NEW YORK—In a passionate rebuttal to the many graphic accounts of sexual assault and rape leveled at her client, attorney Donna Rotunno delivered a forceful argument Friday imploring the trial’s jurors to keep in mind how fun disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein’s 1994’s Pulp Fiction was.
Weinstein Defense Attorney Implores Jury To Remember How Fun ‘Pulp Fiction’ Is
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Does Microsoft Have a Boeing 737 Max Style Crash Every Week? - BIG by Matt Stoller
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Video shows that George Condash didn't hesitate to turn in a large box of cash he found outside a credit union in Westland, Mich.
‘It’s not mine’: Michigan man turns in $27,000 left near ATM by mistake - National |
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The Washington State Department of Transportation tweeted traffic camera photos of a shape resembling the mythical Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
‘Bigfoot’ spotted? Washington state traffic camera shows mysterious figure - National |
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The governor and fake news said these guys were terror threats?

The historic gun rights rally outside of the Virginia Capitol was a resounding success on Monday with zero reported instances of violence or strife as patriots demonstrated peacefully on behalf of their rights.

Rally attendees even picked up all trash and beautified the premises before they left, as demonstrated in this video:
VIDEO: Polite Pro-Gun Protesters in Virginia Pick Up Litter Before They Depart From Capitol Rally - Big League Politics
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The Left caused the threat at the rally.

While today’s gun rights rally at the Virginia Capitol was an incredibly peaceful event, there was one masked suspect who was arrested by police, and it turned out to be a far-left LGBT activist.

The Virginia Capitol announced on Monday that 21-year-old Mikaela E. Beschler was arrested at approximately 1:30pm at the 800 block of East Broad Street after being repeatedly warned not to use her bandanna as a mask. She has been charged with one felony count of wearing a mask in public as a result.
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Only Person Arrested at Virginia Gun Rights Rally Was a Mask-Wearing LGBT Activist - Big League Politics
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The individuals will be charged with membership in a terrorist organization.

Three Syrian nationals were arrested on Thursday in Dallas, Texas for their membership in the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, according to reporting from Colombian news outlet RCN.

It appears that Al Raefee, Tuameh Tuameh, and Al Harari Al Harari infiltrated the United States with their use of fake Colombian passports. The Syrian nationals first arose on the radar of American authorities when they applied for travel visas from Colombia, as their suspicious documents gave them away.
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Alleged Al Qaeda Terrorists With Fake Colombian Passports Arrested in Dallas - Big League Politics
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Join Tom Fitton for an exclusive conversation with Dan Bongino on Hillary’s ongoing email scandal, Biden’s activities in Ukraine and the SpyGate Targeting of Trump to cover it all up.

Tom Fitton with Dan Bongino: Clinton Corruption, Ukraine, & #SpyGate Targeting of Trump! | Judicial Watch
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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joins WMAL “Mornings on the Mall” to discuss how Adam Schiff is testifying like a witness in Trump impeachment trial and how can the senate allow him to prosecute.

Tom Fitton on WMAL: Schiff Abusing Senate in Trump Impeachment – Senate Should Put a Stop to It! | Judicial Watch
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A Kensington Market staple that has been keeping customers happily full — not to mention high — for more than two decades has just been sold.
The c...
Toronto's most famous cannabis cafe has just been sold
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European police busted a human trafficking ring worth more than $77 million, accused of moving as many as 10,000 migrants from France into Britain.

The European police agency Europol announced Thursday that 23 suspected members of a criminal network were arrested for facilitating the transportation of thousands of Afghan, Iranian, Iraqi-Kurdish and Syrian migrants into the United Kingdom.
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European police bust human trafficking ring worth $77M, accused of smuggling 10,000 migrants | Fox News
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