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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has signed a new law mandating that public schools in the Sunshine State have a daily moment of silence.

DeSantis signs law mandating daily moment of silence in Florida schools | TheHill


The great Encyclopaedia Brittanica
is offered online and contains countless articles and important educational material. There are multiple links to open and read further. A very nice tool for people of all races, genres, nationality. Education is free and offered generously, we just got to get it

A sample of the Encyclopaedia for "Jansenism":
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Nevada has become the latest flashpoint in a national debate over how to teach students about racism and its role in U.S. history, with parents clashing over curriculum proposals.

Nevada schools reckon with race, triggering polarization

Oxford University students have voted to remove a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II from a common room due to concerns about Britain's colonial history, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Oxford students vote to remove portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, citing Britain's colonial history | TheHill

Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky gave the opening lecture of the course entitled Human Behavioral Biology and explains the basic premise of the course and how he aims to avoid categorical thinking.

It's a marvelous book, written by professionalists with experience and the need to teach and propagate Philosophy. The books uses cartoon pics and images, like they intented for kids but I personally think they make the learning process much easier and perhaps adds on people's ability of learning.
It describes and analyses, in the simplest way - this is because of the experience of the writters as teachers and lecturers - almost every modern concept concerning Philosophy and I hope it's apetite stimulator for getting more in touch with Philosophy. As Almost everything we do and think is already explained - analysed and "philosophised", perhaps Philosophy can make ideas work better for the people and their world (having a better knowledge of them).
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The picture coming into view is enormously promising: rural students, too often left to pursue higher education without role models to inspire them or information to help them map their way, could have both in abundance in the virtual world that is emerging.

How to get more rural kids to college? Universal broadband would help | TheHill


A Mystic, a poet and deeply rooted in Quran's ideas, will trascript into humanne teachings the bases of his religion. A must for Islamic Studies

Biography from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
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The talented Mr Alter has an extensive portfolio of works over the American literature and has done a lot of translations. He has analysed the Hebrew Bible in a way that became a standart for the related studies.
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After a talk I had with Don and Druid I got inspired to post about an important European philosopher-theologist-mystic and more.
Which is the most important in his theories is the solutions he offers when the church becomes strict and punishes the internal need for exploration of God's will within rituals foreign to people that need to connect the simple and real with their spiritual hunger. This philosopher indeed influenced the Germanic theology but it became also a tool of education of thinking over spiritualism.
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The backlash against what Robert L. Woodson calls the "race-grievance industry" is surging, and leading the revolt are right-tilting Black intellectuals like himself.

1619 Project faces backlash from conservative Black intellectuals - Washington Times

Parents ‘finally had enough’ after ‘vile’ selection of books for school children


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