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Robots of the future at Boston Dynamics

A bot on Telegram, an encrypted messaging service, allows customers to access phone numbers of Facebook users who have liked specific pages, such as for stores and celebrity accounts.

New online tool contains the phone numbers of thousands of Facebook users

OneWeb's satellite came within 109 feet of SpaceX's Starlink in orbot that sparked red alerts received by the US Space Force, which found there was a 1.3% of the two devices colliding.

SpaceX's Starlink and OneWeb satellite come within 109 feet of crashing into each other in orbit

Intel's 'Bleep' is an AI solution that will ignore a systemic problem rather than address it.

Intel’s Dystopian Anti-Harassment AI Lets Users Opt In for ‘Some’ Racism

Thoughty2 From April 2, 2021

A video shared on Twitter has sparked fears of a real world robot take over. The clip shows a squadron of four-legged, canine-like robots made by a Chinese firm, all of which move in unison.

Chinese robotics firm shared

Is my phone listening to me? We tested it, here's what happened

A microscopic, living robot that can heal and power itself has been created out of frog skin cells.

Xenobots, named after the frog species Xenopus laevis that the cells come from, were first described last year. Now the team behind the robots has improved their design and demonstrated new capabilities.
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Living Robots Made from Frog Skin Cells Can Sense Their Environment

When SpaceX launches four civilian astronauts on the private Inspiration4 spaceflight, they're going to have the ultimate window.

SpaceX's Dragon spaceship is getting the ultimate window for private Inspiration4 spaceflight

Overclockers are already pushing the flagship chip as hard as possible using exotic cooling.

Maybe a rebuild in my future....

Intel Core i9-11900K CPU spotted overclocked to a massive 7GHz | TechRadar

Trotsky was sent to Russia on a BattleShipTrain loaded with gold by NYC and London Banksters - Yes the communist revolution was funded and won by capitalists
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The XStat syringe, filled with scientifically advanced sponges, can plug a life-threatening bullet wound in a matter of seconds.

A New Tool That Seals Bullet Wounds in Seconds With High-Tech Sponges | WIRED

Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite system is poised to change the internet landscape in a country considered to have one of the worst internet connections in the world.  The Philippines may be home to millions of social media-savvy people, but the quality of internet services in the country has remained dismal over the years. ...
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Elon Musk's Starlink is coming to a country with one of the world's worst internet connections

Billions of users warned to stop using Chrome after shocking new data harvesting disclosure...

Why You Suddenly Need To Stop Using Google Chrome

The Brazilian consumer protection regulator based in São Paulo state fined Apple for not including a charger in the iPhone 12 box.

Brazil fines Apple over lack of charger in iPhone 12 box - 9to5Mac

Use of Boston Robotics' Digidog intensifies concerns about police militarization.

New York lawmaker wants to ban police use of armed robots | Ars Technica

The Firefox-maker is leading a push for the Federal Communications Commission to reinstate net neutrality rules stripped away under the Trump administration.

Mozilla leads push for FCC to reinstate net neutrality

Apple has been slapped with a near $2 million fine in the Brazilian state of São Paulo over violations of the Consumer Law Code due to the lack...

Apple Fined $2 Million in Brazil for Selling iPhones Without Chargers - MacRumors

Im just Really impressed


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