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By Philip Chrysopoulos
May 27, 2021

Hunting for truffles in Greece has been a trend for over 15 years now, as more and more Greeks seek out the delicious underground mushroom for themselves.

Other than being some of the most delicious, truffles are also among the most expensive products in the international market. They are a rare commodity but can be found in relative abundance in Greece.
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Engineers at Browning and Winchester teamed up to create a cartridge that offers magnum performance with a modern high-BC projectile, yet is chambered in a short-action rifle for shorter bolt throw and less weight. The 6.8 Western was designed to be the ultimate long-range cartridge that is capable in any big-game hunting scenario as well as long-range target shooting.

American Hunter | New Cartridge for 2021: 6.8 Western

ROD Stewart chartered seven shipping containers to bring his model train set across the pond.The Sailing singer, 76, spent a fortune on carefully movi

Rod Stewart charters seven shipping containers to bring his model train set back home to Britain

A MUM has finally fulfilled her childhood wishlist — and now owns all the toys she ever circled in the Argos catalogue. Fiona Barnes, 41, has a complete collection of My Little Ponies.
There was a my little pony convention at a hotel I was staying in once. Women walking round in romper suits with tails on .
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Mum spends 13 years and £1,000 buying all the toys from her childhood Argos catalogue wishlist

Some people never grow up. And maybe they shouldn't.

Multitalented designer Fei Liu creates dazzling high jewelry pieces that are valued at over U.S.$1,500,000 as well as diverse fine jewelry collections in 18-karat gold and sterling silver.

Artistic Jewels

ACTION Man fans have been told to run their eagle eyes over lofts and cupboards because the now rare vintage toys are worth up to £900. Pristine, boxed examples are selling for hundreds of times their original value.
I had an empty box one xmas. My Mom said it was an action man deserter

Action Man fans could be sitting on rare vintage toys worth up to £900

I like cataloguing my CD collection based on the height of the lead singer.

Security envelope collector and telegraph pole enthusiast star in this year's Dull Men's Club calendar

Three brothers with a passion for magnet fishing have hauled out deadly catches – a gun each.

Reece Nixon, 14, was the first to come across a weapon when he found a World War One machine gun at the bottom of a canal.

That find a year ago was followed by a handgun fished out by younger brother Riley, five.
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Magnet Fishing Trips by Three Brothers, Aged Fourteen, Five, and Four, Turned up Guns in Canal


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