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A HILARIOUS frantic fail at sea has gone viral after a family crashed their tiny boat into a Russian billionaire's £360 million super-yacht.The incid

Hilarious moment frantic family in tiny boat crash into Russian tycoon's £360m superyacht as kids scream at their dad

Mega Machines: Sea Monsters
Secrets of the Mega Yachts:

This is a rare find. A walkthrough video is quite common, but a walkthrough video commissioned to aid in the sale of a yacht is a different story altogether. It provides an in depth look on how life aboard that yacht will appear for a potential buyer.

Have a look. The result is quite captivating!!!
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Private Submarine.

That has to be the most expensive design proposition ever made. $2.3 Billion...(let that sink in for a second, no pun intended).

The proposition is actually quite sound, relying on already existing technology. One could argue that this is quite feasible.

M5 1 of 1 - MIGALOO Submarines - 2.3 Billion Dollar toy

Abeking & Rasmussen has sent its latest 223-foot megayacht soaring into the arms of its new owner without a single delay.

Abeking & Rasmussen’s New 223-Foot Megayacht ‘Soaring’ Hits the Water – Robb Report

Feadship is one of the most prominent shipyards in the world. It specializes in high end motoryachts and has been at the forefront of yacht design for a little more than 70 years now. It is responsible for too many yachts to count. If you are patient, you can scroll through the extremely long list here:
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What kind of a design freak would I be, if I didn't pay homage to Wally Yachts? Wally is the company that brought cutting edge design and out of the box thinking to the sailing industry. It literally revolutionized and challenged inflexible conventions on boat building that seemed to be written in stone.
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