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AN actress has been jailed for 90 days in Ghana for posing nude with her son on his seventh birthday.US rap star Cardi B joined international uproa

Actress who posted naked photo with her son, 7, is JAILED for ‘domestic violence’ as Cardi B slams ‘harsh’ sentence

THE "world's most inbred family" was busted when one of the girls told a classmate her sister was pregnant but they didn't know "which of her brothers was the father

Teen daughter in ‘world’s most inbred family’ told pal: ‘My sister is pregnant & we don’t know which brother is the dad’

A FITNESS tyrant dad who made his daughter sign a lifetime contract promising to never get fat has been jailed. Rachid Khadla, who weighed her daily and removed one of her arms when she put on 2 kilos

Fitness tyrant dad who made daughter sign contract promising she would never get fat and weighed her daily is jailed

A PREGNANT mum-of-11 has revealed her huge laundry pile - and it's so big two of her KIDS are hidden under it.Britni Church, 32, is currently pregnant with her 23 rd child. Doctors will throw in a bucket on a rope instead of using forceps

Pregnant mum-of-11 shows off eye-watering washing pile - and it’s so big there are several children hidden under it

The Texas Senate voted Tuesday afternoon to pass legislation that would protect unborn babies from abortions once a heartbeat is detectable. The heartbeat bi

Texas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Abortions After Unborn Baby’s Heart Begins Beating  |

A MUM was stunned to find a stress-busting fidget toy she bought for her daughter was shaped like a penis.Leanne Dransfield, 30, paid for a mixed pack

Mum stunned to find toy bought for daughter, 10, shaped like a penis

A WOMAN who gave birth to twins aged 64 has lost custody of them after a court ruled she couldn’t look after them properly. Officials said the children were “in a clear situation of vul…

Woman who gave birth to twins aged 64 loses custody of them after a court ruled she couldn’t care for them properly

WHEN Saffron Drewitt-Barlow hears her ex talk about his sex life with his new partner, she cannot help but cringe a bit more than most. And it is not because she still has feelings for him. Her ex …

My ex dates my dad & brags about their sex life - they snog in front of me

Try to guess which child has ADHD syndrome (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Ignore the questions. They are stupid.

MOST of us have encountered a tricky mother-in-law in, but for Emily it’s a whole different ball game with her bloke’s mum setting him up on blind dates with other women. The long-suffering girlfri…

Scheming mum ambushes son with a blind date in front of his furious girlfriend

THE mum of a “naughty” schoolboy who taunted Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty in the street said she is furious with him and has taken his PlayStation away. The yob filmed himself being an idiot.
This is probably worse than the birch and fully deserved lol

Chris Whitty abuse video: Furious mum of 'naughty' boy who taunted Chief Medical Officer has taken his PlayStation away

A BOY of two is wowing the internet with his cycling stunts. Most children do not ride without stabilisers until they are six but toddler Harley Beckett’s parents have filmed his skills.
Pretty amazing skills for a 2 year old 👍

Boy, 2, wows internet with bike jumps and stunts while most toddlers are still on stabilisers


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