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Allodoxaphobia is the irrational fear of opinions. Someone suffering from this disorder may find it extremely difficult to cope with day to day life, whether due to actually being judged by others or merely due to their own paranoia. In some extreme cases, they may even experience full blown panic attacks that will require hospitalization.
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The radical loser
Hans Magnus Enzensberger looks at the kind of ideological trigger required to ignite the radical loser - whether amok killer, murderer or terrorist - and make him explode

Hans Magnus Enzensberger (born 11 November 1929) is a German author, poet, translator and editor. In my humble opinion he is one of the greatest living German authors, thinkers and a universal genius. Left wing polticians as well as right wings (by nature: not as often) were trying to occupy Enzensbergers intellect.
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Empathy is talked about a lot these days. Against the backdrop of a global pandemic and a divisive political climate in the United States, calls for empathy have become louder and more urgent. We encourage empathy for those inflicted with COVID-19 and those struggling with unemployment. We reminisce about the empathy of public figures who have recently passed away. Both Democrats and Republicans have highlighted their own presidential candidate's empathy and accused the other side of lacking it.
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Empathy Might Be in The Eye of The Beholder

Trump will go away and our memes will be worthless.
It's a shame about the many pictures in which he looks like sh*t.
So throw them on the market quickly before they completely lose their value.
No matter if you reject or adore him. What are we going to do without him?
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How the media has warped how we see ourselves

From a young age, we are all exposed to TV programmes, advertising, online content and books. But who are the storytellers and programme makers, and in what ways have they shaped our view of the world? Most importantly, how does it affect our identity and sense of self?
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This Psychology Today article includes findings gathered over a ten year period that attempt to explain Conservatism in general as well as Trump's success with supporters, many who are not necessarily Conservative.

It's a relatively long read, but is quite comprehensive in it's treatment.

Some of the underlying articles that this references, especially those from the 2008 era, provide an interesting neurological basis for Conservatism.

A Complete Psychological Analysis of Trump's Support

A new study has found that right-wing authoritarians – that is, people who are hostile to non-conformity – are considerably less funny than people who do not share that disposition.


“I received phone calls and emails like this I am going to read to you. Warning: it has some terrible language in it, but I'm going to read it verbatim”:

“You filthy cock suckers inverting right to being wrong...I hope Trump declares martial law sooner rather than later…to start rounding up whiny little faggots like yourself at 4:00 in the morning in windowless vans”.
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Pandemic creates ‘historic moment’ to end macho culture | Euronews

There’s not much good that’s come out of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. But at least it’s giving us new, fascinating insights about the humans.


Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist, told "therapeutic stories" in his sessions, stories that show a way out. This is one of them, I hope I translated it well.

Something much more common now is a tactic that has been used by serial abusers and malignant narcissists for a very, very long time. The term "gaslighting," though originally coined from the movie Gaslight, is based on this tactic (so was the movie, actually).

DARVO: Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender.
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For half a century, prohibition has been causing chaos and misery worldwide. Any attempt to shut down the drugs trade invariably sets off a chain of events that just makes things worse, leaving a trail of death, illness, violence, slavery, addiction, crime and inequality across the globe. The War On Drugs is a war in which everyone loses – except, in a weird kind of way, the drugs themselves.
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A group of 120 people in Germany will be given £1,080 per month and compared against a group of 1,380 people who will get nothing to see how their attitudes and behaviours change.

Germany to test universal basic income by handing people £1,080 per month

In response to President Trump's unchecked actions, the left has closed ranks and began to institute clearer standards, purity tests and ever harsher sanctioning of its members — also known as, cancel culture.

Getting tight — the psychology of cancel culture | TheHill



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