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Was Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, right about anything?
Was Freud right about anything? | Live Science
Psychology • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 5 views •  0 comments • 1 week ago

The Michigan union worker Joe Biden called “full of sh*t” and a “horse’s ass” on Tuesday says he tried to be respectful when asking Biden about his plans to take away Americans’ guns – but, Biden “just went off the deep end.”
Psychology • by Xx_Zedra • 8 views •  0 comments • 2 weeks ago

** Doctors knew about this for years.

Newborn infants cared for in incubators struggle with sleep, emotions, and stress as they grow up, according to researchers who presented their findings in Seattle.
Babies kept away from their mothers after birth may do worse in life up to 20 YEARS later
Psychology • by Middleman • 14 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

** From Sep 14, 2017

Is having high self-esteem key to happiness? That's what children are told. But is it true? Or can that advice be doing more harm than good?

Author and columnist Matt Walsh explains.
Psychology • by Middleman • 13 views •  0 comments • 1 month ago

But we’re better off believing in it anyway.
There's No Such Thing as Free Will - The Atlantic
Psychology • by ReverendBobo • 61 views •  3 comments • 2 months ago

A conservative law firm in Wisconsin asked a judge Thursday to find the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) in contempt and fine its members $2,000 a day until the commission purges more than 200,000 voters from the rolls.
Conservatives ask judge to force purge of 200,000 voters in Wisconsin | TheHill
Psychology • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 56 views •  2 comments • 2 months ago

Paranoid personality disorder is a personality disorder characterized by intense mistrust and suspicion of others.
Paranoid Personality Disorder: Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis
Psychology • by Livinareallife • 22 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

In the depths of almost every internet community lives a troll. A snarky, quick-witted adversary waiting for an opportunity to insert an offbeat remark or uninvited comment.

With 5.6% of individuals admitting that they self-identify as trolls or enjoy trolling online, it's likely that you or someone you know has had their feathers ruffled by one of these menacing online villains.
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Psychology • by ThomasinaPaine • 86 views •  3 comments • 3 months ago

Mesmerising Video Shows Waves of Spinal Fluid Washing Over The Brain During Sleep
11 NOV 2019

We are quite literally having our brains washed every night. Neuroscientists have now produced a fascinating video that shows this nocturnal pulsing process in action.

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Psychology • by ThomasinaPaine • 81 views •  1 comments • 3 months ago

Something to ponder this morning... here are Greta Thunberg and her parents, sporting the latest in Antifa fashion! Now that you have chosen...
Psychology • by Pussiecat • 31 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

Simply telling a client to let go of it—without showing them how to do it—is a conscious instruction that will only result in frustration, compounding the presenting problem. Luckily, the boundary between what’s unconscious and conscious is quite permeable. With appropriate questioning, it’s possible to elicit the unconscious process that causes the trouble, which typically has a fairly simple structure involving images, sounds, and thoughts in a particular configuration. ...
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Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 29 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

You don't need others to complete your life, you are complete alone. Learn how to love yourself and live a meaningful life.
How to Love Yourself, Even if No One Else Does
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 32 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

“No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you've come from, you can always change, become a better version of yourself” -Madonna.

In this crazy thing called life, we are thrown a number of curve balls. Many think that it is the curve balls or difficulties that affect who we are, but in fact, it is how we handle these difficulties that affect who we are.
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What it Means to Be a Better Person | Her Campus
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 40 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

In this digital age, there is a big disconnect between leaders and the people they lead. Many managers think they are doing a great job but when you ask the people they lead, it's quite the opposite.
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 37 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

Hatred is an intense feeling of dislike for another person, entity, or group. What psychological effects can hatred have on a person?
Hatred: What Is It, and How To Manage It
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 40 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

Anger is a normal, healthy response to a threat and may be used for a constructive purpose. When anger becomes uncontrollable or is unexpressed, it may lead to destructive thoughts or actions. Tips for anger management.
Controlling Anger — Before It Controls You
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 41 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago

Humans are social creatures. Many of us prefer to laugh, sing, and dance in
the presence of others (although a solo jam session is never a bad idea).
Here at NoStigmas, we value the importance of community and mental health
to improve our understanding of ourselves and others in efforts to make
Read more
Psychology • by JadeEnigma • 23 views •  0 comments • 3 months ago


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