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The sexual selection of larger males may be driven by an abundance – not a scarcity – of females.

Darwin got sexual selection backwards, research suggests

European Union’s vulnerability to climate change stretches far beyond its borders because many of its economic sectors, such as meat and dairy, use raw materials sourced from far afield. Cross-border climate vulnerability is a relatively new subject in scientific literature, while of high societal and economic relevance. ...
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Cross-border climate vulnerabilities of the European Union to drought | Nature Communications

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.

Pupil Size Is a Marker of Intelligence - Scientific American

The U.S. space agency on Thursday announced its new "Mission Equity" initiative in a gushing promo video timed to coincide with a new push under President Joe Biden's executive order.

NASA goes woke: Agency launched a new mission for Equity in gushing video

To address vaccine hesitancy based on concerns about fertility, this study assesses sperm parameters before and after mRNA vaccine administration.

China on Thursday sent the first astronauts to its self-developed space station as the world’s second-largest economy works to become a dominant force in space exploration.

China sends first astronauts to its self-developed space station | TheHill

Globally, depression and anxiety are the two most prevalent mental health disorders. They occur both acutely and chronically, with various symptoms commonly expressed subclinically. The treatment gap and stigma associated with such mental health disorders are common issues encountered worldwide. Given the economic and health care service burden of mental illnesses, there is a heightened demand for accessible and cost-effective methods that prevent occurrence of mental health illnesses and facilitate coping with mental health illnesses. ...
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JMIR Serious Games - Gaming Your Mental Health: A Narrative Review on Mitigating Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety Using Commercial Video Games

Some scientists believe the universe is conscious. Sounds like a wild lsd trip ... but what if it's true? 

What Is Consciousness? Is the Universe Conscious? - Theories

Cortical thinning may accelerate with heavier cannabis use, which a new study suggests might influence teen impulsivity.

Teen cannabis use reveals how marijuana can alter brain shape

AbstractBackground. With limited SARS-CoV-2 testing capacity in the US at the start of the epidemic (January – March), testing was focused on symptomatic patien

Astronomers say a cold spot and dust formation explain last year's unusual drop in brightness.

'Great Dimming' of Betelgeuse star is solved - BBC News

Mo Pinel spent a career reshaping the ball’s inner core to harness the power of physics. He revolutionized the sport—and spared no critics along the way.

One Man’s Amazing Journey to the Center of the Bowling Ball | WIRED

A new study finds that mice-based Alzheimer's research papers that don't mention the word "mice" get 31% more media coverage.

Mice-based Alzheimer's studies that omit

A new model of how the inner core froze into solid iron suggests it’s only 500 million years old — one-ninth Earth’s age

Is Earth's core lopsided? Strange goings-on in our planet's interior. | Berkeley News

Blood drawn from nine people in the earliest days of the pandemic tested positive for the infection. But some experts questioned the results.

Scientists Report Earliest Known Coronavirus Cases in Five US States - The New York Times

Scientists suspect that puzzling daya shows one massive star, 100 times larger than the sun, that is periodically blocked by a smaller companion object surrounded by an opaque disk.

Strange 'blinking' star near heart of Milky Way catches scientists' eyes | Space

The hole measures about 40 feet wide, and is likely to collapse even more, authorities say.

Huge sinkhole bursts open near underwater 'blowhole' in South Australian coast | Live Science

Engineers are preparing to move part of the world's most powerful magnet from the U.S. to France as a part of an international nuclear fusion project.

World's most powerful magnet begins journey to heart of giant fusion experiment | Live Science


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