JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli airstrike on Saturday destroyed a high-rise building that housed The Associated Press office in the Gaza Strip, despite repeated urgent calls from the news agency to the military to halt the impending attack.

'Shocking and horrifying': Israel destroys AP office in Gaza

Pub-goers will need to drink 124 pints this summer to save the nation’s food and beverage industry, finance experts have claimed.

Brits need to drink 124 pints each to help struggling pubs | Evening Standard

So, watched a bunch of making Bangers and Mash (a British dish) videos, sent away for the Marmite (a brown thick paste like thing for adding deeper flavoring and color to dishes) like 8 bucks USD for a small jar, and bought really good sausage.

I don't even know what kind of flavor doing this was going to make but was really happy that this turned out so good, just potatoes, scallions, sausage, onions, Marmite, corn starch (for thickening) and water (I kept two cups of the water from the potatoes when draining and used that in the pan) that is it and this is going to be a common dish now in my house, the flavor is a combo of a rich onion brown gravy with your favorite sausage, with a hint of fennel, the texture compliment each other perfectly.I used red potatoes but use any you have, this is the video I followed, the water from potatoes I got from another video and added to this one. I find that corn starch is easier to work with than flour.
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Marely had traveled for 13 days, trekking with her mother from Central America to the busiest corridor for illegal U.S.-Mexico border crossings. Then, as the 12-year-old Salvadoran girl got on an inflatable raft to cross the Rio Grande in Texas in the middle of the night, she discovered her mom wasn’t coming with her.

'There was no going back':

Ireland's health service, the HSE, says they are refusing to pay a $20 million ransom demand to the Conti ransomware gang after the hackers encrypted computers and disrupted health care in the country.

Ireland's Health Services hit with $20 million ransomware demand

U.S. President Biden on Friday revoked an executive order by former President Donald Trump that had directed regulators to limit liability protections for social media companies.

Biden revokes Trump order that sought to limit social media firms' protections | Reuters

One constitutional workaround leads to another constitutional obstacle.

Your All-Purpose Wonk’s Guide to Why D.C. Statehood Is So Hard - POLITICO

Amid declining linear ratings, holiday programming has been one area where viewers had continued to flock to ad-supported networks, bringing in a significant chunk of those nets' annual ad revenue.

NBC Takes Page From British TV With Standalone Holiday Specials For 'Young Rock', 'Kenan' & 'Mr. Mayor' – Deadline

The social media giant failed to block a bid that could ban it from sending data about its European users to the US.

Facebook faces 'devastating' EU-to-US data transfer ban | European Union News | Al Jazeera

A new study on political polarization led by a Brown University team showed how an aversion to uncertainty is often associated with black-and-white political views.

Politically polarized brains share an intolerance of uncertainty | Brown University

"'Tokyo Drift' stands out different, and I'm proud of that," says Lucas Black on the latest episode of 'EW's BINGE: The Fast Saga.'

F9 star Lucas Black on The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Sung Kang's Han |

In a notice sent out today to sellers in its "Adult Only" section, auction website eBay announced that effective June 15, 2021 that section will be shuttered and items meeting its definition of sexually oriented materials will thenceforth be prohibited from the site.

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