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Archaeologists announced the discovery of a 3,500-year-old "lost golden city" that was built by King Tutankhamun's grandfather and may be the most significant find since the boy-pharaoh's lavish tomb was unearthed nearly a century ago.

The ancient pharaonic city, known as Aten, was constructed by King Amenhotep III, who ruled around 1390 BC, and was later used by King Tutankhamun.
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Egypt's 3,500-year-old


On the rebirth of the Olympic Games
Today marks the 125th anniversary of the first modern Olympic Games, held in Athens in 1896—1,500 years after they were banned by the Roman emperor. (The original games were held at least as far back as 776 BCE and probably earlier.) The 1896 Games were held in the Panathenaic Stadium, in the shadow of the Acropolis of Athens, shown here. Those newly revived games of 1896 included athletes from 14 countries, with the largest delegations from Greece, Germany, France, and Great Britain. The 43 events included a marathon, tennis, cycling, fencing, shooting, Greco-Roman wrestling, and swimming. And while some things haven't changed over the years, some were pretty different back then. Swimmers were taken out to sea by boat for the longer races and had to swim back to shore. Winners were given a silver medal (copper for second place), as well as an olive branch and a diploma.

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Visitors to London are often delighted to see the iconic Queens Guard standing motionless in their red coats in front of Buckingham Palace. While these guard...

This is Why You Never Mess With a Royal Guard...

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All Screwed Up | Visual Tribute (Official Version) - YouTube

To all Greek residents in here, I wish you happy Feast of Annunciation and happy Independence Day!


Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, was first gifted the land at Bogensee, near Berlin, for his birthday in 1936 and spent fortunes building a mansion

Nazi sex mansion set to be turned into artist commune with living space for immigrants - World News - Mirror Online

Culture-war obsessives believe it’s their responsibility to protect foolish people from themselves. What happened to individual freedom?

Cancel Culture’s Condescension Problem | National Review

Tulsa, Oklahoma. 1921. A wave of racial violence destroys an affluent African-American community, seen as a threat to white-dominated American capitalism.

The Devastation of Black Wall Street | JSTOR Daily

Imported from Mediterranean ports, the marvelous pack animals served to great acclaim in the military.

The U.S. Army's Remarkable Camel Corps of the 1850s | JSTOR Daily

A talented sculptor gave badly wounded World War I soldiers a second chance — by giving them a new face. Recently unearthed footage of Anna Coleman Ladd’s work shows her incredible impact after relocating to France in 1917.

Priya Gopal – the Marxist professor claiming Sir Winston Churchill was a “racist” – has previously attacked white people, claiming “white lives don’t matter” and calling for an “abolition” of “whiteness.”

Academic Blasting Churchill Over Racial Views Tweeted

Incredible images from new book, The Wild West in Color: A Photographic Account of our Nation's Westward Expansion by John C. Guntzelman, add colour to previously black and white shots from America's Wild West

Fascinating images of Wild West have been colourised for first time in new book - Mirror Online

Lodestar_6656_Capture y

When a white, liberal, anti-law enforcement, anti-propriety neo-Leninist who eschews modernity tells you that all white people are racists, we should believe him, because he's speaking specifically of his kind … and who knows their kind better than well, their kind? Which brings me to Black History Month.
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Black History Month: A 28-day celebration of lies

Cambridge has proclaimed that it will defend the seemingly indefensible, after one of its professors stated that ‘white lives’ aren’t valuable. Is this the same uni that ‘canceled’ Dr Jordan Peterson, Twitter has asked?


Selective outrage? Cambridge University lectures Twitter about academic freedom, after professor says ‘white lives don’t matter’ — RT UK News

Winston Churchill was a white supremacist leading an empire “worse than the Nazis”, according to an academic panel at a Cambridge college named in his honour.

The former Prime Minister was immersed in a “white supremacist philosophy” of which he was the “perfect embodiment”, according to panellists discussing his legacy at a Churchill College event.
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Churchill College panel claims wartime PM was a white supremacist leading an empire 'worse than the Nazis'


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