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While still performing worse than other Nordic countries on data from Eurostat, the official European Union statistics agency, and the University of Oxford, shows that Sweden recorded 7.9% excess deaths last year compared to the years 2016-19, according to the independent health news site Dagens Medicin.
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"There's enough immunity in the population that you're not going to see a true fourth wave of infection," former FDA Commissioner Dr Scott Gottlieb, told CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday.

Former FDA Commissioner Said the US Is NOT in the Fourth Wave of Covid

The Dutch government said Friday it is temporarily halting AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccinations for people under 60 following reports of very small number of people suffering unusual blood clots after receiving the shot.

The Dutch decision comes three days after authorities in Germany also stopped using the AstraZeneca’s vaccine in the under-60s, citing fresh concerns over unusual blood clots reported in a tiny number of those who received the shots.

Dutch temporarily halt AstraZeneca shots for under-60s

THIS is the horror moment a topless woman is flattened by a police horse after an April Fool’s Day ‘fake music festival’ prank went horribly wro

Shocking moment topless woman is mowed down by police horse as Belgian cops storm ‘fake festival’

FORMER Emmy winner turned hoarder Evelyn Sakash was found in her New York City home mummified under piles of garbage.Police went to the 66-year-old fi

Emmy winner-turned-hoarder Evelyn Sakash, 66, found mummified under huge pile of garbage in her NYC kitchen

Officials in Canada are racing to find the cause of a mysterious brain disease that has afflicted more than 40 people in the New Brunswick province, according to news reports.

Symptoms of the mystery illness resemble those of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), a rare and fatal brain disorder; and include memory loss, hallucinations and muscle atrophy, according to The Guardian.
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Mysterious Brain Disease

Richard Terrell, 74, of Goochland began suffering strange symptoms four days after receiving the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine, news station WRIC reported.

Man's skin 'peeled off' in reaction to Johnson & Johnson COVID shot

BOOZING can slash the risk of developing cataracts by up to a quarter, research reveals.Around a third of Brits aged 65 and over are affected by the e

Drinking MORE booze could protect your eyesight, scientists discover

Social distancing will no longer be a determining factor for wearing a face mask in Spain. On Tuesday, the government published a law in the Official State Gazette (BOE) making masks mandatory in all public spaces regardless of the distance between people.

The measure immediately raised questions among some regional officials. Shortly after its publication in the BOE, the government admitted that the guidelines, which build on a decree passed in June of last year, may have been overtaken by today’s reality and improved knowledge about the coronavirus.
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Covid-19: New law introduces stricter face mask rules in Spain.

Is it safe to microwave your food? Let's imagine you went out to dinner last night. Chances are you brought home the leftovers and they’re sitting in your fr...

You Can't Reheat Some Foods Under Any Circumstances.

Georgia Davenport is the founder of Whole Washington, a grassroots coalition of healthcare professionals and activists who are determined to bring universal ...

Georgia Davenport, President of Whole Washington | How Would Statewide Healthcare Work? - YouTube

Cases of the Chinese coronavirus are falling in Texas, over two weeks after Gov. Greg Abbott (R) lifted restrictions.

Coronavirus Cases Fall in TX over Two Weeks After Restrictions Lifted

A joint WHO-China study on the origins of COVID-19 says that transmission of the virus from bats to humans through another animal is the most likely scenario and that a lab leak is "extremely unlikely," according to a draft copy obtained by The Associated Press.


AP Exclusive: WHO report says animals likely source of COVID-19

Basically, since there was discrimination before, the only way to fix it is with discrimination now. And even President Joe Biden backs them up.

Everybody is racist now --- wonderful!!!

Boston doctors call for racially discriminating against patients in order to promote social justice | The Post Millennial

There is a bigger, more significant story playing out. The EU is in a blind panic as its vaccine catastrophe gets worse and worse

Europe’s panic: the meltdown over vaccines - The Spectator

Doctors and nutritionists highly recommend making oatmeal a part of your diet and having it as your healthy morning meal. The secret is simple: good-quality ...

What Will Happen If You Start Eating Oats Every Day - YouTube

Eggs have been getting a bad rap in the health and fitness community because they are associated with cholesterol and weight gain. Others say they may trigger a heart attack. But you might be missing more benefits than you realized. Bright Side will crack the myths behind eggs, especially the egg yolks and let you know what will happen if you eat 3 eggs a day.

What'll Happen to You If You Start Eating 3 Eggs a Day?

Casey has become so obese that all he does is eat and play video games. He needs to bathe in a trough outside, because he is too big to fit in a bathtub.Subs...

EATING just one rasher of bacon a day raises the risk of developing dementia by up to half, a study suggests.And the danger grows regardless of whether you put ketchup or brown sauce on

Eating just one rasher of bacon a day 'raises the risk of developing dementia by up to half'


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