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Twenty years ago, you could get a vaccine for Lyme disease. Now you can’t. What happened?

What Happened to the Lyme Disease Vaccine? | The New Republic

This has more to do with the sugar in cereal than the nutrition in the pizza.....and this is coming from a guy...

What's For Breakfast? Nutritionist Says Cold Pizza Is Better Than Sugary Cereal… | Y95.5

Here are eight things to know about the upcoming flu season and getting your annual flu shot during the pandemic.

Brutal flu season ahead as COVID-19 spread continues, experts say. Here are 8 things to know about getting your flu shot. - Chicago Tribune

Heart Health
This is the perfect remedy for those who suffer from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Due to their rich magnesium content, watermelon seeds can promote healthy heart function and maintain normal blood pressure levels. Moreover, they also contain good fats and amino acids which regulate heart pressure and protect from heart disease.
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After You Read This, You Will Never....EVER Throw Away Watermelon Seeds Again! WOW!

Doctor has run 22 miles to work and back wearing a mask to help stop the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories around face coverings and to raise funds for charity. Tom Lawton, who works at the Bradford Royal Infirmary in Yorkshire, north England, said he decided to run with the mask on, following his concerns for people with respiratory illnesses who want to wear a mask but are too scared to do so over false information. ...
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In a new study from Curtin University, researchers discovered a likely cause of Alzheimer’s disease. They identified that a probable cause of Alzheimer’s disease was the leakage from the blood into the brain of fat-carrying particles transporting toxic proteins. The researchers say they have identified the probable ‘blood-to-brain pathway’ that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, […]

Scientists find the likely cause of Alzheimer's disease

Los Angeles County will require customers and workers in indoor bars, nightclubs and wineries to be vaccinated against Covid-19, officials said Wednesday.

Los Angeles County to require vaccination proof at bars, large events

Non-COVID patients are paying a price as the delta variant and low-vaccination rates overwhelm hospitals across the country. “Wait times can now be measured in days,” said an expert.

Biden will be relying heavily on a small division of the Labor Department to implement his new vaccine mandate for the private sector, posing perhaps the biggest test for an office that has faced funding and personnel challenges in recent years.

OSHA faces big challenge with Biden vaccine mandate | TheHill

“Then, it is up to the FDA to take their time, and then make a decision,” Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said.

Pfizer CEO Says Covid Vaccine Data for Kids Under Age 5 May Come in Late October – NECN

All active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by Dec.15, the U.S. Army said Tuesday.

U.S. Army says active duty soldiers must be vaccinated by Dec. 15

A recent survey of San Diego County medical providers found that thousands were requesting vaccine mandate exemptions, with the bulk citing religious reasons.

San Diego County healthcare workers seek vaccine exemptions - Los Angeles Times

The FDA granted emergency use authorization for Regeneron’s antibody treatment, which President Trump received when he battled the coronavirus last month. Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is pending approval.

The U.S. government database that keeps track of deaths from vaccine side effects has exploded by 10-fold since the advent of COVID-19, and the experimental vaccines that have been developed in response.

The Beltway Report revealed there are about 1,400 deaths reported to the system each year, among the thousands of reports of adverse events from vaccines.

Soaring through the roof: Vaccine deaths skyrocket

Since 2019, all fetal deaths linked to syphilis in Harris County were either Black or...

Syphilis in newborns is up 250% during pandemic. Experts blame lack of education, stigma around STIs.

“COVID-19 vaccine, you’re going to want to listen to this. The Red Cross says anyone who has received their COVID-19 vaccine cannot donate convalescent plasma to help other COVID-19 patients in hospitals. That plasma is made up of antibodies from people who have recovered from the virus but the vaccine wipes out those antibodies making the convalescent plasma ineffective and treating other COVID-19 patients.”

Red Cross Announces The Vaccinated Can’t Give Blood Because Their Blood Has Been Stripped of Antibodies | Press Bull

U.S. life spans, which have fallen behind those in Europe, are telling us something important about American society.

Why Is America So Bad at Keeping People Alive? - The Atlantic

Perspective published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition argues the root causes of the obesity epidemic are more related to what we eat rather than how much we eat. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that obesity affects more than 40% of American

Scientists Claim Overeating Is Not the Primary Cause of Obesity – Point to More Effective Weight Loss Strategies

Before the COVID-19 vaccine was available, there was only a trickle of pregnant women who became severely ill in central Illinois. That's changing.

COVID hospitalizations in Illinois surging among pregnant women


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