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How To Shape Public Opinion - Fear, Intimidation, Distraction & Division

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They've been using this strategy for years! Its the public that never learns! Use your head and don't be a useful idiot for the establishment!...
How To Shape Public Opinion (video)

President Trump on Tuesday questioned the motives of the elderly protester who was shoved by Buffalo police officers last week and hospitalized after he hit his head in the resulting fall -- drawing severe backlash from both sides of the aisle. 

Trump's Dumb Idea #186 - Foxy News

It is abundantly clear that social-justice activists — and, increasingly, mainstream left-wing Americans — do not intend to relent in wielding the cultural power of rage mobs to erase all trace of contrary opinions.
George Floyd Protests & Free Speech: Progressives Say Silence Is Complicity | National Review

Calls to defund the police have been growing as people protest police brutality in the U.S., Canada and around the world. Author of The End of Policing, explains what defunding the police might look like.

The broadcast provides way of thinking about justice with abstract principles and skillful casuistry reminiscent of the most rationalistic varieties of liberal thought processes. It is instructive to know your opponent to combat their theocracy.
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We righteously and rightfully express our views from both sides of the coin. It saddens me how ignored the fact that we are one coin. A coin with only one side in most parts of the world has no value.

Hundreds of thousands declaring themselves in allegiance with Anarchic-communists.

Following President Trump’s promise to classify ANTIFA as a terrorist organization, hyperventilating leftists, virtue signalling celebrities and fake media mouthpieces rushed to DEFEND the group responsible for the wanton violence and destruction, because orange man is bad.
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After Trump Vows To Classify It As Terrorist Group, Leftists Defend ANTIFA –  Leftists = Terrorists  hiding in plain sight

Trump has repeatedly been asked how he can best bring Americans together. In each instance, he responded as if he didn't understand the question.

An Associated Press report over the weekend summarized the kind of conditions Americans are unaccustomed to confronting.

Over 48 hours in America, the official death toll from the coronavirus pandemic topped 100,000, the number of people who filed for unemployment during the crisis soared past 40 million, and protests erupted in major cities after the death of George Floyd. It's the kind of frenetic, fractured moment when national leaders are looked to for solutions and solace.
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Leadership Psychology  - As crises rage, Donald Trump 'was not built for times like this'

Canada will invest more than $240 million, or $170 million in U.S. dollars, toward developing virtual and mental health care amid the coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday. 
Canada pledges $170M to develop online mental health services amid coronavirus outbreak | TheHill

This is theee best vid to watch for (beginner's) information on dementia..
Dementia Care and Training Specialist Teepa Snow joins Senior Helpers to help you recognize and understand the ten early signs of dementia.
She's compassionate and informative with all sorts of examples of what dementia looks and acts like.
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In his very inimitable way "The Donny" made worse what noone could have possibly made worse at all: his blubbering on bringing light and desinfectant into humans.

The very second when you think: " this cant possibly get worse.."
the senile fragment of a human being just proves you wrong...

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A REGION in Italy has drawn up plans for tourists to use “plexiglass boxes” while relaxing on the beach to reduce the spread of coronavirus. As countries add strict measures to contain …

Beach in a Box --- At least one person might like it --- most would feel boxed in, the Age Of Covid-19 brings it's own strangeness.
Could holidaymakers be forced to sunbathe in plastic boxes after coronavirus? Plans drawn for ‘chicken coops’ on beaches – The Sun

A video of a man dancing has gone viral after viewers spotted a "terrifying" figure appear to look at him and then hide again when it sees him making a video - but not everyone is convinced.

A man who uploaded a video of himself dancing has seen the clip rack up millions of views after fans spotted a horrifying detail in the background.
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Sapphire Charlesworth, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, tried the "Oh Na Na Na challenge" with her partner but badly injured both her ankles and may need to have an operation.
Village Idiot, 27, Broke Both Ankles Trying Popular

To keep in check your own sanity watch Mister Metokur for an altered viewpoint on wtf is going on, like comical or not, I LMAO repeatedly in order to cope with this insanity, we are all vested in at this time in history.

Nothing is better than reading free kindle-versions episodes of people being stabbed to death, families in China refusing their own family, rejected to enter after being tested FREE from Corona Virus, families reject there own people, can you imagine trying to just get home in your own bed and the family tells you "NO" go away and you are taken away by force by the evil CCP? Wow is this coming to a neighborhood by you or is it already next door just not a part of the matrix you now think you are in because this is so surreal and unchecked emotions and feelings are so abundant in your daily life pools of not connecting to your spiritual self and constantly fighting against your first emotional thought, which just might be, who am I? Am I in an altered reality? What time am I in, and so on, and so forth.
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Here’s something you probably didn’t do this morning: Look in the mirror and ask, am I a jerk? It seems like a reasonable question.

Seriously needed: a foolproof self-diagnostic for this condition
Are You a Jerk?

Kids share more with those they deem worthy.

This study strikes a blow against Equality.

Young children discriminate based on merit before being brainwashed by the media/education system.
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Of course mass hysteria leads to certain people being pushed over the edge. I don’t know what anyone thought was going to happen.
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Being alone can offer a rich psychological experience. Like,
Being Alone Allows Our Brains to Recharge
Being Alone Increases Productivity
Being Alone Boosts Creativity
Being Alone Can Actually Strengthen Relationships with Others

read more to find out more.....

stay safe, wash those mitts will ya?
Being Alone: The Pros and Cons of Time Alone - PsychAlive


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