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Eastern and Western Christian clergy. They all call people to get vaccinated. Pop Francis calls this an act of love. Eastern Orthodoxy calls the act of not get vaccinated a sin towards our fellow citizens

The book of Revelations may seen very scary, and it us, for men will seek death and shall not find it... it says, but at the ending of Revelation, the hope and love if fulfilled and the cast out one is condemned into the lake of fire for eternity.

13 Minutes In The Book Of Revelation - Its Already Started But People Don't See it - YouTube

For prayers SUBSCRIBE to our Prayer channel: is an original narration recorded specifically fo...

Advice From JESUS On How To Live In The Last Days - YouTube

Fernando Karadima, a Chilean priest who was at the center of a sexual abuse scandal that has recently shaken the Catholic Church in Chile and who was eventually defrocked by the pope, has died.

Karadima, priest defrocked for sexual abuses, dies in Chile

I feel deeply sad for all the victims of heat, fires, floods that we have seen lately. I suggest users make a pray, according their religion, or meditate for it according their spiritual beliefs or just up vote to show they care. The worst disaster of all is that we don't care at all for others.


I've watched Dan for years now and I still was not prepared for the raw, bone realization of what he said today, this really is an evil world we are all existing in, can't even say living in anymore, we are living, and are we all in the Great Tribulation and don't even know it, I have been so drawn to the Word lately it is like a magnet just making me open and read, at 3:30 in the morning I read 5 sentences and then ponder "out of space," Ya ok I know, what your thinking, she's crazy right, well they said the same thing about a lot of people who were linked to things other people didn't see. ...
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The Vatican has set a July 27 trial date for 10 people, including a once-powerful cardinal and papal contender, on charges related to the Holy See’s 350 million-euro investment in a luxury London real estate venture.

EXPLAINER: Behind the Vatican's London real estate scandal

Members of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops released a document clarifying that they will not create "a national policy on withholding Communion from politicians," seeking to tamp down on escalating debate within the church over banning communion for Biden.

The move came days after a committee voted to begin creating a teaching document on the Holy Eucharist, or the meaning of communion, sparking questions about whether or not the document would include guidelines for politicians who support abortion rights such as Biden.

US Catholic Bishops vow no 'national policy on withholding communion from politicians' | TheHill

Though people were advised not to travel to Stonehenge for the annual viewing of the sunrise on the summer solstice, a crowd gathered on the site Monday, prompting the live video feed to be shut down.

Live video of summer solstice sunrise over Stonehenge halted due to crowd -

From the fallen angel to the horned goat, we trace 8 real historical images of Satan.

What does the devil look like? | Live Science

This is dedicated to Bread, ofc smiley

Pope Francis issued a dire report on the state of the planet Tuesday, insisting the earth is suffering the worst environmental crisis ever.

../ “let us take care of our Mother Earth, let us overcome the temptation of selfishness that makes us predators of resources...

Is the Pope a freaking pagan worshiping 'Mother Earth", WTF??????

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Green Economics,’ ‘Green Spirituality’


1. We Christians are sinners too.

condemnationThere are other versions of this excuse, such as “Hey! Nobody’s perfect!” or “I’m not perfect; just forgiven.”

The idea behind this excuse is that the watching world has put unrealistic expectations on us as Christians. We complain that they seem to think we should live perfect lives, which is impossible. So when we sin, and our sin is pointed out to us, we excuse our actions by reminding others that we are sinners too.
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I just love the way these girls sing together.

The building is part of a new memorial at Babyn Yar, a site where nearly 34,000 Jews were murdered.

Holocaust: Synagogue opens at Nazi massacre site in Ukraine - BBC News

The disturbing video shows glimpses of the communist takeover, the first days of their agenda - eradicating what Jesus promised that would never fall (the Church) - and creating a world without God. It lasted for 80 years. The attempts of our times will not last any longer.

It is just a little cloud. It will pass soon.
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