Esther Scott, whose career included roles in Nate Parker's The Birth of a Nation and Boyz n the Hood, died Tuesday after suffering a stroke.
Esther Scott Dies: ‘Birth Of A Nation’, ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Actress Was 66 – Deadline
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Ja'net DuBois dies: The actress, best known as Good Times' Willona Woods, is dead at 74 — get details.
Ja’net DuBois Dies: Good Times’ Willona Woods Dead at 74 | TVLine
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'American Idol' opened with slightly lower ratings than last year's premiere on Sunday, Feb. 16, but it dominated Sunday's network ratings.
'American Idol,' 'Good Girls': TV Ratings Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020 | Hollywood Reporter
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Join Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton for a discussion of the Flynn case with Lou Dobbs and Sidney Powell. With mounting evidence of the DOJ’s corrupt prosecutorial practices, it’s time for AG Barr to freeze the Flynn prosecution until full investigations have been made into the biased, politically motivated activism within the Department of Justice.
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Tom Fitton: AG Should Freeze Flynn Investigation Amid Potentially Corrupt DOJ Prosecution | Judicial Watch
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Last Friday, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on "The Dom Giordano Show" (1210 WPHT) to discuss the recent developments involving the trial of Roger Stone.

Tom Fitton: Roger Stone Case Shows AG Barr Needs to Retake Control of DOJ | Judicial Watch
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Oscar winner Melissa Leo will play the lead in Fox's drama pilot Blood Relative, lifting the cast-contingency on the pilot order.
Melissa Leo To Star In Fox Pilot ‘Blood Relative’, Lifting the Cast-Contingency – Deadline
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The campaign manager for Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., blasted MSNBC's coverage of the progressive candidate, accusing the liberal network of "undermining" the campaign.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Faiz Shakir revealed that he had "approached" MSNBC president Phil Griffin, recalling from the exchange, "We watched a ton of terrible coverage occurring and we thought we’d at least try to address it."
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Sanders campaign manager rips MSNBC for 'undermining' senator's candidacy: 'You can feel the disdain' for his supporters | Fox News
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The homelessness problem is getting out of hand and increasing the risk of danger, a steakhouse owner in Austin, Texas, said recently.

“Our biggest thing is this isn’t safe for anybody, and that includes the homeless population,” Vince Young Steakhouse’s Executive Chef Phillip Brown told KXAN.
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Austin Businesses Sound Alarm over Homelessness Hitting 'Boiling Point'
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"Surviving criticism like no other president has, Trump has come out on the other end looking like a winner."

Not sure I agree with all that, but the rest of the article is basically echoing what I said a few months back. The worst problem for the Dems this election cycle is that Trump has failed to catastrophically fail. No matter what you think of him as a human being, as President he didn't blow up the world, he didn't crash the economy, he didn't start WWIII, he didn't put Muslims in concentration camps, and Florida is still above sea level.
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Why Trump has already secured a second term — no matter who his opponent is | TheHill
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Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” on the Fox News Channel on February 14th, to discuss Senate Democrats still wanting AG Barr removed, however, the Justice Department let McCabe off the hook even though he admitted to lying to federal investigators, and more!
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Tom Fitton: Why DOJ Activist Lawyers Are Afraid of Investigations | Judicial Watch
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A brawl broke out between two attendees of a Bernie Sanders rally in Colorado on Sunday evening.

The fight, which broke out while the Democratic presidential candidate was speaking at the Colorado Convention Center and was captured on video, happened after a Sanders supporter confronted another man wearing a T-shirt that said “Black Guns Matter.”
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Brawl erupts at Sanders rally in Colorado over 'Black Guns Matter' T-shirt | Fox News
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Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., confirmed on Tuesday that he met with Iran's foreign minister, arguing that "it's dangerous not to talk to adversaries."

The two met at the Munich Security conference amid tough rhetoric between President Trump and Iran's leadership. Murphy claimed he told Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that Congress is also responsible for setting U.S. foreign policy.
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Senate Democrat Murphy acknowledges meeting with Iran's foreign minister | Fox News
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Nicolle Wallace, who came down with a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome so devastating that it actually turned her from a conservative into a liberal, said on her program Friday that she is so desperate to defeat President Donald Trump in November that she would “easily” cast a vote for Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders.
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Fake Conservative Nicolle Wallace: I’ll “Gladly” Vote for Sanders - Total Conservative News
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New Image From Bill & Ted Face the Music
New Image From Bill & Ted Face the Music | 411MANIA
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As always J. Oliver hits the nail on health care with his squirrely satanic ultra BRITISH humor. I love this guy.
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yes! Democrats want to take away your guns for a MISDEMEANOR!
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Do you recognize this constellation? Setting past the Central Bohemian Highlands in the Czech Republic is Orion, one of the most identifiable star groupings on the sky and an icon familiar to humanity for over 30,000 years. Orion has looked pretty much the same during this time and should continue to look the same for many thousands of years into the future. Prominent Orion is high in the sky at sunset this time of year, a recurring sign of (modern) winter in Earth's northern hemisphere and summer in the south. The featured picture is a composite of over thirty images taken from the same location and during the same night last month. Below and slightly to the left of Orion's three-star belt is the Orion Nebula, while four of the bright stars surrounding the belt are, clockwise, Sirius (far left, blue), Betelgeuse (top, orange, unusually faint), Aldebaran (far right), and Rigel (below). As future weeks progress, Orion will set increasingly earlier.
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4.37M subscribers

Steven explains all the reasons why Never Trumpers are wrong and how Trump's America is booming.
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I think I'd rather watch ...

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John Dennis, the chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party challenging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for her congressional seat, joined "The Ingraham Angle" Monday to talk about a confrontation with a liberal protester who he alleged was an "Antifa bully."

Dennis said he was working with the San Francisco Police Department and the man has been identified.
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Pelosi's GOP challenger describes being threatened by alleged 'Antifa bully' | Fox News
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