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A 13-year-old Iranian girl was beheaded in an "honor killing" by her father while she was sleeping, local media have claimed.

Romina Ashrafi was killed with a farming sickle in her family home in Hovigh, Talesh county, as a form of "punishment", reports said.

She had planned to run away with an older man she had fallen in love with, Iran International TV said.
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Girl, 13, Beheaded by Her Father While She Slept in Iranian Honor Killing

WHEN IT comes to social distancing, the Church has got it covered. In recent weeks we’ve seen...
Priest performs socially-distanced baptism on baby using water pistol | The Irish Post

The governor gave California churches the green light to reopen, three days after the president threatened to "override" states that continued to block in-person religious services due to the pandemic.
California reopens churches 3 days after Trump threatened to 'override' states

President Trump on Friday ordered governors to allow houses of worship to open immediately, declaring them “essential” to American life during COVID-19. 
Trump demands governors allow churches to open | TheHill

The U.S. Department of Justice on Tuesday warned California's governor that his COVID-19 restrictions discriminated against places of worship by preventing them from meeting while businesses and film studios are allowed to carry on working.

Two churches in Georgia and Texas that reopened recently amid the novel coronavirus pandemic have since closed their doors again after churchgoers and religious leaders tested positive for the virus, according to multiple media reports.
Two Southern churches forced to reclose after leaders, congregants get coronavirus | TheHill

THE RICHEST FAMILY IN AMERICA YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF: (well okay, many internet friends probably have) This video is about the HOUSE OF SCHIFF, the family history, and how they attained their wealth. This is a short documentary and all claims are substantiated by legitimate sources such as books and articles, as well as direct quotes.

Israel is threatening to remove GOD TV channel just one week after its launch, claiming it is proselytizing.

The Christian network that broadcasts in at least 200 countries, responded in a statement saying, "if we were doing something sneaky, we would not have announced it to the world."
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Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s plan to reopen his state calls for bans of gatherings of more than 50 people, including worship services, until a vaccine or treatment for the coronavirus is “widely available.”

The Democrat governor released his five-phase plan, titled “Restoring Illinois,” Tuesday, which says even at Phase 4, called “Revitalization,” “50 or fewer” would be permitted at any gatherings as long as testing and tracing are widely conducted.
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Illinois Governor: No Religious Services for More than 50 Until Vaccine

Two other federal judges had previously ruled the Kentucky governor’s temporary ban on mass gatherings constitutional.
Court halts ban on mass gatherings at Kentucky churches - POLITICO

Wednesday’s oral argument in the Supreme Court was good news for the Little Sisters of the Poor and others hoping for a final resolution to the decade-long battle over the HHS mandate.

What exactly is the Sisters’ objection to the abortion pills mandate? As Little Sisters lawyer Paul Clement said: “Their objection essentially is to having their plans hijacked and being forced to provide those services through their own plan and plan infrastructure.” Calling this a “complicity-based objection,” Justice Elena Kagan added that she has understood “that to be your consistent position throughout the litigation.” She’s exactly right.
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Little Sisters of the Poor's Supreme Court Case -- Positive Developments | National Review

The ex-Vatican treasurer was aware of priests' abuse in Australia and failed to act, an inquiry says.
Cardinal Pell 'knew of' clergy abuse, says Australian royal commission - BBC News

A conservative law firm is calling a new order in Kansas City, Missouri, "Nazi-like" for requiring churches to "surveil, track, and spy" on anyone who attends an in-person service.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas issued the 10/10/10 rule in effect May 5, ordering that nonessential businesses, like churches, can have 10 people inside and 50 people outside as long as they practice social distancing. They also must record the information of anyone who spends more than 10 minutes inside.
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Kansas City mayor defends ‘Nazi-like’ policy registering people attending church | Fox News

The Department of Justice is siding with a Virginia church that filed a lawsuit against the state over Gov.
DOJ argues Virginia stay-at-home order interfered with church's free exercise of religion | TheHill

It’s Sunday, a time when many people’s thoughts turns to religion. President Donald Trump seemed to be on that track in one of his tweets today. Although the word “lo” was not used, it seemed taken from more ancient times, talking about “a great and powerful plague.”
President Donald Trump Tweetstorm – The Sunday Edition – Deadline

Find out for yourself what the Jewish Talmud says about Jesus and Christians:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party has backed allowing public broadcasts of the Islamic call to prayer during Ramadan across Germany.
Merkel Party Backs Public Islamic Prayer Broadcasts During Ramadan

Always bear in mind


Predates history and religion.

Real Genius guy was lecturing about this on YouTube Years ago: JORDAN MAXWELL--very astute Professor (?)

He's a true genius--give him a gander when you chance it. INCREDIBLY INFORMATIVE.
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A British newspaper's story of a rapper's conversion to Islam is highlighting the growing acceptance of the Islamic belief that everyone is born a Muslim.

The story on Lisa Mercedez explains she "is making a great effort to 'cover up more' and ditch the skimpy outfits after reverting to Islam."

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Newspaper Explains How Rapper

A US government panel has called for India to be put on a religious freedom blacklist over a “drastic” downturn under the prime minister, Narendra Modi, triggering a sharp response from New Delhi.

The US commission on international religious freedom recommends but does not set policy, and there is virtually no chance the state department will follow its lead on India, an increasingly close US ally.
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India should be placed on religious freedom blacklist, US panel says | India | The Guardian


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