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Salts Could Be Important Piece of Martian Organic Puzzle A NASA team has found that organic, or carbon-containing, salts are likely present on Mars, with implications for the Red Planet's past habitability. A NASA team has found that organic salts are likely present on Mars.

NASA Finds Organic Salts Are Likely Present on Mars – Remnants of Ancient Martian Microbial Life?

Using a robotic ‘Third Thumb’ can impact how the hand is represented in the brain, finds a new study led by UCL researchers.

Robotic 'Third Thumb' use can alter brain representation of the hand | UCL News - UCL – University College London

The creation, called a cardioid, will help with the study of heart disease and the discovery of new medications

This Lab-Grown Mini Heart Can Keep a Beat  | Science      | Smithsonian Magazine

Gene-editing technologies, which include the CRISPR–Cas nucleases1–3 and CRISPR base editors4,5, have the potential to permanently modify disease-causing genes in patients6. The demonstration of durable editing in target organs of nonhuman primates is a key step before in vivo administration of gene editors to patients in clinical trials. ...
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In vivo CRISPR base editing of PCSK9 durably lowers cholesterol in primates | Nature

Gun tests show tardigrades probably died after Israeli lander crashed on the Moon

Hardy water bears survive bullet impacts—up to a point | Science | AAAS

Sexual attraction triggers change throughout our life cycles and while men and women both look for personalities indicating openess as they get older, their preferences differ in many other areas according a new study. Researchers analysed data from more than 7000 people aged between 18 and 65 who participated in the Australian Sex Survey in 2016 to track the factors driving sexual attraction throughout a person's life.

Bringing sexy back: What Australian men and women find attractive in a potential mate | EurekAlert! Science News

A satellite constellation would tell astronauts and robots their exact position on the lunar surface.

Europe plans sat-nav and telecoms network at the Moon - BBC News

In 2020, the state of Texas implemented coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) social distancing guidelines in order to prevent surges at Texas hospital …

Childhood immunization during the COVID-19 pandemic in Texas - ScienceDirect

First high-resolution model to simulate an entire gas cloud where stars are born. A team including Northwestern University astrophysicists has developed the most realistic, highest-resolution 3D simulation of star formation to date. The result is a visually stunning, mathematically-driven marvel

STARFORGE: Stunning Simulation of Stars Being Born Is Most Realistic Ever

Researchers have identified and completed the genetic analysis of a newly discovered coronavirus – one that has evolved from a coronavirus that afflicts dogs to infect humans and may contribute to respiratory symptoms.The discovery of the first dog coronavirus found to have crossed over to infecting people underscores the treacherous nature of c...

New human coronavirus that originated in dogs identified

Researchers in the U.K. have linked physical activity in schoolchildren to their ability to manage their emotions and behavior, finding that active students were, in turn, generally higher academic achievers.

Once mainly a scourge of VR headsets, cybersickness seems to be on the rise as the pandemic pushes our bodies to their digital limits.

Endless scrolling through social media can literally make you sick

Imagery comes back from the six-wheeled robot that landed successfully at the weekend.

China on Mars: Zhurong rover returns first pictures - BBC News

And yet we have very little idea where anuses come from.

Where Do Butts Come From? - The Atlantic

For complex reasons, music is particularly good at lodging experiences deep in our memory and — some time much later — plucking them back out again.

Fungi are diffuse, plastic beings: they reform themselves around the problem at hand.

Try​ to imagine what it is like to be a fungus. Not a mushroom, pushing up through damp soil overnight or delicately forcing itself out through the bark of a rotting log: that would be like imagining the grape rather than the vine. Instead try to think your way into the main part of a fungus, the mycelium, a proliferating network of tiny white threads known as hyphae. Decentralised, inquisitive, exploratory and voracious, a mycelial network ranges through soil in search of food. It tangles itself in an intimate scrawl with the roots of plants, exchanging nutrients and sugars with them; it meets with the hyphae of other networks and has mycelial sex; messages from its myriad tips are reported rapidly across the whole network by mysterious means, perhaps chemical, perhaps electrical. For food, it prefers wood, but with practice it can learn to eat novel substances, including toxic chemicals, plastics and oil. Is it somehow sentient? As its thousands of hyphae simultaneously but independently rove through the soil, is the mycelium behaving as an individual or a swarm? What is it like to be this way?
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Try to Imagine what it's like to be a Fungus,

Should we treat other planets like natural resources or national parks?

Is Mars Ours? | The New Yorker


The “Petralona Man,” or “Petralona Archanthropus” is a for 700,000 years old human skull found in 1959. Since then, scientists have tried to locate the origin of this skull, which has created tremendous controversy.
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