Nothing to see here. Just Black folks imagining racist stuff and trying to stifle freedom of expression. /s

The White House abruptly cut their video feed of a virtual event Wednesday after President Joe Biden asked reporters for questions.

-- Joe, exposed himself;

-- Looks like 1984 Instructions had coffee stain on the script........

WATCH: White House Cuts Video Feed After Joe Biden Asks for Questions

Fewer young adults are engaging in casual sexual intercourse now than in the past, but the reasons for this decline are unknown. The authors use data from the 2...

Why Are Fewer Young Adults Having Casual Sex? - Scott J. South, Lei Lei, 2021

The idea of a warp drive taking us across large areas of space faster than the speed of light has long fascinated scientists and sci-fi fans alike. While we're still a very long way from jumping any universal speed limits, that doesn't mean we'll n

Engineers Have Proposed The First Model For a Physically Possible Warp Drive

It is the first time Elon Musk's space exploration company has pulled off this difficult landing.

SpaceX: Starship lands safely... then explodes - BBC News

The plan will tie reopenings to vaccinations and ease restrictions on infections per 100,000. It comes amid a recall effort gaining steam.

Newsom Announces Plan To Loosen California’s Lockdown Requirements – Deadline

A recipe for my leftist friends. It will help them to get rid of the last remnants of their obnoxious masculinity smiley

Paul Bettany has been teasing for weeks that a big guest star was coming, but he might have been trolling us all along.

Paul Bettany Tricked Us All With His WandaVision Cameo Tease - E! Online

A new TCM series, “Reframed Classics,” discusses culturally significant films from the 1920s through the 1960s that also have problematic aspects, from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and Mickey Rooney’s performance as Mr. Yunioshi to Fred Astaire’s blackface routine in “Swing Time.”

TCM examines 'problematic' films in 'Reframed Classics'

This is just one of his videos of creatures stinging him if you want to look for more.

A team of electrical technicians made the discovery while moving an electrical pole in Monmouthshire.

Tintern 'secret' medieval tunnel system found by accident - BBC News

The 570GT model was snapped in an underground car park in Melbourne, Australia without a disability permit visible, it is alleged - angering people online
They’re just jealous lol

Fury as 'd*******' driver of £155k McLaren supercar parks over two disabled bays - World News - Mirror Online

The attack on female sports teams is continuing with the Washington Football Team, formerly known as the Redskins, replacing cheerleaders with a gender inclusive dance team.

I wonder how the Football Fans will show their Appreciation.

Attack on Women's Sports Continues As NFL Team Ditches Cheerleaders for Gender Inclusive Dancers

Last Man Standing star Tim Allen has described his silence about former President Donald Trump as not joining "the lynching crowd." In a long interview on Marc Maron's WTF podcast, the conservative Allen explained why he stays away from discussing politics.

Tim Allen On His Trump Silence: “Didn’t Join In The Lynching Crowd” – Deadline

The woman shared the messages on Twitter, where they quickly went viral and sparked a debate, with many people left open-mouthed at the man's request

Man asks woman for £25 refund when she rejects him after their third date - Mirror Online


The question seemed to be a simple, so I used the search engine duckduckgo to find some answers. What I found were the following articles:

• Alabama professor on Dr. Seuss: Discontinuing racist books isn’t ‘cancel culture’ -

Racialism seems to be the umbrella for these articles. A simple definition for an noun, sometimes an adjective, that receives so much daily usage, is slippery at best given the multiplicity of interpertations.

Neither lending a definition by counterintuitive means, t squirms its slippery self to defy a definition of what it is by what is not. Its definable characteristics are concurrently contradictory and eminently cogent.

In the country where I live, racism is not against the law, neither is bigotry or prejudice, though a practitioner performing such activities, may become an instant pariah. Hate speech can be slippery to define sometimes, so I let the law do what it does best here.

What do you think, eh?

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Conservative media has been calling out what appears to be Joe Biden’s cognitive decline for a long time. During the presidential campaign, we were the ones sounding the alarm bells while the ma...

Biden's Latest Verbal Slip Might Be His Most Disturbing Yet – PJ Media

During an interview with Univision on Friday, President Joe Biden stated that he hopes and expects the migrant facility in Texas that was used during the | Clips


Biden: Hope and Expect Trump Migrant Facility We're Using Won't Be Open 'Very Long,' It's 'Much Different' from Kids in Cages

We’ve stepped through the ‘Orwellian black mirror’ with the cancelling of Dr Seuss


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