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How do I remove my post and this account without leaving

What do you think about replacing our smileys with some more modern pack?

Is it possible to have a political conversation without hate speech, bigotry and personal attacks? Or hate speech is ok in political topics?

We're banning ANY political topics until October 2020. Please avoid posting politics until that date.

This is just for testing purposes. We want to see if this can improve users behavior on the site.


Our mods will slap you really hard for this. Thank you.

Which one you're currently using and why?

Somewhere in a certain country, an undetermined number of individuals carried out some actions that allegedly had an effect on some other individuals and could potentially have significant implications for the whole community.
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I believe the main problem of this site that members just drop some news with copied content. Actually this is a really bad thing for a site and it may be penalized by search engines like Google.

So when reposting it is much better to drop some original description.

Thank you smiley

Suggestion for anysubj layout

What about a 'condensed' listing as an option.

This would just show the community, title, date and time posted.
An optional second line could show the number of votes, number of comments and poster.

When the title is clicked/tapped the article would open in a new window, expand inline, or another reading pane.
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And maybe crime too. Would it be nice to have such button? What do you think? The button will hide politics from your feed.

Dear Members,

Following a number of reports on abusive practices in regards to the upvote function, we are examining the possibility of a revision to the current system of point attribution.

To be more specific, the point system was designed and implemented so Members can indicate agreement with posts and comments, without having to create a comment to express such an agreement. Lately though, it has been observed that the functionality and original purpose of the system has been altered to artificially inflate the popularity of posts/comments/users. This practice could possibly lead to Voting Wars.
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Is it possible to upload a video?

Dear Members,

Over these past few months, you have advocated against active enforcement of the rules and promoted your sense of self responsibility in your communications and interactions with each other. You wanted freedom from your perceived oppression of the rules, citing your adulthood status and your ability to convey your thoughts and opinions in a civilized manner. As per your wishes and as an experiment from the Administration, your freedom was granted and minimal supervision was implemented. In the period of this minimal supervision however, you have managed to transform your playground into a toxic landfill. Incidents of discrimination, defamation, stalking, bullying, abuse, harassment, threats, intimidation, racism, sexism, hate speech and violence, have become the norm rather than the exception.
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Now and then my eye is drawn to the section on the home page "Best comments of the day", and to be honest, I have no idea how these are chosen.

But I have a sneeking suspicion that it may be connected to the upvoting system.

Which is all well and good, if that what the members want to know. And if that is the case then "Best comments of the day" may be a bit of a misnomer.
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Due to one nasty but stupid spammer I decided to allow posting for users only with confirmed emails.

It may be temporary.

You may confirm your email in your settings.

For those who doesn't receive a confirmation email, change your email to Gmail. Gmail works fine.

The amount of points I have haven't changed and I've posted a lot.

I'm getting malicious site page banners flashing on me - are the Russkies doing something under the covers on the server - never got them before from norton...

Maybe this data will help you with creating better posts.

Long-term interests:

1. Telecom: Satellite and cable TV
2. Entertainment and recreation: Games, Movies, Music
3. Vacation and travel: Tickets, Hotels, Vacations in Europe
4. Sports: Cycling, Football
5. Transport: Auto

And then clothing and health and beauty.
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Do you support idea of adding 1 point for each comment upvote, and remove 1 point for each downvote?

This causes several problems:

1. Votes spam/bullying
2. One bad comment may kill all your points in one day.
3. We count votes below zero, we just don't display negative numbers.

Hope you understand the problem.


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