I'm not trying to offend or provoke any fights because I know some people are extra sensitive to certain subjects and with respect I would like to still open dialogue for those that don't take the narrative of certain subjects whole-cloth without question for example if someone says there were no planes that hit the towers you will definitely get the anecdotal evidence from people that say oh I had a friend whose uncle died in the towers how dare you with all the enthusiasm of Greta thunberg. So what I will do is get this started by stating a narrative and then mentioning a fact or two that puts that narrative into question
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This optical illusion can reveal if you have a female or male brain depending on what you see first.

You decide - with the block feature!

DonRobusto_117_shut_up_druid2 Honorable mention to SimonM, who coined the term "Tinnitus" for this particular disturbance of the peace.

I try to give the posts their due...
I have learned so many things!!!
How about you?

It may be embarrassing for you, indulgent even, or just part of your weekly routine, but here's what research has to show about masturbation and your health.

The study had one caveat: The results come from self-reported data.

Canadian penises 12th biggest in world, U.S. ranks 59th: Study | Toronto Sun

Josh Hawley, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Madison Cawthorn opened their mouths and accidentally showed how complicated it is to define womanhood DonRobusto_5726_josh

During the spring and summer of 2020, as protests across the country illuminated the systematic injustices Black Americans have faced and continue to face, the music industry was one of many that was called out to take accountability and action for its treatment of a group of people that is largely responsible for its many decades of profitability. While the industry’s unfair treatment of Black Americans is longstanding and deep-seated, one seemingly simple course of action is to cease all usage of the term “master recording,” which may sound innocuous but, as detailed in Variety’s expansive August 2020 interview with Pharrell Williams, derives from the words “master and slave.”
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But before that, what is YOUR definition of woman?

A boy born with two penises had to have one removed - and doctors chose to take off the larger one.The child from Brazil was one of the rare infants born with a second appendage, and its removal was documented in a new medical journal report.The condition - called diphallia - is typically seen in on...

Baby born with two penises has larger one chopped off by doctors | indy100


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