Elements of and Models for a Treaty on Killer Robots

Fully autonomous weapons would usher in a new era of armed conflict, similar to the advent of air warfare or the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems or “killer robots,” these systems would select and engage targets without meaningful human control. ...
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Elements of and Models for a Treaty on Killer Robots | HRW

Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee, tried to strike a populist note on Saturday while talking to voters in Pennsylvania–only hours after calling supporters of President Donald Trump “chumps.”

Biden Strikes Populist Note After Calling Trump-Supporters 'Chumps'

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, announced her support for Amy Coney Barrett Saturday during a floor speech in the Senate, strengthening the Republican votes to confirm the judge on Monday.

Lisa Murkowski announces support for Amy Coney Barrett during rare Saturday Senate session | Fox News

The three nuns wearing purple and white habits folded their hands in prayer, held rosaries during the rally, and raised up the Bible as Trump took the stage.

The purple and white habits are worn by the Children of Mary order.

Nuns in MAGA Masks Attend Donald Trump Rally in Ohio


It’d be nice if Republicans could rely on the fact-checkers in the mainstream media to hold Democrats to account when they lie through their teeth.

But as I documented Friday, it’s simply not possible to do so because the fact-checkers like CNN’s Daniel Dale who are supposed to thoroughly review claims made by candidates and politicians from a neutral perspective simply cannot keep their liberal biases to themselves.
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With the United States reaching its highest daily case total of the pandemic yesterday, the case for masks continues to become more perilous. At no point has the country had more widespread mask mandates and usage than now, yet once again, we see almost no correlation between face coverings (most of which were never previously thought to be effective) and infection numbers.
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Oh, the clarity that time provides! There have been lingering questions for years as to why Barack Hussein Obama picked Joe Biden, an obscure and long-time Senate insider from Delaware, to be his vice-presidential running mate. Here is how CBS News spun the announcement on 23 August 2008.

Barack Obama [is] balancing his ticket with an older congressional veteran well-versed in foreign policy and defense issues.
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The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday blocked another lower court injunction which sought to prevent changes to Indiana election law from going into effect. The changes — this time finally — had nothing to do with COVID-19. But the Indiana legislature was attempting to cut-off a path to state court by litigants on election day who try to get a friendly state court judge to order polls to remain open past the closing time set forth in state law.
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Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke Being Brought Back For Justice League Reshoots | 411MANIA

Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke Being Brought Back For Justice League Reshoots | 411MANIA

This is not an exercise. Vote! him out.

William Blinn, the two-time Emmy winner who penned the Prince-starring Purple Rain, created Starsky & Hutch and wrote for such landmark TV projects as Roots, Fame and Brian's Song, has died. He was 83.

Blinn died Thursday of natural causes at an assisted living community in Burbank, his daughter, Anneliese Johnson, told The Hollywood Reporter.
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Jerry Jeff Walker, the singer-songwriter known for penning the hit “Mr. Bojangles” and as a pillar of Texas’ country music scene, has died, according to published reports. He was 78.

Walker’s death was reported early Saturday by ABC affiliate KTRK-TV Houston, among other outlets. Walker died Oct. 23, according to Pitchfork.
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Jerry Jeff Walker Dead: 'Mr. Bojangles' Songwriter Was 78 - Variety

Sacha Baron Cohen responded on social media Saturday to Donald Trump's assessment that the actor is creepy, phony and not funny.

"Donald — I appreciate the free publicity for Borat! I admit, I don’t find you funny either," wrote Cohen on Twitter. "But yet the whole world laughs at you. I’m always looking for people to play racist buffoons, and you’ll need a job after Jan. 20. Let’s talk!"
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Wait a minute....Donny said we are turning the corner. Don't tell me he lied again. I shocked.

US Coronavirus: Daily Covid-19 cases will hit six digits soon, expert warns, as US reports one-day high of more than 83,000 infections - CNN


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