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A Texas-based auction house announced a sealed copy of "Super Mario Bros." for the Nintendo Entertainment System sold for $660,000 -- the highest price ever fetched for a video game.

Sealed copy of 'Super Mario Bros.' sells for record price of $660,000 -

Movie geeks, film experts, and anyone in between will enjoy this selection of fun options for your next game night, or small gathering.

Best Movie Trivia Games | IndieWire

The publisher discusses Monster Hunter potential and Resident Evil's 25th anniversary

Capcom: “We're very confident that the massive success of Monster Hunter: World will transfer across to Nintendo Switch” |

This is an expanded essay based on a series of tweets I wrote back in 2017 comparing Overwatch and its predecessor from the same multiplayer shooter space, Team Fortress 2. It’s late and I’m drinking…

Character Readability in Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch | by Xavier Coelho-Kostolny | Medium

Gnosia, a cult favorite on the PlayStation Vita, is finally getting a Nintendo Switch port to be released on March 4. Polygon spoke to developer Petit Depotto about adapting the social deduction game, and how Among Us has already paved the way.

Gnosia studio on the U.S. Switch port of the Japanese cult hit - Polygon

Game of the Year, Indie Game of the Year, Excellence in Game Design, and more announced for the 2021 Gaming Awards.

Greetings Terrarians!

We remain hard at work on the litany of updates across the board as we press forward into 2021. Things are really starting to come...

The latest DLC for Doom Eternal, The Ancient Gods — Part Two, will end the current story arc of the Doom Slayer, but what comes next? We talk to two of the creative minds behind the series at id Software to find out what’s Doom ... and what’s not.

Where does Doom go next?  - Polygon

Gather your Crew and repel the Corpus fleet now on PC

Warframe: Corpus Proxima and The New Railjack

The question at the heart of this week’s incessant NFT debate is one of ownership: How, in the digital age, can one really own anything? And when somebody purchases a glorified gif or jpg for mind-boggling amounts of money, what do they even own? Not rights. Not the sole copy of the image. So what? Now indie developer Jason Rohrer has added a new wrinkle by creating an NFT auction using artwork he commissioned from other people in 2012—long before NFTs were ever created.

Game Artists Not Happy That Developer Is Selling Their Nearly Decade-Old Work As NFTs

Some Xbox Wireless Controllers have had issues reporting button presses. Microsoft addressed many of these issues with the recent March Xbox Update.

Microsoft fixes Xbox controller connection issues with March update | Windows Central

As a multiplayer game, Watch Dogs: Legion is pretty lonely. Yes, you can roam freely on a vast open-world map alongside other players, but most of the points of interest are for single-player activities. The competitive arena, while appropriately frenetic, currently feels anemic. And the tentpole, raid-like mode isn’t even available yet. ...
Read more

Watch Dogs Legion's Co-Op Isn't Enough To Bring Us Back To The Game

MUGEN served as the backbone of the early fighting game modding community for well over two decades now, so it's not surprising that someone would want to capture that magic in a 3D game engine. I'm not sure ...

The PlayStation 5 is the fastest-selling console in U.S. history by dollar sales, taking the record from Nintendo Switch.

PS5 Is the Fastest-Selling Console in U.S. History for Dollar Sales - IGN

Job listings at Blizzard point to a first-person shooter with several maps

Blizzard is developing an unannounced AAA multiplayer game with

The not-so-secret news is out! Our short SFM teaser hinted at what we’ve been up to, but considering how many of you have been involved in our discussions and testing, we’re not surprised to see the…

Total shipments and digital sales for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim have surpassed 400,000 units worldwide as of March 12, publisher Atlus and developer Vanillaware…

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim shipments and digital sales top 400,000 - Gematsu

Right now the Edge browser with GeForce Now is only available to Xbox Insiders

Xbox consoles can stream Steam games using GeForce Now in the Edge browser | GamesRadar+

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia will host "Play! Play! Play!"—"a talk show that makes you want to play"—on March 21 from 20:00 to 21:00 JST…

PlayStation Japan 'Play! Play! Play!' live stream featuring Resident Evil Village and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade set for March 21 - Gematsu


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