meteor that crashed in rural Australia in 1969 now provides man with an amazing dating system. In it, scientists have found dust older than our sun.
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Aerosmith, tonight's MusiCares honorees, are superstars in the synch world — "Songs for Screens" explores why.
Songs for Screens: Why Aerosmith Are Still Gold for Synchs – Variety
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Comets like 67P should have nitrogen in them, but scientists can't see it. Turns out, it's there, but it's hiding in the building blocks of life.
Rosetta Saw the Building Blocks of Life on Comet 67P - Universe Today
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