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A recently declassified government document suggests the FBI opened its most recent investigation of Paul Manafort in January 2016, two months before President Trump hired the lobbyist as a senior official in his campaign. The revelation is prompting new questions about why the bureau did not provide the GOP candidate with a defensive briefing.
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Memo suggests FBI opened Manafort probe before Trump hired lobbyist but gave no warning | Just The News

We can argue about whether or not a debate held less than two weeks before the election actually matters in terms of changing anyone’s mind, but it certainly proved to be a boost for the president’s reelection campaign in one way: It led to one of Trump’s biggest fundraising hauls of the entire year. Putting together the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, supporters gave the president his “largest digital fundraising day ever” after the final debate with Joe Biden. Clearly, either Trump’s donors saw something they really liked from the president on Thursday…or something they really hated from his opponent.
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Restore American Glory   » Trump Campaign Has Record-Breaking Fundraising Day After Final Debate

Some Alabama Ballots Have Incorrect Witness Information

Voters In Alabama’s Largest County Could Have Their Ballots Thrown Out

In the ultimate act of impotence, Democrats who know they can’t do anything to stop Amy Coney Barrett from being confirmed to the Supreme Court are boycotting the Judiciary Committee’s vote to send Barrett’s nomination to the floor on Thursday. In a statement, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said that showing up for their jobs would only give this wholly-constitutional process “legitimacy” that it doesn’t deserve.
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Dems Throw Tantrum and Boycott Vote on Amy Coney Barrett - Total Conservative News

Pelosi commits to running for Speaker if Democrats retain House | TheHill

Pelosi commits to running for Speaker if Democrats retain House | TheHill

I complete list of the Promises that have been kept by the first President since John Kennedy, that cared for the American people, and AMERICA.

resident Donald Trump swept into office nearly four years ago as a populist outsider who promised to get things done quickly on behalf of the American people through sheer force of will and unrivalled knowledge about the art of the deal.

He has checked off some items on his to-do list.

Trump pushed through the most significant overhaul of the US tax system since President Ronald Reagan. Trump, as he said he would, tilted the Supreme Court further to the right with confirmation of two conservative justices and likely a third, Amy Coney Barrett, in the coming days. His promise to get tough on illegal immigration has resulted in a surge in migrant apprehensions at the US-Mexico border.
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US election: Trump's list of broken promises after four years as president - NZ Herald

Despite their promises, the Minneapolis City Council has been unable to completely defund and abolish the police department. However, their attempts to “reimagine” policing in the wake of George Floyd’s death has still had plenty of undesired effects on the city’s safety. That’s the claim being made by a group of residents who are suing Minneapolis for failing to live up to the city’s charter in terms of properly staffing the Minneapolis Police Department.
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Lawsuit Against Minneapolis: Police “Reimagining” Has Made City Unsafe - Total Conservative News

The University of Minnesota put on a webinar series this month to help white people recover from alcohol and drugs. Oh wait, that’s not it. No, the goal was not to help whites recover from substance abuse – it was to use the tools of addiction recovery to help these white people…recover from whiteness itself.
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University Teaches 12-Step Program to “Recover From Whiteness” - Total Conservative News

This article serves the best interest of all Americans, regardless of Party Affiliation, or if Independent. If Joe Biden happens to win the Presidency, there are numerous Red Flags here, that should make everyone apprehensive about the Freedom of our country. The more China becomes involved here in the U.S., the higher threat of a take-over, and that doesn't appear to be a concern of Biden; his main objective is Wealth Building for himself & his family. These revelations should frighten us all. He is Highly Compromised, & we need to understand how devastating these ties with China can affect our daily way of life.
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Elements of and Models for a Treaty on Killer Robots

Fully autonomous weapons would usher in a new era of armed conflict, similar to the advent of air warfare or the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems or “killer robots,” these systems would select and engage targets without meaningful human control. ...
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Elements of and Models for a Treaty on Killer Robots | HRW

Joe Biden, the Democrat nominee, tried to strike a populist note on Saturday while talking to voters in Pennsylvania–only hours after calling supporters of President Donald Trump “chumps.”

Biden Strikes Populist Note After Calling Trump-Supporters 'Chumps'

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, announced her support for Amy Coney Barrett Saturday during a floor speech in the Senate, strengthening the Republican votes to confirm the judge on Monday.

Lisa Murkowski announces support for Amy Coney Barrett during rare Saturday Senate session | Fox News

The three nuns wearing purple and white habits folded their hands in prayer, held rosaries during the rally, and raised up the Bible as Trump took the stage.

The purple and white habits are worn by the Children of Mary order.

Nuns in MAGA Masks Attend Donald Trump Rally in Ohio

It’d be nice if Republicans could rely on the fact-checkers in the mainstream media to hold Democrats to account when they lie through their teeth.

But as I documented Friday, it’s simply not possible to do so because the fact-checkers like CNN’s Daniel Dale who are supposed to thoroughly review claims made by candidates and politicians from a neutral perspective simply cannot keep their liberal biases to themselves.
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