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Well, this is something you don’t see every day. In a stunning new article written for both Forbes and his own environmentalism site, prominent climate change activist Michael Shellenberger issued a grand apology on Monday, telling readers that activists like him have been engaging in deceitful alarmism for the last 30 years. Pulling the veil back on the outright fraud that the environmental (and mainstream) left has been perpetrating on the world, Shellenberger hopes that his new book, Apocalypse Never, will open people’s eyes to the lies they’ve been fed for decades.
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Restore American Glory   » Whoa: Prominent Climate Activist Apologizes for 30 Years of “Alarmism”

Climate change is real, but it’s not the end of the world. It’s not even
our most important environmental problem.
On Behalf Of Environmentalists, I Apologize For The Climate Scare — Environmental Progress

For seafood to be a sustainable part of the solution, we must make progress in sustainable fisheries, enhance our management systems to address shifting ocean conditions caused by climate change and ensure sustainable marine and coastal aquaculture.
Oceans can feed our future world, if we do it right | TheHill

A raging wildfire burning northeast of Phoenix, Ariz., now the largest active fire in the nation is also in the record books after becoming one of the largest in state history as the blaze consumed another 10,000 acres as of Sunday morning. 
💥Arizona's Bush Fire now fifth largest wildfire in state history, blaze grows by 10,000 acres | Fox News

Greta Thunberg says the world needs to treat climate change with similar urgency to Covid-19.
Greta Thunberg: Climate change 'as urgent' as coronavirus - BBC News

One of Russia’s most polluted cities seeks a solution for its toxic, filthy, smog-filled air.
Russian City So Polluted Skies Turn Black, Residents Urged to Leave | The Weather Channel

OIL has travelled 12 miles north from a collapsed fuel tank and is at risk of polluting the Arctic Ocean.
Russia latest: Putin anger as huge Russian oil spill pollutes Arctic lake | World | News |

German security services have warned that far-left Antifa extremists have begun infiltrating climate change groups.
Germany Warns Far-Left Antifa Infiltrating Climate Movement

Tucker Carlson lamented the double-standard created when rioters in Minneapolis and other places get away with disobeying the law while "normal" people do not.

Rioters not social distancing, burning police cars and businesses adding to carbon footprint and global warming - How does Greta High Priestess of Global Warming feel about this???
Tucker Laments Double Standard: ‘Normal’ People Must Follow ‘Countless New Rules,’ Rioters ‘Get To Ignore’ Them

And now for something different:
Geoengineering and Terraforming aerosols commonly known as "Chemtrails" are really big buisness. Weather modification is an everyday event here in the US and Canada.Around the world as well. I'm a witness to it.There are very few days now that you don't see haze streaks , or a permanent haze in some cities; Shame . Never to see a truly clear sky.
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Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified?  Geoengineering Watch

Floodwaters that tore through two Michigan dams Tuesday now pose a larger environmental risk as they encroach on hazardous waste sites owned by chemical giant Dow, according to The New York Times.

Water from the Tittabawassee River near Midland, Mich., has already reached retaining ponds full of brine at the company’s complex where it still produces plastic and other chemicals.
Michigan flooding risks damage to hazardous waste sites: report | TheHill

A team of scientists has successfully produced in a laboratory setting a coral that is more resistant to increased seawater temperatures.

Thousands of residents of central Michigan were told to evacuate immediately Tuesday evening after floodwaters caused two dams to fail.

A state of emergency was declared for Midland County, about 150 miles north of Detroit. A flash flood emergency was in effect Wednesday night for the entire length of the Tittabawassee River in Midland County after the failure of the Edenville and Sanford dams.
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Dams Failed in Central Michigan; Evacuations Underway

UK scientists have created the first wide-area maps of microscopic algae growing in coastal Antarctica.

Satellite observations were used to count nearly 1,700 patches where large blooms had turned snow cover green.

The team says the photosynthesising organisms are an important “sink” for pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.
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Antarctic Algal Bloom:

Stay-at-home orders around the world have set the stage for an unintentional experiment: What happens to the planet when some of the most polluting activities grind to a halt?
Emissions drop during pandemic creates unexpected challenge | TheHill

The Grand Canyon National Park will reopen some areas to visitors beginning this weekend.
Grand Canyon begins reopening with limited access | TheHill

Central Park saw its first snowfall during May in decades as a cold snap hit the Northeast Friday night into the weekend.

A polar vortex that moved in from the north drove down temperatures across the Northeast while the West Coast was experiencing mid-summer-level heatwaves. From New Hampshire to California, there was, at one point, a 100-degree difference between highs and lows.
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Record snowfall in Northeast sees first May snow in Central Park since 1977 | Fox News

A potentially record-breaking snowstorm is headed for the Northeast this weekend, and it could bring historic snowfall totals to the inner Northeast and New England.

A storm system barreling into the Northeast will clash with winter cold associated with the polar vortex on Friday, bringing the potential for heavy, wet snow across the inner Northeast. At the same time, the rest of the I-95 corridor could see heavy rain.
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Record-Breaking May Snowstorm Headed for Northeast

A snowstorm is forecasted for this weekend across the interior of the Northeast as well as New England. The May snowstorm has the potential to drop a foot or more of snow in some locations.
Snowstorm Headed For Northeast This Weekend | Forecasted To Be Record Breaking

Inspired to change the world by the coronavirus outbreak, more than 200 Hollywood stars (and a handful of scientists) signed onto an editorial this week, urging the leaders and people of the world to pursue a “radical transformation” of our economies and values.

The actors and actresses, including Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda, and more of the exact stars you would expect to sign on to a document like this, say that if we miss the chance to reform in the wake of the pandemic, we will witness the “massive extinction of life on Earth.”
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Restore American Glory   » Hollywood Elite Call for “Radical Transformation” of the World


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