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The New York Times’s 1619 Project and some of its critics fall prey to the same error in seeking to explain our nation’s history.
New York Times 1619 Project: No One Year Unlocks Meaning of America | National Review

A group of young descendants of Frederick Douglass gathered to read the abolitionist author’s famed speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”
Descendants of Frederick Douglass read his Fourth of July speech on slavery amid nationwide protests | TheHill

James Weldon Johnson was an American civil rights activist, school principal and writer.

According to Grand Ole Partisan, in 1900, he wrote the poem Lift Every Voice and Sing to honor Republican activist Booker T. Washington when the civil rights leader visited his school.

His brother set the words to music, resulting in what became known as the ‘Negro National Anthem’.
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Canada's $20 view
For Canada Day, we're looking at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. And if you're thinking that this amazing view is worth more than $20, you're right. But this priceless scene was once featured on Canada's $20 bill, hence the nickname. Canada Day, celebrated on July 1, commemorates the date in 1867 when Canada was recognized as a self-governing country under the British Empire. It's not exactly Canadian Independence Day—it marks the passing of the Constitution Act of 1867, which was the first major step toward Canada's sovereignty.

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Britain should acknowledge that millions were complicit in the crimes of empire, just as Germans like my grandfather enabled nazism, writes author Géraldine Schwarz
Germans know that toppling a few statues isn't enough to confront the past | Géraldine Schwarz | Opinion | The Guardian

In the aftermath of a vicious hand-to-hand fight in a contested area of the Himalayas, India claims at least 20 of its soldiers died at the hands of the People's Liberation Army
Soldiers 'killed with nail-studded clubs then mutilated by Chinese', India claims - Daily Star

What’s happening now in Seattle happened 150 yrs ago in Paris. They called themselves “Communtards” — idiocracy is nothing new. It ended in tears

Today, we remember and honor the brave soldiers, sailors, and airmen whose selfless sacrifices on June 6, 1944, secured freedom for decades to come.

Today is June 4, the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. On the Chinese mainland, it has become ever riskier and more difficult to memorialize the day, however quietly or subtly, under Xi Jinping’s harsh rule. For the first time in three decades, Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, site of a massive Tiananmen vigil that offered a vivid annual reminder of the city’s autonomy from Beijing, was off limits, on police orders. ...
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'American Carnage' Now Playing in China - POLITICO

A woman in Reno, Nevada, got an unexpected delivery recently after a piece of American history went missing on Saturday.
Anonymous Person Returns Historic American Flag Taken During Riots

Maize is a staple crop across much of the Americas, and new research suggests it's been that way for at least 4,700 years.

Reconstructing the diets of early human populations in tropical regions like Central America has proven quite difficult, but scientists recently discovered a burial site in present-day Belize that has been continuously used for over 10,000 years.
Ancient burial site in Belize reveals when people started eating maize

In archaeology, there are few watershed moments, when a technological breakthrough changes everything. But the invention of radiocarbon dating in the 1940s brought one such revolution, by providing a consistent, worldwide system for placing archaeological material in chronological order. A more-recent transformative innovation is the airborne application of a remote-sensing technique called light detection and ranging (lidar) to create a model (also known as a digital-elevation model) of the bare-surface terrain that is hidden by trees in forested areas1. Lidar is changing archaeological study of the ancient Maya in Mexico and Central America. It is increasing the speed and scale of discovery, and reshaping our understanding of the antiquity of monumental-scale landscape alteration. Writing in Nature, Inomata et al.2 provide a prime example of this in their study of the region of Tabasco in Mexico that borders the Usumacinta River.
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Large-scale early Maya sites in Mexico revealed by lidar mapping technology

The sitter for Portrait of a Woman has finally been identified as Mary Boleyn, King Henry VIII's mistress, after hundreds of years. It has been reunited with an original set of 14 paintings owned by Queen Anne.
Mystery Woman in Portrait Identified after 300 Years as King Henry VIII's Mistress Mary Boleyn

When President Trump announced plans to create a new military service for space in 2018, it took many by surprise. But the idea of creating a Space Force had been simmering behind the scenes for decades. This short documentary looks at the history of the Space Force debate and how it became a top priority for the Trump administration and some members of Congress.

Six-year-old Imri Elya was hiking in southern Israel with his family when something caught his eye: a small, 1.1-inch by 1.1-inch clay tablet. He picked it up and realized—to his surprise—that the small artifact had two figures engraved on its surface. After submitting the object to government for study, the first grade student and his parents were thrilled to learn that the tablet was likely made by a Canaanite in the Late Bronze Age—making this an exceptionally rare find, Amanda Borschel-Dan reports for the Times of Israel.
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Six-Year-Old Boy Discovered Rare Canaanite Tablet


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