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Choose one face of the cube to start with. Remember, the color of the middle square represents the color of the entire side of the cube. So if the middle square is white, the entire face of the cube should eventually be white.
How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube
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EAST HAMPTON, NY—In an effort to rapidly meet the needs of those most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, New York officials announced Tuesday that they were quickly building thousands of emergency Hamptons mansions to shelter wealthy residents.
New York Quickly Builds Thousands Of Emergency Hamptons Mansions To Shelter Wealthy
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WASHINGTON—Saying there was no way the coronavirus could win with such amazing corporations on their side, President Donald Trump kicked off his plan to tackle the medical supply shortage Tuesday by awarding ExxonMobil an exclusive contract to drill for ventilators in the arctic.
Trump Tackles Medical Supply Shortage By Awarding ExxonMobil Contract To Drill For Ventilators In Arctic
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CAPE CANAVERAL, FL—Struggling to put his powerful feelings into words, local man Luke Paulsen was reportedly gazing in awe of human stupidity Monday while watching a recorded broadcast of the U.S. Space Force rocket launch.
Man Watching Space Force Rocket Launch Gazes In Awe At The Power Of Human Stupidity
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The Onion brings you all of the latest news, stories, photos, videos and more from America's finest news source.
Tips For A Successful Virtual Hangout
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PORTLAND, OR—Going out of his way to demonstrate his dedication to the company, McDaniel Software Group employee Gregory Dougenis proved his diligence by arriving at video conference calls an extra hour early every morning, sources confirmed Tuesday.
Employee Proves Diligence By Arriving To Video Conference Call Extra Hour Early Every Morning
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The Onion brings you all of the latest news, stories, photos, videos and more from America's finest news source.
Tips For Telecommuting
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All the latest local coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.
Horse Probably Only Vegetarian For Attention
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An airhead standing by the river sees another airhead on the opposite bank.

Airhead #1: "Yoo-hoo! Hello over there! How can I get to the other side of the river?"

Airhead #2: "Idiot -- you ARE on the other side."
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All the latest politics coverage from The Onion, America's finest news source.
Trump Delays Easter To July 15 To Keep Promise On Coronavirus
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Sarah dropped in on her sister Molly and found her sitting at the kitchen table, staring blankly at a half-empty cup of coffee, her three kids squabbling loudly in the other room.

"What's wrong Molly?" she asked.

Molly told her that she had morning sickness.

Surprised, Sarah said, "Hurray! I didn't even know you were pregnant!"

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