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Though people were advised not to travel to Stonehenge for the annual viewing of the sunrise on the summer solstice, a crowd gathered on the site Monday, prompting the live video feed to be shut down.

Live video of summer solstice sunrise over Stonehenge halted due to crowd -

From the fallen angel to the horned goat, we trace 8 real historical images of Satan.

What does the devil look like? | Live Science

This is dedicated to Bread, ofc smiley

Pope Francis issued a dire report on the state of the planet Tuesday, insisting the earth is suffering the worst environmental crisis ever.

../ “let us take care of our Mother Earth, let us overcome the temptation of selfishness that makes us predators of resources...

Is the Pope a freaking pagan worshiping 'Mother Earth", WTF??????

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Green Economics,’ ‘Green Spirituality’


1. We Christians are sinners too.

condemnationThere are other versions of this excuse, such as “Hey! Nobody’s perfect!” or “I’m not perfect; just forgiven.”

The idea behind this excuse is that the watching world has put unrealistic expectations on us as Christians. We complain that they seem to think we should live perfect lives, which is impossible. So when we sin, and our sin is pointed out to us, we excuse our actions by reminding others that we are sinners too.
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I just love the way these girls sing together.

The building is part of a new memorial at Babyn Yar, a site where nearly 34,000 Jews were murdered.

Holocaust: Synagogue opens at Nazi massacre site in Ukraine - BBC News

The disturbing video shows glimpses of the communist takeover, the first days of their agenda - eradicating what Jesus promised that would never fall (the Church) - and creating a world without God. It lasted for 80 years. The attempts of our times will not last any longer.

It is just a little cloud. It will pass soon.
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The flower of the Holy Spirit It is called winged Peristeria, it is an orchid from Brazil and blooms just at the time of Easter, it is also known as the flower of the Holy Spirit. It is a work of art of nature.
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When I checked in with Bible scholars, I found that the sacred text of Christianity wasn’t being described accurately. Here’s eight favorites. For centuries, the “church” waged total war on…

8 Things Christians Say That Just Ain’t True | by Jonathan Poletti | 𝘽𝙚𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 | Mar, 2021 | Medium

To all of you of Orthodox faith, I wish you a happy Easter. Christ is risen!




SOCIALLY-DISTANCED worshippers have been allowed to pray at Mecca shrines which were once packed with TWO MILLION Muslims before the pandemic.Last yea

Ramadan 2021: Muslims follow Covid rules as they pray at Mecca shrines once packed with TWO MILLION worshippers

In the video "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)", Lil Nas X descends to hell and literally grinds on Satan. The rapper also released custom "Satan shoes" which contain actual human blood and limited to 666 pairs.
Not sure where this mess belongs so I put it under religion?

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The Occult Meaning of Lil Nas X's

Happy Easter to ALL, including ‘radical left CRAZIES’ who ‘rigged election’: Trump, Biden share their Easter messages
Thanks Donny, we appreciate it.

Local Islamic leaders in West Yorkshire will send a letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson demanding that Britain show “respect” to Islam or face becoming “like France” following controversy over a teacher showing students a picture of Mohammed.

The imam of the Al-Hikam Institute in Bradford, Adil Shahzad warned that there may be consequences from the Muslim community if action is not taken against the teacher, who has already been suspended and forced into hiding after a local Islamic group shard his identity online.
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Muslim Leaders: UK Must Show


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