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my profile got locked .. im stuck at 24h till able to resend SMS .. as i spammed it cause i didnt receive anything.
any other ideas other than .. waiting ?

A quick look at HTTPS in URLs, how to detect it and what it helps with.

Using URLs: HTTPS - YouTube

Does this go here? I don't know where else to put it.

by Jason Cipriani

SIM swap fraud: What it is, why you should care and how to prevent it

Phone number theft is something you need to be aware of -- it's all too easy to give hackers the keys to your online accounts.

Scams related to the coronavirus pandemic are on the rise. Phone calls and text messages claim to offer a cure or test kits, but what the scammers are really after is your personal information. With that information, hackers and scammers can do all sorts of things, like take control of your phone number and then access your online accounts.
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By Lawrence Abrams
LiveAuctioneers has disclosed a data breach after a well-known data breach broker began selling 3.4 million stolen user records on a hacker forum.

LiveAuctioneers is an auction site that allows people worldwide to bid on auctioned items in real-time.

On July 10th, 2020, a data breach broker began selling a database that allegedly contains 3.4 million user records stolen from the LiveAuctioneers' site.
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I never had any IT studies, all my knowledge is gathered by reading over the internet, trying to make something work but sometimes i find myself giving advices that could help people if not being protected efficiently at least not spending a lot of money on hardware or software.

The cause of changing people's mind about using MS windows is lost so I will focus on non operating system appliances.
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🔴Learn to gather data to diagnose issues and facilitate troubleshooting with Cloudflare support. For most troubleshooting, Cloudflare strongly recommends generating a HAR file as a starting point.
Diagnose and resolve 5XX errors for Cloudflare proxied sites.

Sometimes the internet sites face problems so they may not be available. If people try to connect may have troubles. So in case you didn't know this there are internet sites that can test if your favorite site is up or down. An example :

While GIMP and Inkscape for graphic/photo works (see part 1 of this)are quite well known, in this part i would like to introduce you to a video editing program that is free AND awesome (and maybe not so well known):
Da Vinci Resolve (version 16)
this is a screenshot of the worksspace:

Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test

As most of us have more time than usual: WHY NOT become a creator?
Most here are cineasts and great movie lovers, in DOC we trust and we all have
two.movies on speed dial.

During the last 5-7 years free software available to anybody has developed RAPIDLY and the gap to expensive professional tools has gotten smaller every year.
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I've created a new community because I see that users need it.

Tech Support is a community to find solutions to all your tech support issues. Support for your PC, desktop and laptop. Windows and Mac. Software.

Feel free to ask any tech questions and help other users as well.


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