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The bull owner believes a cult could be responsible for the mysterious deaths of the animals.
Five butchered bulls spark fears of cult activity in small U.S. town - National |
WTF • by BoonEvil • 21 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

A British doctor was fired after refusing to use a transgender pronoun, as he believes there are two genders and they are determined by birth.
❗️Christian Doctor Fired For Refusing To Refer To '6 Foot Man With a Beard' As 'She'
WTF • by 1FRAC1 • 35 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

This tragic plane crash of a B-17 just occurred in Connecticut.

I was very sorry for the lost lives.

My second thought when I saw this picture was,"Wonder why no bodies or titanium engines were found at the Pentagon site ...or Shanksville on 9/11 ?"
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WTF • by ThomasinaPaine • 57 views •  6 comments • 2 months ago

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) responded to a woman who had an outburst over climate change at her town hall event on Thursday by telling people to “knock it off” and not talk about the situation and focus on other matters. “We are not going to be here for much long because of the climate […]
Ocasio-Cortez Responds To Woman’s ‘Eat The Babies!’ Rant: Don’t Talk About It! | The Daily Wire
WTF • by BoonEvil • 32 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

Donald Trump floated adding a moat filled with snakes and alligators at the border and shooting border jumpers in the legs as a solution to the influx of illegal immigration coming from the south.
Trump demanded border wall get an alligator or snake moat - and wanted immigrants shot in the LEGS | Daily Mail Online
WTF • by ThomasinaPaine • 52 views •  4 comments • 2 months ago

The Brisbane Festival is an annual three-week arts extravaganza in Queensland’s capital, traditionally ending with some military flyovers before a lot of fireworks are set off in an event called Sunsuper Riverfire. This year, like in 2018, that included a C-17A Globemaster, looking pretty spry as it made it’s way among the city’s skyscrapers.
Watch An Australian Air Force Cargo Jet Fly Casually Among Brisbane's Skyscrapers
WTF • by ThomasinaPaine • 36 views •  1 comments • 2 months ago

In what would seem to be the very definition of a stupid human trick, a woman was captured on Instagram video engaging in a dance with possible death when she jumped an enclosure at New York’s Bronx Zoo and decided to shake her tail feather with a full-grown lion.
Woman Jumps Into Enclosure With Lion at NYC’s Bronx Zoo
WTF • by ThomasinaPaine • 50 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

The city of Portland apparently has a gender problem with bathrooms. According to KGW-TV, the city decided when they remodeled the Portland Building that urinals would be banned. Last February Chief Administrative Officer Tom Rinehart emailed employees: We will continue to have gender-specific (male and female) multi-stall restrooms that are readily available to any employee that […]
Gender-Conscious Portland Bans Something From Men’s Bathrooms In City Building | The Daily Wire
WTF • by BoonEvil • 70 views •  5 comments • 2 months ago

Netflix has given a six-episode series order to The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, a half-hour sketch comedy series from comedian Iliza Shlesinger.
Netflix Orders Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Comedy Series – Deadline
WTF • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 12 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

COSMIC dangers like asteroid impacts and solar flares threaten to wipe out the human race, according to a scientist who thinks it is time to move to Mars.
Cosmic danger: Move to Mars before it's too late, warns space expert - Earth's in danger | Science | News |
WTF • by Paladin* • 35 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

An Obama program that offers foreigners free English, history and civics courses as well as naturalization legal services just received another multi-million-dollar infusion from the government. The Obama administration launched the costly initiative, known as “citizenship and assimilation grant program,” in 2009 and dedicated more than $62 million to it. ...
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DHS Gives Obama Immigrant Assimilation Program $10 Million Infusion | Judicial Watch
WTF • by BoonEvil • 22 views •  2 comments • 2 months ago

The To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences co-founded by Blink 182 singer Tom DeLonge says it's found material from an alien spaceship, posting photos of the substance on social media.
Led by Blink 182 Singer Tom DeLonge, Alien Hunters Claim They Found UFO Debris 
WTF • by Middleman • 16 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

A brutal fight that broke out at a Waffle House where two women viciously drag another woman by the hair and beat her until her head bleeds was shared on World Star Hip Hop
Two Women Dragged Another Woman to the Floor and Beat Her at a Waffle House
WTF • by Middleman • 26 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

The first dead bull was found in a timbered ravine in eastern Oregon. There was no indication it had been shot, attacked by predators or eaten poisonous plants.
Five bull carcasses found without genitals, tongues or any blood in unexplained Oregon killings
WTF • by Middleman • 19 views •  1 comments • 2 months ago

Shocking moment woman climbs into an exhibit and taunts a lion at the Bronx Zoo.
Video: Woman Climbed into Exhibit to Taunt a Lion at the Bronx Zoo
WTF • by Middleman • 23 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

Gordon MacMillan, who joined Twitter in 2013 and is listed as the company's Head of Editorial for EMEA, is also part of the British Army's "information warfare" unit.
Twitter Executive Revealed to Be 'Psyops' Soldier Linked to Spreading Disinformation Across Social Media: 'A Threat to Our Democracy'
WTF • by BoonEvil • 34 views •  3 comments • 2 months ago

The woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, was detained. The incident took place Monday on a flight traveling from Wuhan city to Lanzhou.

According to the English-language newspaper, the unidentified woman, who appeared to be in her 50s, told crew that she needed "a breath of fresh air."

Asia One, citing the media outlet China Press, reported the woman ignored airline staff, complaining that conditions on the plane had been "too stuffy."
Woman Detained After Opening Plane's Emergency Exit Because She Needed a 'Breath of Fresh Air' Before Takeoff
WTF • by BoonEvil • 21 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

Investigators did not indicate whether the stolen item was new or used. Additionally, a report does not address if batteries were included.
Police: Burglar Got Off With 12
WTF • by 𝓜𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮*🐭 • 17 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago

The 450ft-long bridge crumbled and collapsed in the Pacific fishing village of Nanfangao this morning, bringing the arch down with it.
Taiwan bridge collapses, at least 14 injured | Daily Mail Online
WTF • by SirMarcusKek • 20 views •  1 comments • 2 months ago

The shocking footage was filmed by another driver on the I-57 in Chicago, Illinois. A woman in a black car is seen smacking the hood of a silver Hyundai and prompts a fight.
Baseball bat-wielding woman sparks a furious road rage brawl in Chicago
WTF • by Middleman • 23 views •  0 comments • 2 months ago


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