The Mandalorian is elevated by its IP, but outside some references, the show does little to separate itself from other sci-fi projects.
The Mandalorian Review: Episode 2 Offers a Fun but Forgettable Mission | IndieWire
Entertainment • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 3 views •  0 comments • 1 day ago

The president’s daughter-in-law and campaign adviser Lara Trump sat down with the Daily Caller's Stephanie Hamill to discuss the 2020 race to the White House, her thoughts on if Hillary Clinton decides to jump into the race and about former President Barack Obama's lack of an early endorsement.
Politics • by PureVodka🍺 • 54 views •  4 comments • 1 day ago

You’d think that an effort to impeach the duly-elected President of the United States would roil the markets, send the Dow Jones tumbling, and put economists into a panic about the immediate future of the U.S. economic situation. But even though your friendly neighborhood liberal pundit wants us to think this is beginning of the end for Trump’s presidency, investors on Wall Street see these hearings for the meaningless scam that they are. As such, stocks are hitting record highs.
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Restore American Glory   » Stock Market Utterly Unaffected By Democrats’ Impeachment Sham
Politics • by oldshuntr • 31 views •  2 comments • 1 day ago

Gamers sometimes need to poop where they sit instead of wasting time going to the bathroom, but this mom won't tolerate gamer moments.
WATCH: mom rages on livestreaming son having a smelly gamer moment – LULZ
WTF • by 1FRAC1 • 45 views •  2 comments • 1 day ago

Getting consent is important, but denying it could be a hate crime — in the UK at least.
UK man under police investigation for refusing sex with transwoman’s penis – LULZ
WTF • by 1FRAC1 • 169 views •  8 comments • 1 day ago

🤢When cuckolding just isn't doing it any more, there's actual child sacrifice. "Breeding" is perfectly legal -- and huge on Reddit.
“Breeding”: the creepy new sex fetish involving pregnancy and abortion – LULZ
WTF • by 1FRAC1 • 16 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

Pedro Pascal just casually dropped the real name for The Mandalorian for a recent interview that surfaced online. You can check out the video here.
Pedro Pascal Casually Reveals the Real Name for The Mandalorian (SPOILERS) | 411MANIA
TvShows • by raven13 • 13 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

The CW has released the first images from their five-part "Crisis on Infinite Earths" Arrowverse crossover.
First Images Released From Crisis on Infinite Earths Crossover | 411MANIA
TvShows • by raven13 • 19 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

It was by no means a photo finish at the box office this weekend, as Ford v Ferrari dominated with a big #1 bow.
411 Box Office Report: Ford v Ferrari Slams The Competition For #1, Charlie’s Angels Stumbles | 411MANIA
Movies • by raven13 • 3 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

Werner Herzog has some high praise for The Mandalorian, which he appears in, calling it "cinema back at its best."
Werner Herzog Says The Mandalorian Is 'Cinema Back At Its Best' | 411MANIA
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01. E’ morta la paura (Claudio Sorgi-Rinaldo Del Monte)
02. Il gallo (Adelmo Fornaciari-Giancarlo Lazzini-Rinaldo Del Monte)
03. Addio professore (Rinaldo Del Monte-Mario Rusca-Rinaldo Del Monte)
04. I sapienti del nulla (Claudio Sorgi-Rinaldo Del Monte-Mario Rusca-Rinaldo Del Monte)
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VERSO LA STRATOSFERA: Rinaldo Del Monte - 1979 - E' morta la paura (vinyl)
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Blog dedicated to Progressive Rock, obscure and unconventional music

Brian Gulland & Richard Harvey are former members of British folk-progressive group Gryphon along Graeme Taylor and Dave Oberlé, whose trademark during their 1973-77 career was making music on Renaissance instruments including krumhorn, flageolet, recorder, bassoon and so on. ...
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CENTRAL DO PROG: Brian Gulland & Richard Harvey - Nursery Rhymes (1982, LP, England)
Music • by GatorMcKlusky • 2 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

Listen to Crystal Incense Dreams...Around the World Nuggets, '69, live Santana, live Up and much more by Jake Reading for free. Follow Jake Reading to never miss another show.

Pink Floyd - Ibiza Bar
White Light - I Couldn't Get High
Word Of Life - Dust My Shroom
Sub - Ma-Mari-Huana
Mechanical Switch - Spongeman/Everything Is Red
Read more
Crystal Incense Dreams...Around the World Nuggets, '69, live Santana, live Up and much more by Jake Reading | Mixcloud
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Russian billionaire says there was ‘nothing unusual’ in meeting the then foreign secretary
Revealed: ex-KGB agent met Boris Johnson at Italian party | Media | The Guardian
Politics • by raven13 • 6 views •  0 comments • 2 days ago

President Donald Trump's visit to Walter Reed on Saturday did not follow the protocol of a routine presidential medical exam, according to a person familiar with the matter.
Trump's visit to Walter Reed 'not protocol' for routine visit, source says - CNNPolitics
Politics • by raven13 • 51 views •  4 comments • 2 days ago

Jo Swinson Admits Dominic Grieve Has Worked With Her To Stop Brexit For More Than A Year
General • by PureVodka🍺 • 19 views •  2 comments • 2 days ago

Iranian government’s surprise decision to raise gasoline prices provoked public outrage around the country. However, Iran’s Khamenei said the decision should be implemented blaming the violence amid demonstrations on criminals.
General • by PureVodka🍺 • 65 views •  4 comments • 2 days ago

#YellowVests march in #Paris on Sunday, November 17, as the movement completes a year of weekly anti-government protests.

The Yellow Vest protests were initially sparked by a fuel rise, but quickly spread throughout France and evolved into a general expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo.
LiveStreams • by PureVodka🍺 • 18 views •  1 comments • 2 days ago


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