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This is appearing in Spain on ...

HelpSupport • by BOX • 107 views •  4 comments • 1 day ago

It seems that the number does not appear when you have unread messages in your inbox.

I would suggest you check by clicking on "Inbox" in case someone has left you a vast amount of money in their last will and testament.

HelpSupport • by BOX • 37 views •  1 comments • 2 days ago

Since the total earnings of two sites is less than the salary of a home cleaning lady in the USA, please be patient, nothing comes for free.

Anysubj is still a new project, wee need time and efforts to make it popular. Hope together we can do it.

P.S. We don't even have ads here.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 417 views •  58 comments • 4 days ago

Please go to this url and Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

Insert into URL current web address:

Somebody has reported us. We need as many false report submissions as possible.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 836 views •  56 comments • 1 week ago

I have a few suggestions regarding the above, using the corresponding number.

1. If someone blocks me and I cannot enter into their thread then ...

a. I SHOULD NOT see the thread listed on the HOME PAGE.
b. I SHOULD NOT see who has put the latest comment on that thread.

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HelpSupport • by BOX • 269 views •  22 comments • 1 week ago

I come to call your attention to a problem I am experiencing with the current set up of BLOCKING, not only on this site but also on TwoMovies.

Thomasina and Mandale both touched on the topic in the thread from the moderator’s “Proactive Solutions” thread … but there are many pies, and not enough fingers to control us roustabouts.
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HelpSupport • by BOX • 194 views •  18 comments • 1 week ago

Some benefits of posting one meme (or a set of connected memes) in one single post:

1. You can earn more points because people upvote your posts.

2. With providing a correct post title the post can be found using site's search and will be indexed in search engines like Google or Bing. More exposure = more attention to your post.
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HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 157 views •  10 comments • 2 weeks ago

This post is to address name calling, bullying and baiting. There is a lot of it going on and it's time to stop. This includes making ugly memes targeting other members. It also includes spamming posts with memes that have nothing to do with the post's content, in order to bait other members.

You have a right to express your opinion on all subjects here. Please keep it at that and do not attack each other personally.
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HelpSupport • by delamitri • 527 views •  25 comments • 2 weeks ago

This has occurred a couple of times before, and at least once I was logged out immediately.


Who has that kind of tekkie skill or power?
HelpSupport • by ThomasinaPaine • 103 views •  10 comments • 4 weeks ago

Just for a bit of fun, why not give say 0.1 points for each comment?
(But there is some good commenters on here)
HelpSupport • by PureVodka🍺 • 91 views •  11 comments • 1 month ago

It came to my attention over the past couple of weeks, that the DownVote button allows for memory storage below zero. When I press the UpVote button to like a comment that indicates zero likes on controversial comments, my vote isnt registered as a +1. I only get an indication stating that I "voted" without getting the result of my vote.
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HelpSupport • by Mandale • 50 views •  2 comments • 1 month ago

anybody else experiencing outages (failure to connect)?
HelpSupport • by Paladin* • 106 views •  9 comments • 1 month ago

1. How often do you use this feature?
2. Is it convenient enough?
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 152 views •  8 comments • 1 month ago

Please help! No matter what I try to help, this member it always redirects to anysubj and not to the TM account.

I have sent you a personal message on this user so you can see it for yourself. Thank you very much for your time.
HelpSupport • by Ravenousbird • 39 views •  2 comments • 1 month ago

I received the message :

So let's say....
I want to block all the feed posts classified under Politics
-can that be done?

Just start joining communities you like.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 943 views •  146 comments • 2 months ago

Please suggest new communities.

Name, description and rules if we need them.

Movie trailers only.
Rules: no piracy, trailers only. One post - one trailer.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 81 views •  9 comments • 2 months ago

Soon every community will have their own rules. We need them to keep the place organized.

You can't be banned for community rules violation. Maximum - your posts will be deleted.

Ban is only for TOS violation.
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 195 views •  10 comments • 2 months ago

What layout do you prefer?

1. Showing full posts with images (current default)

2. Showing snippets (old layout)

Thank you

P.S. Use view switch button to change settings
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 386 views •  28 comments • 2 months ago

What do you prefer?

1. Simple pagination (like we're currently using) prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 next
2. Load more button or auto loading new content when you scroll down? (like facebook)

Please share your thoughts. smiley
HelpSupport • by Dr.Evil • 112 views •  8 comments • 2 months ago

. I'm not getting any points for posts or replies. At first I thought maybe the month ticked over anew, but then saw all my previous points were also erased...

HelpSupport • by 1o1o1 • 227 views •  32 comments • 2 months ago


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