Kino Lorber's Kino Marquee initiative, which looks to help arthouses at a time when they've been shuttered in the coronavirus climate, has mushroomed from 12 theaters last week to 150 including Alamo Drafthouse and Laemmle Theaters.
Kino Lorber Streaming Arthouse Program Counts 150 Cinemas With Alamo Drafthouse & Laemmle – Deadline
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WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. (AP) — More than a fifth of Detroit's police force is quarantined; two officers have died from coronavirus and at least 39 have tested positive, including the chief of...

CIVIL UNREST cannot be far behind when the TP is gone
'Officers are scared out there': Coronavirus hits US police
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(AFP) -- Vigilantes in some Australian outback towns have reportedly slashed tyres of those fleeing coronavirus hotspots in the big cities, according to a government minister who urged calm on Friday.

Shades of Mad Max

“As the borders are being shut, we are seeing a surge of grey nomads from southern states, and also from southeast Queensland, go to southwest Queensland to hide from the coronavirus,” Littleproud told Seven News.
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Australia: Vigilantes Slash Tyres of Virus 'Refugees' Pouring Into Outback
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The meeting point of the winds
We're at the northernmost tip of Mallorca's rugged Cap de Formentor, a 7-mile-long slab of rock that's home to one of the most picturesque lighthouses on the Mediterranean Sea. ...

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April 2020’s PS Plus update is shaping up to be a corker, with the free PS4 games including Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and DiRT Rally 2.0. Those two titles alone should keep you occupied if you’re in isolation, but with publishers such as Square Enix and many others giving away free games as part of the Stay Home campaign, should Sony join in?
Poll: Should Free PS4 Games Be Given Away to Those in Isolation? - Push Square
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More than 11 million people tuned in to watch Pope Francis deliver a blessing in an empty Saint Peter’s Square, television bosses said on Saturday, as the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, warned that the European Union risked losing its purpose.

The pope’s blessing, Urbi et Orbi (To the city and the world)is usually reserved for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, with thousands flocking to take part.
Pope's blessing in empty St Peter's Square watched by 11m on TV | World news | The Guardian
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Production on TLC’s “My 600-Lb. Life” came to a halt this week after continuing to film subjects despite social distancing recommendations due to the current coronavirus pandemic.
Production Halts on TLC's 'My 600-Lb Life' After Health Complaints to Studio
TvShows • by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 9 views •  1 comments • 18 hours ago

Millions of Americans pop a low-dose aspirin each day to help ward off heart issues, but a new study finds that protection may not extend to dementia.

Although the anti-inflammatory effects of aspirin have been touted as protection against thinking and memory (or "cognitive") problems from Alzheimer's and other dementias, a large, randomized trial suggests aspirin won't slow mental decline.
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Raquel Iacurto begged officials to shut PS 199 Frederick Wachtel in Midwood and warn others about possible contamination, but she only hit roadblocks.
💥Pregnant teacher with coronavirus couldn't convince NYC to close school
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“Cough” with his head? A man was attacked for coughing on a bus in Lvov, Ukraine. In this violent video, passengers were filmed kicking the victim...
Bus passenger viciously attacked for coughing (Video) | New York Post
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Whether coronavirus came in like a lamb this March may be debatable  -- but it is undoubtably going out like a lion.
💥How coronavirus spread across US: Maps show quick rise in cases
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