Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the FOX Business Network to discuss the coup against President Trump.on
Tom Fitton: Alleged Whistleblower Met with Ukraine/Soros Groups Tied To Trump Targeting at Obama WH | Judicial Watch
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The series follows two young women who hatch an outrageous plan to raise capital for their new sports app
Cedric the Entertainer to Produce Comedy in Development at CBS – Variety
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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on the Fox News Channel to discuss the latest in the push for impeachment.
Tom Fitton: Deep State is Going after President Trump to Hide Their Own Corruption! | Judicial Watch
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Despite the push for the "Snyder Cut" of the 2017 film 'Justice League,' insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter no announcement is imminent.
Snyder Cut: Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot Call for New 'Justice League' Release | Hollywood Reporter
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The child mayor of South Bend, Indiana has just rocked the 2020 Democratic race in a big way. Obviously demolishing his opponents when it comes to an Iowa ground game, Pete Buttigieg just posted the best poll numbers of his campaign. According to a new CNN/Des Moines Register poll of likely Iowa caucusgoers, Buttigieg is number one with a bullet, leading the field by nine points. This astounding surge puts the mayor in the lead with 25% support, ahead of Elizabeth Warren (16%), Joe Biden (15%), and Bernie Sanders (15%).
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Restore American Glory   » Whoa: Pete Buttigieg Takes Commanding Lead of Dems in Iowa
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Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss demands by House minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-California) that ABC News answer for its alleged spiking of a story about infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein out of deference to Buckingham Palace.
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Dolly Parton issued a challenge of her own.

Dolly wants to hear your version of her hit song “Jolene”.

This challenge comes before the release of Dolly’s Netflix series “Heartstrings.” Julianne Hough, who plays Jolene in the series helped Dolly make the video announcement on Twitter.
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This was an unlikely catch of the day.

Three children in Germany fished ammunition from World War II out of a pond over the weekend after using a "strong magnet," according to local police.

Authorities in Thuringia said on Facebook the incident happened Saturday afternoon when the children were fishing from a pond near Wölfis.
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World War II Ammunition Fished Out of Pond in Germany by Children With Magnet
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Concertgoers reportedly left a show in New Zealand in droves during Janet Jackson’s closing set after the singer’s audio issues became too much to bear.
Janet Jackson Concertgoers Walked Out of Another Show Due to Audio Issues
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A Michigan hunter was accidentally shot during the opening weekend of deer firearm hunting season.
Michigan Hunter Mistook Brother for Deer, Shot Him
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Twenty-eight people are in quarantine in China’s northern Inner Mongolia province after a hunter was diagnosed with bubonic plague Saturday, the local health commission said.

According to state-run news agency Xinhua, the unidentified patient was believed to have become infected with the plague after catching and eating a wild rabbit in Inner Mongolia’s Huade county.
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Cambodia’s most famous tourist attraction, Angkor Wat, will ban elephant rides around the ancient temples, beginning next year.

After pressure from animal rights groups, the temples’ management group decided to stop offering elephant rides to tourists.

To start the initiative, two of the 14 elephants that lived and worked at Angkor Archaeological Park were moved to the nearby Bos Tham forest last week, according to the Khmer Times.
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Don’t let the Mustang name fool you, Ford may have anchored its new Mustang Mach-E electric SUV to the company’s past by tagging it with the Mustang title, but this is one of the most forward-looking vehicles we’ve seen from the company in quite some time. After poring over the interior, trying the new technology and even getting a ride-along in a prototype, that future can’t here soon enough. ...
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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E: Not Really a Mustang, But That’s Okay
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Artist Andy Link claims sculpture was stolen from him and is being sold illegally at Sotheby’s
Artist who 'kidnapped' Banksy’s Drinker claims Sotheby's selling stolen statue
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Qantas Airways is backing its flight attendant - verbally and possibly legally - after musician called her racist in a series of tweets over the weekend.

"We rejected claims of racism and have since asked for a retraction of that claim," the Australian airline said in a statement. "We fully support our crew and the great work they do ensuring safety of all those on board. Absent a retraction, and if the crew member wanted to take the matter further, we'd certainly be willing to provide legal support for them to do this."
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Qantas supports flight attendant after calls her a racist on Twitter
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Projects to protect Texas marshes from erosion and an Alaska village from the Bering Sea are getting help from some of the 44 grants awarded by the National Coastal Resilience Fund, a public-private partnership assisting communities threatened by storms and flooding from rising and warming seas.

The $29 million in grants announced Monday are being matched by nearly $60 million from government agencies and nonprofits in 20 states, the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories.
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U.S. officials grant $29 million for coastal protection
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Police are investigating the death of freshman Antonio Tsialas and his parents are offering a $10,000 dollar reward for any information.
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Donald Trump disappears from public view after an unscheduled 2-hour hospital visit, which the White House is trying to explain in a way that makes absolutely no sense.
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Lawmakers in the Democratic-led impeachment process in the U.S. House of Representatives have not formally called Trump as a witness in the impeachment inquiry into whether he used foreign policy to try to get Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden
Trump says he will consider testifying in impeachment inquiry - The Globe and Mail
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