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New research provides evidence that destructive communication patterns mediate the relationship between attachment insecurities and sexually coercive behavior. The findings, published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, suggest that dysfunctional communication plays a key role in sexual coercion victimization in long-term relationships. ...
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A study among teenage TikTok users found that those who showed addictive tendencies toward the platform performed worse when recalling number sequences. The findings, published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, further suggested that this working memory deficit was in part due to increased depression and anxiety. ...
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Poverty has been linked with changes in child brain development, and a scheme to give $333 a month to low-income families improved brain activity in a child’s first year

Brain development: Giving low-income US families $4000 a year boosts child brain activity | New Scientist

According to a neuroimaging study published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, children whose mothers are more critical toward them show reduced brain activity in response to monetary rewards and losses. The findings suggest that criticism from parents may impair the way children respond to environmental cues. ...
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Electroconvulsive therapy appears to be more effective than ketamine, according to a randomized controlled trial that examined hospitalized, severely depressed patients. But the findings, published in the International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, indicate that both treatment options are relatively safe and valuable tools for treating depression. ...
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Playfulness is associated with having a higher number of short-term and long-term relationships, according to new research published in Evolutionary Human Sciences. ...

A longitudinal study conducted during the pandemic has found evidence that people with greater psychological distress are not only more likely to get infected with COVID-19, but more likely to experience severe symptoms. The findings were published in the journal Annals of Behavioral Medicine. ...

Many people have experienced reductions in stress, pain and anxiety and sometimes even euphoria after exercise. What’s behind this so-called “runner’s high”? New research on the neuroscience of exercise may surprise you. ...

The world is an interesting place. Perceiving everything in new ways is always admirable. One such person who thought differently was Richard H. Thaler, a behavioral economist. I am a student of…

A new study investigates the effects of money-making motives on mental health.

When and How Money Buys Happiness | Psychology Today

By Matthew Warren. Study of over 100,000 people finds conspiracy beliefs are more common at both ends of political spectrum, not just the right.

People on the extreme left and right are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories – Research Digest

New research suggests that the human desire to connect and fit in with others may provide clues as to why people support unverified claims like fake news. Findings from a series of seven studies published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that collectivism was tied to greater acceptance of fake news and a tendency to find meaning in vague claims. ...
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Psychologists say this type of mindset helps you stay resilient in the face of uncertainty.

Research Finds That People With This Mindset Are Surprisingly More Successful and Less Stressed |

A series of studies published in the Journal of Research in Personality suggests that the traits of vulnerable narcissism and a negative view of the past are associated with similar personality profiles. Both concepts were associated with high neuroticism and antagonism, low self-esteem, and a negative memory bias. ...
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Republicans became less likely to perceive the 2020 election as legitimate as evidence accumulated that Joe Biden had prevailed over Donald Trump, according to new research published in PLOS One that examined cognitive dissonance surrounding Election Day. The findings shed new light on polarized perceptions of election integrity in the United States. ...
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By Emma Young. Caffeine restored vigilant attention to regular levels - but had barely any impact on another type of performance that is important for all kinds of jobs.

Coffee can't fix all the cognitive impairments caused by a bad night's sleep – Research Digest

Right-wing authoritarianism is not necessarily associated with hostility toward outgroups, according to new research published in the scientific journal Political Psychology. Instead, authoritarian individuals appear to "go with the flow" of the prevailing culture. ...

The secret to happiness may lie in doing things to make other people happy, rather than ourselves, according to a series of five studies published in the Journal of Positive Psychology. The findings suggest that doing things for others enhances well-being by fulfilling a psychological need for connection with others — even if that person is a stranger. ...
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Charisma might be one factor that differentiates so-called "successful" psychopaths from their unsuccessful counterparts, according to new research published in the Journal of Research in Personality. ...

Researchers report children with speech-language disorders or developmental language disorders have greater difficulty in regulating their emotions. The study also found the way in which parents manage their emotions has an impact on a child's ability to deal with their emotions.

Children's Ability to Manage Emotions Is Linked to That of Their Parents - Neuroscience News


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