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Florida Man, 47, arrested for public pleasure session smiley
MARCH 15--A pantless Florida Man was arrested yesterday after police spotted him pleasuring himself with a pickle while on a private premise, according to an arrest affidavit.
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Kevin Wayne VanLuven of Clarkston, Michigan was charged on Wednesday over the March 12 incident. He was charged with aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction of property.

Michigan home inspector is caught 'pleasuring himself with an Elmo doll in a child's nursery' | Daily Mail Online

A growing online movement believes that giving up masturbation can make us happier and boost our testosterone levels.

Nofap: can giving up masturbation really boost men's testosterone levels? An expert's view

A MAN allegedly "forced a teenage girl into sex & took nude images of her while living under her bed for three weeks."Jaret Wright, 20, from Akron

Man 'forced teen girl into sex & took nude images of her while living under her bed for three weeks'

DEAR DEIDRE:I HAVE been seeing a really impressive man who I thought might be a keeper.But I’m questioning everything now and I worry he is sexually

I've found Mr Perfect but he wants me to make porn and become an escort

How could hundreds of healthy men suddenly become convinced that their penises are disappearing?
"Koro" is a psychological fact, it happens. But fortunately not a single penis melted in reality

6 'Penis Panics' Around the World | including “Penis-melting Zionist robot combs.”

The average penis size is shrinking, and it's all down to environmental pollution, says scientist Louis Guillette.

Penis Size Is Shrinking Due To Environmental Pollution, Scientist Warns

Dr Shanna Swan says pollution is also impacting men's sex drive.

Pollution Is Shrinking Human Penises, Warns Environmentalist



LeT's Go CrAzy

Girls & Boys

Black Sweat
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REACTION: "My Name Is Tony and I'm a Human Pup"


I mean, seriously? smiley smiley

SARAH VINE: We need to talk about Lottie's. The former Apprentice star, Lottie Lion, has been making ends meet through a so-called 'sugar daddy' website called Seeking Arrangement.

SARAH VINE: A generation so warped they are PROUD to sell their own bodies  | Daily Mail Online

The pair were discovered in Morley, near Derby, on Monday night by police, much to their embarrassment.

Naked couple caught having 'late-night rumpy pumpy' in their car in a rural lay-by are fined £200 | Daily Mail Online

A Chinese social development think tank recently proposed that unmarried Chinese women should move to rural China to find a husband. “Leftover” women — most of whom reside in Chinese urban centers and are highly educated — should not “feel afraid to go and live in rural villages,” according to Wu Xiuming, the deputy secretary-general of the Shanxi Think Tank
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Chinese Think Tank: Unmarried 'Leftover' Women Should Seek Rural Men

Soaring sex toy sales and A-list advocates - the trend for DIY orgasms is hotting up. Daisy Buchanan on why it's the ultimate escapism

Daisy Buchanan on her lockdown masturbation odyssey | Evening Standard


OnlyFans seemed to explode when the country was rocked by the pandemic last March. As businesses closed and entire industries were forced to undergo layoffs, the subscription-based service had sex workers, performers, influencers, and everyday men and women signing up to see if they could make some extra cash.
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We asked an expert if playing with your nipples can actually make you come, and the roadmap to getting there.

Whoooo! smiley

The Beginner’s Guide To Nipple Orgasms



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