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A video blogger learned the hard way that food is not a toy to play with when she attempted to bite into a living octopus, only for it to viciously attach itself to her face and rip a small piece of her cheek off.

The vlogger, who affectionately calls herself “seaside girl Little Seven,” publishes her clips on the Chinese platform Kauaishou.
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A woman has completely lost the sight in one eye and will soon be blind in the other after getting her eyeballs dyed black. Aleksandra Sadowska, from Wroclaw in Poland, took the risky decision to

Woman goes BLIND after getting her eyeballs tattooed black – The Brudda

Sometimes you get this feeling that we are all very, very doomed.

The Diomede islands are just three miles apart but sit on either side of the International Date Line which means the bigger island is almost one day ahead of its smaller neighbour

Islands only three miles apart are separated by 21-hour time difference - World News - Mirror Online

The man had tried to stop the bird escaping when he was struck in the groin by a knife on the animal's leg.

Indian man killed by his own bird during cockfight - BBC News

Police have received about 100 reports of key fobs not working and say the cause is not yet known.

Drivers locked out of their cars at Royston Tesco - BBC News

Foreign governments are expressing concerns over anal testing as Beijing claims the controversial practice is more accurate than nasal or mouth swabs.

Victoria Police say they are investigating whether the beheading of a statue of Queen Elizabeth II is connected to other recent acts of violence and vandalism.

Statue of Queen Elizabeth II found beheaded in Victoria park | CBC News

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