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A large proportion of the benefit that a person gets from taking a real drug or receiving a treatment to alleviate pain is due to an individual's mindset, not to the drug itself. Understanding the neural mechanisms driving this placebo effect has been a longstanding question. A meta-analysis published in Nature Communications finds that placebo treatments to reduce pain, known as placebo analgesia, reduce pain-related activity in multiple areas of the brain.

New study gives the most detailed look yet at the neuroscience of placebo effects

During the pandemic, with people more socially isolated than ever, Japan saw a rise in suicides for the first time in 11 years in 2020.

For many males, experiencing the need for connection leaves them feeling inadequate, and unworthy of the very connection they yearn for. 

The Pandemic of Male Loneliness | Psychology Today

When it involves who is happier, people with kids or those without, most research points to the latter. But a replacement study suggests that oldsters are

Having kids makes you happier, but only when they move out - International Blog

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