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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 99 views •  4 comments • 1 week ago

1. Read every single post, comment and seek for rules violation. Then warn or ban users. In short - be visible.
2. Just wait once user sends a report and then react on this (ban, warn). Let users resolve their conflicts on their own. In short - be invisible.

Please tell us. Your opinion 1 or 2.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 737 views •  98 comments • 2 weeks ago

Perhaps the time has come for the FAKE NEWS CORRECTION community ?

A place where readers could compare the REAL with the FAKE that was previously posted here.

And would it be possible to deduct the points so this type of behaviour is not rewarded for posting the material in the first place and with the usual sycophantic upvotes?
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HelpSupport • by just_box • 139 views •  12 comments • 2 weeks ago

How do you see the future of this site?

1. Anonymity of your private data
2. More unique and interesting content.
3. More (or less) freedom of speech.
4. Your ideas.

Feel free to post here (or PM me privately) your ideas.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 323 views •  14 comments • 3 weeks ago

Dear Members

I regret to inform you that there are a number of Members that repeatedly and intentionally violate the rules, a behavioral pattern largely attributed to a false sense of bravado and a misguided need to publicly demonstrate their defiance to the same rules they explicitly agreed to comply with. A disturbing trend is the intentional provocation of a Moderator response to elicit an upvote surge and participation to the flagged thread. Clearly the infraction scale is not a sufficient deterrent for some.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 509 views •  37 comments • 3 weeks ago

system glitch or whatever that for unknown reasons automatically deletes or modifies the Title of the post until it makes no sense when you go into edit mode--this one is a prime example--- needs to be fixed, please.
HelpSupport • by ThomasinaPaine • 38 views •  2 comments • 1 month ago

This appears to be apparent bug unsolvable without admin help: both member are unable to "Friend Add" each other because both profile pages are showing 'Request Sent' in lieu of the "Add Friend" button. Surmise User A sent User B a "Friend Add" request which subsequently User B deleted without accepting. Later User B sent "Friend Add" request to User A who was unable to access "Add Friend" button.
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HelpSupport • by Paladin* • 66 views •  6 comments • 1 month ago

More and more people are visiting the site now.

Thanks to all our members who post interesting and unique content. smiley

Hope this site will have 1000+ users online in 2021. Let's rock. smiley
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 41 views •  1 comments • 1 month ago

For those who re-post English news. It would be really great for the site if you write a couple of sentences by yourself... when posting news. It's an unique content. More chances that the post will appear in search engines and search engines (Google, Bing etc) LOVE unique and interesting texts.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 280 views •  8 comments • 2 months ago

How posts are selected from times past for display as "Similar posts" on below "Top Posts of the Day" seem to be really random but decidedly rightwing overall.and "BEST posts" displayed on Two Movies don't seem to follow a consistent pattern either.

I scanned the upvotes and comments on the alleged 'Top posts of the Day' and then scrolled through a sampling of other "New" posts.
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HelpSupport • by ThomasinaPaine • 112 views •  4 comments • 3 months ago

Dear Members,

Over the past couple of days, since Active Moderation commenced, we have been penalizing the use of inappropriate language, as prescribed in the ToS. It has come to my attention that an increasing number of users is regularly using profanity in expressing their opinions.

In English more and more words which used to be considered inappropriate are being downgraded to slang as they are losing their capacity to shock in everyday discourse. That would certainly apply in regards to the definition of Obscenity which is "any utterance or act that strongly offends the prevalent morality of the time"
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 496 views •  23 comments • 4 months ago

Dear Members,

The events of the last few hours have highlighted the fact that the Grace Period is not something you are either interested in or even desire. Some of you have been testing the limits of the new policy, hiding behind my commitment to provide for a period of non-punitive measures. The aforementioned behavior endangers the functioning of the site.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 616 views •  29 comments • 4 months ago

HelpSupport • by just_box • 118 views •  7 comments • 4 months ago

First of all, the chat is NOT perfect, it uses 2 connections:

1. Real time socket connection (faster messages delivery, typing notifications)
2. Ajax connection - saving to database, fetching from database.

Sometimes messages may disappear. Reasons:
1. Ajax connection updated the chat log with older messages and replaced messages being posted by socket connection.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 69 views •  1 comments • 4 months ago

Because of the blocking function and its use, members HAVE BEEN/ARE given license to post "inappropriate comments/items" regarding their BLOCKEE or even possible criminal material, as we have been witness to recently.

The blockee may hear about the comment via a concerned member BUT can only see the comment by logging out and can only reported the comment in this manner.
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HelpSupport • by just_box • 49 views •  0 comments • 4 months ago

Dear Members,

I have already received 30+ spam reports in a manner of just a few hours. Normally, this would have only accounted to a slow Friday but the persistence in lodging these complaints anonymously, warrants further clarification to the appropriate use of the reporting function.

Each of you has specifically and explicitly agreed to the Terms of Service governing this site. Within these terms you have accepted certain obligations and at the same time you are granted specific rights. An unregistered user has not been made subject to the Terms of Service simply because that user has not registered. Therefore, it follows that if an unregistered user is not bound by any user obligations, the specific rights granted to a registered user do not apply to him either. Therefore there can be no obligation by the Administration to follow up on unsolicited reports of conduct.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 300 views •  10 comments • 4 months ago

Dear Members,

It has become abundantly clear over these past few months, that the online conduct of the Members requires supervision. To that effect, it has been decided by the Administration that a more active approach in relation to the adherence to the Terms of Service of AnySubj, is required.
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HelpSupport • by JudgeDredd • 6940 views •  226 comments • 4 months ago

Posting pictures of minors is illegal. The person who posts/distributes is liable to prosecution and up to 10 years in prison.

You have been warned

HelpSupport • by just_box • 167 views •  5 comments • 4 months ago

I have plans of creating 'follow user' system. But what exactly to follow? User's posts in communities? Or wall posts? Or both? Posts will be visible in your feed (Home page)
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 58 views •  2 comments • 4 months ago

I'm not getting popup notices.
HelpSupport • by FemaleLotRfan83 • 48 views •  1 comments • 4 months ago


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