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The city is the first to experience a local lockdown as officials try to curb its coronavirus cases.
Coronavirus: What are Leicester's new lockdown restrictions? - BBC News

Is it possible to upload a video?

Dear Members,

Over these past few months, you have advocated against active enforcement of the rules and promoted your sense of self responsibility in your communications and interactions with each other. You wanted freedom from your perceived oppression of the rules, citing your adulthood status and your ability to convey your thoughts and opinions in a civilized manner. As per your wishes and as an experiment from the Administration, your freedom was granted and minimal supervision was implemented. In the period of this minimal supervision however, you have managed to transform your playground into a toxic landfill. Incidents of discrimination, defamation, stalking, bullying, abuse, harassment, threats, intimidation, racism, sexism, hate speech and violence, have become the norm rather than the exception.
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Now and then my eye is drawn to the section on the home page "Best comments of the day", and to be honest, I have no idea how these are chosen.

But I have a sneeking suspicion that it may be connected to the upvoting system.

Which is all well and good, if that what the members want to know. And if that is the case then "Best comments of the day" may be a bit of a misnomer.
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Due to one nasty but stupid spammer I decided to allow posting for users only with confirmed emails.

It may be temporary.

You may confirm your email in your settings.

For those who doesn't receive a confirmation email, change your email to Gmail. Gmail works fine.

The amount of points I have haven't changed and I've posted a lot.

I'm getting malicious site page banners flashing on me - are the Russkies doing something under the covers on the server - never got them before from norton...

Maybe this data will help you with creating better posts.

Long-term interests:

1. Telecom: Satellite and cable TV
2. Entertainment and recreation: Games, Movies, Music
3. Vacation and travel: Tickets, Hotels, Vacations in Europe
4. Sports: Cycling, Football
5. Transport: Auto

And then clothing and health and beauty.
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Do you support idea of adding 1 point for each comment upvote, and remove 1 point for each downvote?

This causes several problems:

1. Votes spam/bullying
2. One bad comment may kill all your points in one day.
3. We count votes below zero, we just don't display negative numbers.

Hope you understand the problem.

Conspiracy theories community - are you interested in such community?


What is the best place for communities you follow?

1. Sidebar
2. Instead of all communities list on home page
3. A switch on home page: my communities/all communities

Your idea?

Thinking of adding post preview button. What do you think about it? Upvote if you really need it.

1. Read every single post, comment and seek for rules violation. Then warn or ban users. In short - be visible.
2. Just wait once user sends a report and then react on this (ban, warn). Let users resolve their conflicts on their own. In short - be invisible.

Please tell us. Your opinion 1 or 2.
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Perhaps the time has come for the FAKE NEWS CORRECTION community ?

A place where readers could compare the REAL with the FAKE that was previously posted here.

And would it be possible to deduct the points so this type of behaviour is not rewarded for posting the material in the first place and with the usual sycophantic upvotes?
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How do you see the future of this site?

1. Anonymity of your private data
2. More unique and interesting content.
3. More (or less) freedom of speech.
4. Your ideas.

Feel free to post here (or PM me privately) your ideas.

Dear Members

I regret to inform you that there are a number of Members that repeatedly and intentionally violate the rules, a behavioral pattern largely attributed to a false sense of bravado and a misguided need to publicly demonstrate their defiance to the same rules they explicitly agreed to comply with. A disturbing trend is the intentional provocation of a Moderator response to elicit an upvote surge and participation to the flagged thread. Clearly the infraction scale is not a sufficient deterrent for some.
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system glitch or whatever that for unknown reasons automatically deletes or modifies the Title of the post until it makes no sense when you go into edit mode--this one is a prime example--- needs to be fixed, please.

This appears to be apparent bug unsolvable without admin help: both member are unable to "Friend Add" each other because both profile pages are showing 'Request Sent' in lieu of the "Add Friend" button. Surmise User A sent User B a "Friend Add" request which subsequently User B deleted without accepting. Later User B sent "Friend Add" request to User A who was unable to access "Add Friend" button.
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More and more people are visiting the site now.

Thanks to all our members who post interesting and unique content. smiley

Hope this site will have 1000+ users online in 2021. Let's rock. smiley

For those who re-post English news. It would be really great for the site if you write a couple of sentences by yourself... when posting news. It's an unique content. More chances that the post will appear in search engines and search engines (Google, Bing etc) LOVE unique and interesting texts.
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