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Far-left extremists seem to be escalating their efforts to prevent conservative Americans from expressing their political views. In many cases, operatives in the Antifa movement are using violence to suppress right-leaning voices in multiple states. In this case, radical leftists physically attacked individuals participating in a “Jews For Trump” convoy in New York City on Sunday.
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A priest could not stop laughing when a little girl saw him raise his hand to bless her - and mistakenly thought he wanted her to high-five him.

After reciting 'our father' and making the sign of the cross, the priest held his hand up over her head, but to his surprise, the five-year-old girl nonchalantly reached up and gave his hand a celebratory tap.
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Priest Can't Stop Laughing After Five-year-old Girl High-fived Him as He Blesses Her

As Ronald Reagan might have said to embattled Oregon Democrat Gov. Kate Brown, “There you go again.” Now a small Christian school in Oregon is suing Brown and other state officials after claiming the state is discriminating against private and religious schools by keeping them locked down while allowing public schools to reopen.
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This woman is great, her books are awesome, she relates to everyone, everywhere, and has a different style of preaching the word. Some books are $2 and some $3 and keep checking in for more great book deals, the bible she made comments on different things throughout are great, it cost $56 but got really nice copy on eBay for $12 for real. Got is primarily for the books of Proverbs, and Book of Revelations. My other bible is so marked up (like everywhere) so I needed a new one to mark up.
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Joyce Meyer Ministries, Enjoying Everyday Life, Everyday Answers, Todays Show

If you live in New York, let me be one of many to say I’m sorry, and I mean that in the context of what you have had to endure regarding the coronavirus. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been a horrifically ineffective and vindictive leader that has relied on politics instead of data consistently throughout this pandemic. That’s led to 32,000+ dead bodies, including well over 10,000 nursing home deaths, and the second-worst death rate in the country, second only to New Jersey.
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A 15-year-old Italian computer whiz who died of leukemia in 2006 moved a step closer to possible sainthood Saturday with his beatification in the town of Assisi, where he is buried.

Carlo Acutis is the youngest contemporary person to be beatified, a path taken by two Portuguese shepherd children living in the early 1900s who were proclaimed Catholic saints in 2017.
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Catholic Church Beatified Computer-wiz Teenager -- Patron Saint of the Internet?

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse's report says the Church's failure to respond consistently to abuse victims added to their trauma.

It added that alleged perpetrators were often given more support than victims.

The Church said it felt "shame" over the failings detailed in the "shocking" report.

Church of England failures 'allowed child sexual abusers to hide' - BBC News

No one is worried about “hate speech” against Judaism and Christianity. This is all about Islam. A law criminalizing “hate speech” against religion will almost certainly be used to silence all criticism of Islam,

New Zealand Prime Minister vows to criminalize criticism of Islam if reelected

The lawyer for a Pakistani Christian sentenced to death blasphemy told Fox News on Monday that his client did not insult the Islamic prophet as alleged, but merely refused to convert to Islam.

Asif Pervaiz, 37, was accused of sending “blasphemous” text messages to his former supervisor, allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet. Pervaiz spoke in his own defense during the trial, denying the charges against him. The court rejected his testimony and sentenced him to death on September 8.
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Pakistani Man Sentenced to Death for

Gone are the days when nearly 80% of Catholic voters united to push Irish-Catholic Democrat John F. Kennedy into the White House in 1960. Catholic voters today are split on the 2020 candidates, even though Mr. Biden is a lifelong Mass-attending Catholic, and Mr. Trump is a Presbyterian.

A 'dramatic shift' among Catholics is drawing the devoted to Trump's 'fortitude and courage' - Washington Times

When asked about the group "Catholics for Biden" and whether a Catholic can vote for someone who is pro-abortion and anti-family, Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former doctrinal chief at the Vatican, said Catholics must have "the right understanding of life" and human rights and that it is "better to vote for a good Protestant than a bad Catholic."

"Pleasure arrives directly from God. It is neither Catholic nor Christian nor anything else; it is simply divine."

Los Angeles' Grace Community Church and Pastor John MacArthur have come under fire for deciding to hold in-person church services despite California Gov. Gavin Newsom's (D) Wuhan coronavirus declaration that bans church assemblies. The City of Los Angeles slapped the church with a cease and desist letter and threatened to charge both the church and Pastor MacArthur, as an individual, a $1,000 a day fine. The pastor also faced the possibility of being arrested should in-person services to continue.
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Activists burned a Quran in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, sparking riots and unrest after more than 300 people gathered to protest, police said Saturday.

Rioters set fires and threw objects at police and rescue services Friday night, slightly injuring several police officers and leading to the detention of about 15 people.
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It said police beat protesters, tortured detainees and at times took part in riots with Hindu mobs.
More than 40 people died when clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims over a controversial citizenship law. Muslims bore the brunt, Amnesty said.

Delhi 2020 religious riots: Amnesty International accuses police of rights abuses - BBC News

Rev. Jim Rigby writes:


Dear law and order America,

Hello, this is Jesus. Not the rich white king you worship, but the humble friend of the oppressed. I have heard your prayers this week at the Republican Convention. I meant to respond earlier, but I just now stopped throwing up.
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