Trump proclaimed himself the “chosen one,” which is typical Antichrist behavior. Biblical scholars have debated the Antichrist for centuries, but here’s our handy checklist for spotting the Great Beast.
Trump Says He’s ‘Chosen One,’ But Is He Actually Antichrist?
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was formally indicted on corruption charges Tuesday, just hours before he was set to meet President Donald Trump for the unveiling of the US administration's long-anticipated Middle East plan.
Benjamin Netanyahu indicted in corruption cases - CNN
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By Dave Philipps Published Nov. 15, 2019 Updated Nov. 22, 2019.

The moves signaled that as commander in chief, Mr. Trump intends to use his power as the ultimate arbiter of military justice.

In a statement released by the White House late Friday, Mr. Trump announced that he was ordering the full pardon of Clint Lorance, a former Army lieutenant, from the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, where he is serving a 19-year sentence for the murder of two civilians.
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NEW YORK—Citing its productive relationship with the multibillionaire in the two months since he announced his candidacy, CBS officials confirmed Tuesday that the network had inked a deal to air a 30-episode advertisement for Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.
CBS Inks Deal For 30-Episode Bloomberg Ad
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The Babylon Bee is Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.
Threat? Bolton Wakes Up Next To His Dead Mustache | The Babylon Bee
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WASHINGTON—Justifying the expenditure as necessary to preserve the only bastion of democracy in the Middle East, both houses of Congress voted unanimously Thursday to extend $3 billion in emergency military aid to Benjamin Netanyahu to defend himself against the Israeli justice system.
Congress Approves $3 Billion In Military Aid For Netanyahu To Defend Self Against Israeli Justice System
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"That was very impressive, Mike," the president said to applause during a press conference in the White House.
'You Did a Good Job on Her': White House Audience Laughs as Trump Praises Pompeo for Bullying NPR Reporter | Common Dreams News
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ATHENS, GA—Saying he was torn over whether he could ethically support an artist who lacks a criminal record, local black-metal fan John Eaby told reporters Tuesday he was conflicted about listening to the band Hargenthoth, whose lead vocalist, Thorl Draugar, has never once been convicted of murder.
Black-Metal Fan Conflicted About Supporting Artist Who’s Never Been Convicted Of Murder
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All the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.
Real New Yorker Folds Slice Of Cheesecake In Half Before Eating
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Providing a powerful piece of evidence in the case against President Trump, a new book by former National Security Advisor John Bolton contains the bombshell claim that the president personally tied foreign aid to Ukraine launching an investigation into former Vice President Biden. What do you think?
Bolton Book Confirms Trump Tied Aid To Biden Investigation
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After two weeks of public impeachment hearings, a few things seem remarkably clear.

The first is that Trump clearly subscribes to the notion that his personal interest by definition is the state’s interest. And, conversely, that the institutions of state have no greater duty than to tend to his every whim. Hence the vitriol directed at the whistleblower who used perfectly legal channels to voice his concern about the July 25th phone call. Hence the threatening, taunting, barrage launched against Alexander Vindman, Marie Yovanovitch and others who have testified before Congress. Hence the ordering of state department and other officials to simply ignore Congressional subpoenas.
. These Congressmen may not have literally sworn a personal loyalty oath to Trump, but in their actions they might just as well have. In their high decibel table thumping, their insults, their weaving of new ad hoc defenses each time old ones were torn down by witnesses, in their embrace of any and every conspiracy theory peddled by Trump, by Giuliani, by far-right websites and overseas trolls, one hears the death rattle of democracy.

The third is that evidence in an increasingly totalitarian political environment simply doesn’t matter to Trump and his enablers. (...)

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OXFORD—Shedding new light on the history of one of antiquity’s most renowned archives, researchers at Oxford University announced Thursday the discovery of new evidence suggesting that the Library of Alexandria was forced to kick out dozens of creepy old Romans for viewing pornographic images on abacuses.
New Evidence Reveals Library Of Alexandria Kicked Out Dozens Of Creepy Old Romans For Looking At Pornographic Images On Abacus
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WASHINGTON—Vowing that the ancestral shantytowns would endure, President Trump promised Wednesday that the United States would continue to recognize and preserve Palestinians’ historic refugee camps.
Trump Promises U.S. Will Continue To Recognize, Preserve Palestinians' Historic Refugee Camps
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BOSTON (AP) — A Harvard University professor has been charged with lying to officials about his involvement with a Chinese government-run recruitment program and his affiliation with a Chinese university, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Charles Lieber, chair of the department of chemistry and chemical biology, was arrested at his office at the prestigious university Tuesday morning and charged with lying about his participation in China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a program established by China to recruit people with access to and knowledge of foreign technology and intellectual property.
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Harvard professor charged with hiding China ties | Fox Business
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If you love the Muppets, then you’re going to want to sit down, because some seriously heartbreaking news has just come to light: The Jim Henson Company has revealed that Jim Henson was only dead for 10 minutes before Kermit The Frog started eating him.
Heartbreaking: The Jim Henson Company Has Revealed That Jim Henson Was Only Dead For 10 Minutes Before Kermit The Frog Started Eating Him
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Yup, these folks have earned themselves top spots on this man’s sh*t list.
7 People Who Have Apparently Fucked Over This Tattooed Guy Having A Loud Phone Call In A Parking Garage
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The House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump on December 18, 2019, then sent those articles to the Senate for a formal trial, a process that has involved a whirlwind of figures from Congress, the legal world, and Trump’s orbit. The Onion provides a guide to the key players in Trump’s impeachment trial.
Key Players In Trump’s Impeachment Trial
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Former White House chief of staff John Kelly says he believes John Bolton's allegation that President Donald Trump told the former national security adviser that US security aid to Ukraine was conditioned on an investigation of the President's political rivals, adding that Bolton should be heard from.
John Kelly says he believes John Bolton's account of Ukraine allegation - CNN Video
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WASHINGTON—Suggesting that she was likely to vote to acquit, Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) told reporters Tuesday that she still hadn’t seen any evidence in the impeachment process that had changed her self-serving political calculus.
Joni Ernst Insists She Hasn’t Seen Any Impeachment Evidence That Has Changed Her Self-Serving Political Calculus
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