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#GivingTuesday is devoted to aiding organizations that work for truth and justice. That’s why there is no more fitting recipient of your tax-deductible donation today than the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), America’s foremost human rights activist group. AFDI is groundbreaking and unique among human rights organizations. ...
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On Giving Tuesday, America’s Foremost Defender of Human Rights Needs Your Help
HelpSupport • by Ajak • 16 views •  1 comments • 1 week ago

Dear Members,

Over the past couple of days, since Active Moderation commenced, we have been penalizing the use of inappropriate language, as prescribed in the ToS. It has come to my attention that an increasing number of users is regularly using profanity in expressing their opinions.

In English more and more words which used to be considered inappropriate are being downgraded to slang as they are losing their capacity to shock in everyday discourse. That would certainly apply in regards to the definition of Obscenity which is "any utterance or act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time"
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 326 views •  23 comments • 1 week ago

Dear Members,

The events of the last few hours have highlighted the fact that the Grace Period is not something you are either interested in or even desire. Some of you have been testing the limits of the new policy, hiding behind my commitment to provide for a period of non-punitive measures. The aforementioned behavior endangers the functioning of the site.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 505 views •  29 comments • 1 week ago

First of all, the chat is NOT perfect, it uses 2 connections:

1. Real time socket connection (faster messages delivery, typing notifications)
2. Ajax connection - saving to database, fetching from database.

Sometimes messages may disappear. Reasons:
1. Ajax connection updated the chat log with older messages and replaced messages being posted by socket connection.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 47 views •  1 comments • 1 week ago

Because of the blocking function and its use, members HAVE BEEN/ARE given license to post "inappropriate comments/items" regarding their BLOCKEE or even possible criminal material, as we have been witness to recently.

The blockee may hear about the comment via a concerned member BUT can only see the comment by logging out and can only reported the comment in this manner.
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HelpSupport • by just_box • 20 views •  0 comments • 1 week ago

Dear Members,

I have already received 30+ spam reports in a manner of just a few hours. Normally, this would have only accounted to a slow Friday but the persistence in lodging these complaints anonymously, warrants further clarification to the appropriate use of the reporting function.

Each of you has specifically and explicitly agreed to the Terms of Service governing this site. Within these terms you have accepted certain obligations and at the same time you are granted specific rights. An unregistered user has not been made subject to the Terms of Service simply because that user has not registered. Therefore, it follows that if an unregistered user is not bound by any user obligations, the specific rights granted to a registered user do not apply to him either. Therefore there can be no obligation by the Administration to follow up on unsolicited reports of conduct.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 223 views •  10 comments • 1 week ago

Dear Members,

It has become abundantly clear over these past few months, that the online conduct of the Members requires supervision. To that effect, it has been decided by the Administration that a more active approach in relation to the adherence to the Terms of Service of AnySubj, is required.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 1339 views •  72 comments • 1 week ago

Posting pictures of minors is illegal. The person who posts/distributes is liable to prosecution and up to 10 years in prison.

You have been warned

HelpSupport • by just_box • 96 views •  5 comments • 2 weeks ago

I have plans of creating 'follow user' system. But what exactly to follow? User's posts in communities? Or wall posts? Or both? Posts will be visible in your feed (Home page)
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 25 views •  2 comments • 2 weeks ago

I'm not getting popup notices.
HelpSupport • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 28 views •  1 comments • 3 weeks ago

It seems that the number does not appear when you have unread messages in your inbox.

I would suggest you check by clicking on "Inbox" in case someone has left you a vast amount of money in their last will and testament.

HelpSupport • by just_box • 49 views •  1 comments • 4 weeks ago

Since the total earnings of two sites is less than the salary of a home cleaning lady in the USA, please be patient, nothing comes for free.

Anysubj is still a new project, wee need time and efforts to make it popular. Hope together we can do it.

P.S. We don't even have ads here.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 460 views •  63 comments • 1 month ago

Please go to this url and Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

Insert into URL current web address:

Somebody has reported us. We need as many false report submissions as possible.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 900 views •  56 comments • 1 month ago

I have a few suggestions regarding the above, using the corresponding number.

1. If someone blocks me and I cannot enter into their thread then ...

a. I SHOULD NOT see the thread listed on the HOME PAGE.
b. I SHOULD NOT see who has put the latest comment on that thread.

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HelpSupport • by just_box • 286 views •  22 comments • 1 month ago

I come to call your attention to a problem I am experiencing with the current set up of BLOCKING, not only on this site but also on TwoMovies.

Thomasina and Mandale both touched on the topic in the thread from the moderator’s “Proactive Solutions” thread … but there are many pies, and not enough fingers to control us roustabouts.
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HelpSupport • by just_box • 236 views •  19 comments • 1 month ago

Some benefits of posting one meme (or a set of connected memes) in one single post:

1. You can earn more points because people upvote your posts.

2. With providing a correct post title the post can be found using site's search and will be indexed in search engines like Google or Bing. More exposure = more attention to your post.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 168 views •  10 comments • 1 month ago

This post is to address name calling, bullying and baiting. There is a lot of it going on and it's time to stop. This includes making ugly memes targeting other members. It also includes spamming posts with memes that have nothing to do with the post's content, in order to bait other members.

You have a right to express your opinion on all subjects here. Please keep it at that and do not attack each other personally.
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HelpSupport • by delamitri • 569 views •  25 comments • 1 month ago

This has occurred a couple of times before, and at least once I was logged out immediately.


Who has that kind of tekkie skill or power?
HelpSupport • by ThomasinaPaine • 112 views •  10 comments • 1 month ago


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