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This is one example of Jewish blood-drinking rituals that they practice on their own babies.
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Religion • by James1Henry • 38 views •  2 comments • 2 days ago

More than 11 million people tuned in to watch Pope Francis deliver a blessing in an empty Saint Peter’s Square, television bosses said on Saturday, as the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, warned that the European Union risked losing its purpose.

The pope’s blessing, Urbi et Orbi (To the city and the world)is usually reserved for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday, with thousands flocking to take part.
Pope's blessing in empty St Peter's Square watched by 11m on TV | World news | The Guardian
Religion • by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 10 views •  0 comments • 3 days ago

Pope Francis on Friday delivered an "urbi et orbi" prayer, usually reserved for solemn church occasions, to pray for the end of the coronavirus pandemic.
Pope Francis delivers special prayer for end to coronavirus pandemic | TheHill
Religion • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 4 views •  0 comments • 4 days ago

12/26/2016 09:46 pm ET
For many, the Bible (both the Hebrew Bible [aka the Old Testament for Christians] and the New Testament) is a moral touchstone and a guide to a peaceful life. Yet such a use of the Bible relies on a rather selective reading of its stories, since the Bible also contains numerous disturbingly violent tales. ...
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Religion • by ᚘ𝕺ƸᚰĦҜïᑻ⭍🌑 • 35 views •  3 comments • 5 days ago

While everyone is distracted with the Coronavirus, a New Jersey city just approved changes to its noise control ordinance to allow the Islamic call to prayer to be broadcast five times a day.

The first call to prayer begins at 6 AM.

The Paterson City Council voted 5-4 to approve the changes to its noise ordinance — the measure was sponsored by councilman Shahin Khalique.
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New Jersey City Approves Changes to Noise Ordinance to Allow Islamic Call to Prayer to Broadcast Five Times a Day - Beginning at 6 AM
Religion • by stephen19 • 170 views •  16 comments • 1 week ago

Holy Iraqi Muslim scholar Hadi al-Modarresi recently delivered a sermon where he claimed the coronavirus was “divine punishment against the Chinese.” MEMRI translated the good scholar’s sermon. Iraqi Islamic Scholar Hadi Al-Modarresi, Prior to Being Infected with Coronavirus: The Virus Is a Divine Punishment against the Chinese — MEMRI (@MEMRIReports) March 9, 2020 After …
Holy Iraqi 'Scholar' Says Coronavirus Is
Religion • by Xx_Zedra • 38 views •  1 comments • 2 weeks ago

Humanists UK said it was 'outrageous' the church could open a religiously selective faith school while the taxpayer picked up the whole bill.

As a “voluntary aided” school, Hampton Waters will be legally entitled to select up to 100 per cent of its pupils on the basis of religion, although the Diocese of East Anglia has said 20 per cent of places will be allocated to local children.
New Catholic Church will now be allowed to select 100 per cent of pupils by faith at new state school | inews
Religion • by Spitfire000 • 10 views •  0 comments • 3 weeks ago

German bishops began key talks on Monday to choose a new leader to steer the country's Catholic Church through a controversial reforms process and settle compensation demands from sexual abuse victims.

The four-day episcopal gathering in the western city of Mainz comes at a time of fierce debate about how to modernise Germany's Catholic Church, pitting conservative bishops against more progressive ones.
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Religion • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 11 views •  0 comments • 4 weeks ago

According to the Coronavirus website there have been 1,501 cases of coronavirus in Iran and 66 deaths.

These numbers are suspect as the regime is not open with its data.

** The Gateway Pundit posted an extensive report from Iran on the coronavirus on Sunday night.

What is clear is that devout Muslims are not making the situation better by licking the Shia shrines.
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THIS ISN't HELPING: Devout Muslims Lick Shia Shrine in Iran to
Religion • by stephen19 • 13 views •  0 comments • 4 weeks ago

President Donald Trump was prayed over by a group of black religious and political leaders in the Cabinet Room of the White House on Thursday. 
Photos: Black Leaders Pray for Trump at Black History Month Celebration
Religion • by Middleman • 10 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

🙏A Baptist who celebrates Ash Wednesday? The two just don't go together. Learn how powerful Ash Wednesday can be for a Baptist.
A Baptist Who Celebrates Ash Wednesday? | Alan Rudnick
Religion • by 1FRAC1 • 9 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

Tax cuts for the wealthy are a “structure of sin,” Pope Francis said in an address calling for international wealth redistribution.
Tax the Rich: Pope Francis Calls for Global Wealth Redistribution
Religion • by FairDinkum • 15 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

Religion has recently re-emerged from the shadow cast by the idea that the history of modernity and post-modernity could only be sought in secular terms. There has been a flurry of publications...
‘I was following the lead of Jesus Christ’: Christian Anti-Fascism in 1930s England | SpringerLink
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 34 views •  1 comments • 1 month ago

Rebelling against bureaucratic city-states, the early Israelites established a tribal, pastoral society that, while extremely patriarchal and theologically repressive, resisted statehood for about three hundred years until they established a monarchy in the tenth century BCE. For “These early Israelites had no temple, no city, no king,” writes the Catholic Worker theologian Laurel Dyksta
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 20 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

The early Christian Communities practiced communism, here's how we know.
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 21 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

What imagery do you hold of Jesus the Christ said to have hailed from Nazareth? Given that he is the central figure of Christianity and most Christians believe he is the incarnation of God the Son and the awaited Messiah (the Christ) prophesied in the Old Testament, observers hold that…
Was Jesus Christ black? This scholar argues so - Keep The Faith ® The UK's Black and multi-ethnic Christian magazine
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 17 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

Mark Wayne presents the case for why Jesus might have been black, and explains why it matters 
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 201 views •  20 comments • 1 month ago

Controversial city preacher James Ng’ang’a was in Kajiado last week to pray for the country and ask for God’s forgiveness following the locust invasion in parts of the country. Speaking last Friday after spending five days praying for the country, the Neno Evangelism church leader urged Kenyans to repent. ...
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'Locust Invasion, January Rain Not Normal. Repent.' - Pastor Ng'ang'a Urges
Religion • by Xx_Zedra • 44 views •  3 comments • 1 month ago

On the morning of September 29th, six weeks before the 2016 election, Donald Trump was in a conference room at Trump Tower in New York talking to leaders of the religious right about sex-reassignment surgery. In a way, he was bringing about his own transformation. Having quashed the idea that his run for president was a lark or a publicity stunt, having come from behind to take the Republican nomination, and having fought his way up the polls to the extent that he was within striking distance of Hillary Clinton, Trump was now trying to seal the deal. ...
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Why the Christian Right Worships Donald Trump - Rolling Stone
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 32 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

That’s right, voting to impeach their lord and savior is basically the same thing as bombing a U.S. naval base.
Totally Sane Republicans Think Trump Is Jesus, Impeachment Is Pearl Harbor | Vanity Fair
Religion • by ReverendBobo • 24 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago


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