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A woman's life was likely saved by her silicone breast implants after she was shot in the chest at close range while walking down a street in Toronto, doctors have said.

The 30-year-old's left breast implant deflected the bullet away from her vital organs into the other breast, according to a case study published last week in the SAGE medical journal.

Mexico's president chastised drug gangs on Monday, telling them to end violence instead of distributing food, after several reports across the country in recent days showed armed narcos handing out care packages stamped with cartel logos.

Companies with thousands of employees, past penalties from government investigations and risks of financial failure even before the coronavirus walloped the economy were among those receiving...
AP: Publicly traded firms get $300M in small-business loans

Coronavirus can linger in the testicles, making men prone to longer, more severe cases of the illness, according to a new study.
Testicles may make men more vulnerable to coronavirus: study

An Iranian man who describes himself as an Islamic prophetic medicine healer has prescribed drinking camel urine as a treatment for the Chinese coronavirus, Radio Farda reported Monday.

In a video that has reportedly gone viral across social media, the Chairman of the Prophetic Medicine Society Medhi Sabili urged people to consume the urine when it is both “fresh and warm.” It was quickly ridiculed by Iranians, many of whom warned about the dangers of such treatment.
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Iranian 'Prophetic Medicine' Leader: Camel Urine Cures Coronavirus

A well-meaning governor in Nairobi, Kenya thought to add Hennessy to aid packages but faced immediate backlash due to untrue health claims.
Kenya governor adds bottles of Hennessy to coronavirus care packages - TheGrio

In 2018, Brent Underwood purchased an entire abandoned mining town in California, Cerro Gordo, and has been alone there for the past month.

A CLIP of Pope Francis holding Scotch whisky and saying it is “the real holy water” was censored ahead of a new documentary about Scottish…

Doctors puzzle over their disappearance, speculating, ‘Everybody is frightened to come to the ER’

Americans began receiving the first batch of coronavirus stimulus relief checks this week, and now many are taking to social media to brag about the assortment of purchases.
Stimulus checks are being spent on dildos, tigers, guns and stripper poles

A man in Australia who purchased around $10,000 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer was recently denied a refund by a supermarket owner.
Man Who Bought $10,000 Worth of Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer Denied Refund

Authorities in some jurisdictions across the United States have threatened arrest and jail for various violations by people infected with the coronavirus.

But that's nothing compared to what members of the militant Houthi faction in Yemen want to do to the infected.

Shoot them.

At an English-language site for the Middle East broadcast organization al-Arabiya, a video shows members of the Iranian-backed fighting force making plain their intent.
Militants in Yemen Vow to Shoot COVID-19 Victims

Estonian police arrested the self-styled "commander" of an online Neo-Nazi group linked to deadly plots in Nevada and to a US soldier who allegedly planned
Police say 'commander' of Neo-Nazi group linked to planned attack on CNN was only 13 years old | Business Insider India

Saeed Namaki praised Iranian medical workers for their attitude toward the pandemic, noting that in other countries medics have protested about the lack of protective equipment.
Iran Minister Shares Photo of Exhausted Nurse to Celebrate Country's Medical Workers, but the Picture Is From Brazil

Just saying. Fredo is at it again with the bullsh*t. What a smuck. This guy has some serious mental issues, seriously think about it. (boycott CNN)

Iran’s Major General Hossein Salami reportedly doubled down Friday on claims the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) had invented a special magnetic, all purpose coronavirus detector machine that is the envy of the world.

The IRGC commander reasserted claims the miraculous device can remotely identify infected people and contaminated areas within a range of 100 meters through a special aerial system and internal bipolar magnetic fields.
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Iran's Salami Doubles Down on Magnetic Coronavirus Detection Machine Claim

Are Zoom happy hours starting to get monotonous? Is being a month into shelter-in-place making you yearn for a fresh face? Well, now you can pay Half Moon Bay animal sanctuary Sweet Farm to have a goat, llama or other farm animal make an appearance in your Zoom meeting.
Bay Area farm offering goat and llama cameos for your next Zoom meeting - SFGate

Mr. Pizza, whose wife was serenaded by Trump at Mar-a-Lago, is a hydroxychloroquine dealer.
Did Joe Pizza Tell Trump About Hydroxychloroquine? - The American Prospect

Instagram “influencers” have been frequent fliers in this space for their inane musings and entitled whining. But the clock has struck 12 for these micro-celebrities.People aren’t buying stuff and that means there’s no one to “influence.
COVIDIOTS-19: Desperate Instagram ‘influencers’ slash rates | Toronto Sun


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