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According to former Vice President Al Gore, there is a link between global warming and the current coronavirus pandemic.
Al Gore:

Lightning killed at least 12 in India amid heavy rain, Report. At least 12 people were killed when lightning struck them in Saran, Jamui and Bhojpur districts of Bihar on Sunday. The incident happened when some people were working in the field. As per media reports, the deceased are yet to be identified. ...
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The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with environmentalists by giving a broad reading to the types of water-borne pollution covered by the Clean Water Act.
Supreme Court hands environmentalists a win in water pollution case | TheHill

As air pollution plummeted to levels unseen in living memory, people shared pictures of spotless skies and even Himalayan peaks from cities where the view had been obscured by fog for decades.

On one social messaging group, a resident of the capital, Delhi, which regularly records some of the foulest air in the world, celebrated the city's "alpine weather". ...
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India coronavirus: Can the Covid-19 lockdown spark a clean air movement? - BBC News

The Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is the most catastrophic oil spill in US history. The damage it did to the environment and coastal economies lasted for years. The Verge looks back at its coverage on the 10th anniversary of the BP oil spill.
Deepwater Horizon: a decade of disaster  - The Verge

The U.S. energy industry won’t recover overnight, but the Saudi-Russian deal, brokered by Trump, may mean we will still have an energy industry to revive.
The world can thank President Trump for the oil deal | TheHill

A district judge in Montana reportedly ruled Wednesday against the Keystone XL pipeline, canceling a key permit necessary for the project's construction.
Judge cancels Keystone XL pipeline permit | TheHill

Tourists aren’t allowed in California’s most popular national park, but if they could visit, they might feel as if they had been transported to another time.

Rewilding: Leaving the earth to mend itself

Call of the wild
In 2002, an aristocratic English couple did something radical. Their agricultural estate, Knepp Castle, had failed to turn a profit for decades, so they wrote to the British government to say they had made a decision.

The couple, Charlie Burrell and Isabella Tree, were going to let their land go back to the wild. Completely wild. They would reintroduce deer, untamed exmoor ponies, longhorn cows similar to the extinct auroch, and pigs that resembled wild boars. Some indigenous grass was resown. Beyond that, they resolved not to interfere with nature’s process.
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FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS for our ABYSMAL TIMES: Rewilding — Quartz Daily Obsession — Quartz

While there's so much focus on having people stay off the streets during the coronavirus pandemic, there's another big problem happening underground.
Coronavirus Update: Video Shows Homeless Taking Over Car After Car On No. 2 Subway Line – CBS New York

KRAKATOA has erupted, sending a plume of ash 47,000ft into the air, while elsewhere in the world Iceland is seeing a dramatic increase in volcanic activity.
Volcano eruption today: Indonesia' Krakatoa ERUPTS as Iceland volcano threatens to blow

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, some Canadian farmers imported wild boars from Europe to raise for meat. But as wild boars are wont to do, some of them escaped, either digging under fences or barreling through them. Others were set free once the boar meat market cooled.

At first, it didn’t seem like a big problem; many thought they couldn’t survive Canada’s long winters. ...
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Have efforts to solve the plastic pollution problem made it worse? Go inside the battle over plastics, recycling and what’s at stake.

Only one viable option in my mind: You make it, you take it back. All of it. Community & private haulers could collect all consumer plastics in a separate waste bin. ...
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A key climate conference due in November is delayed over disruption caused by the coronavirus.
Coronavirus forces postponement of COP26 meeting in Glasgow - BBC News

He's very upset Trump unraveled his climate change policies

Former President Barack Obama criticized the Trump administration for rolling back policies he put into place to combat global warming, but many objected to his comparison to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic," Obama tweeted. "We can't afford any more consequences of climate denial."
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Obama uses coronavirus pandemic to push global warming alarmism, and the internet hits back hard - TheBlaze

Ightham Mote, near Sevenoaks, already has 232 parking spaces but the conservation charity wants to double capacity by moving the car park to a nearby area of natural beauty.
National Trust planning on turning acres of idyllic Green Belt countryside into sprawling car park

A federal court today granted a request by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to strike down federal permits for the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Prevails as Federal Judge Strikes Down DAPL Permits  | Earthjustice

The sunshine has at least made the first few days of the lockdown easier to bear, letting us spend time in the garden or go for a stroll.

But, by the end of the weekend, we may be better off indoors as temperatures plunge and snow showers are forecast as far south as Kent.

The current spell of settled weather, which started last weekend and was the first for six months, has seen temperatures reach highs of 19.4C (66.9F) in Rhyl, North Wales.
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Early spring sunshine is set to disappear and be replaced by SNOW within days

Air pollution has reduced by half in London, Rome, and Milan and 30 per cent in Paris partly due to fewer cars on the roads during coronavirus lockdowns, research and satellite imagery reveals.
Air pollution falls in London, Rome, Paris over coronavirus lockdown period

...Thunberg dismissed the law as “empty words”, accusing the EU of “pretending” to be a leader on climate change...
Greta Thunberg Trashes The New EU


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