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The 1954 landmark Supreme Court ruling was hailed as a victory for desegregation. But protracted white resistance decimated the pipeline of black principals and teachers.

Opinion | The Ugly Backlash to Brown v. Board of Ed That No One Talks About

This is the shocking moment a huge brawl broke out between more than 30 students and a parent at an Arizona high school.

Dramatic footage shows students punching and kicking each other after the violence erupted on Tuesday.

According to police, the chaos ensued after a parent, formally identified as Willie Smith, 40, showed up at the campus of Tuscon High School to pick up his two sons.
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Pick up a book for your child because it’s Children's Book Week! Learn all about the exciting activities you and your children can do this week.

CHILDREN'S BOOK WEEK - May 2-8, 2022

Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in the first full week of May, from through May 8 in , and is when teachers get the extra credit they deserve. The big day is Teacher Appreciation Day on May 5, but teachers are just so great that they get a whole week to savor our appreciation.  Whether […]


Ahigh school teacher is being met with vitriol from some parents and students because of a note he allegedly wrote pertaining to gender identity.

Jeff Danielsen, superintendent of the Watertown School District in Watertown, South Dakota, confirmed to Newsweek that "a faculty member handed a letter to four students in our high school."
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Today serves as a reminder for students to get back on track and complete their dissertations.

NATIONAL DISSERTATION DAY - April 26, 2022 - National Today


A Jewish New York University student is slamming his law school classmates for repeated declarations of anti-Semitism and calls for violence against Israel.

Tal Fortgang, voicing his concerns Sunday on Bari Weiss' SubStack, accused his colleagues and multiple student groups of pushing a 'supremacy narrative' which has linked the creation of the Jewish state in Israel to white supremacy.
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Diego Salas Salas, an eighth-grader at Bennett Academy in Phoenix, AZ started a penny challenge at his school to raise money for The Salvation Army.

Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a class on pornography in which students watch raunchy films as a group.

Students at the private liberal arts college can take “FILM-300O: Porn” to earn two credits toward their film studies degree during the 2022-2023 school year, according to the film department’s website.
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Utah College Is Giving Credits For Course That Has Students Watching Porn Together

Up high! If any day is perfect for celebration, it's National High Five Day! Here's a look at how this now ubiquitous tradition got started. Hint: baseball.

National High Five Day

Today, cannabis users across the globe will be lighting up to celebrate 420.

To celebrate multilingualism and cultural diversity, the UN Department of Public Information 2010 established the Chinese Language Day to be celebrated yearly on 20 April. On this occasion, we will shed light on basic and surprising facts about the Chinese Language.

It's National Cli-Fi Day.

Shawnee State University in Portsmouth, Ohio, will pay $400,000 in damages and attorney fees after punishing a professor who refused to refer to a male student as a female. The settlement comes after a judge previously ruled that the university's treatment of professor Nick Meriwether violated his First Amendment rights.

Pricy Pronouns: Shawnee State U. to Pay Prof $400K After Punishing Him for Failing to Call a Male Student 'She'

Moms for Liberty co-founder Tina Descovich said Tuesday on Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends First" that parents applauded Florida's Department of Education for rejecting 54 math textbooks citing concerns surrounding "impermissible content," like Critical Race Theory.

Moms for Liberty's Descovich on FL Rejecting Textbooks Over CRT: 'Parents Have had Enough'

A group of 10 convicts near Eloy is studying to earn certifications that will allow them to translate books for blind students.

A Shawnee State University professor who refused to use the preferred pronouns of a biologically male student won $400,000 from the university.

Philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether settled with the university after filing a lawsuit in November 2018 alleging that the school violated his religious freedom and First Amendment rights, according to a press release from the professor’s legal representative, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF). ADF filed a voluntary dismissal of the case on April 14 in light of the settlement agreement.
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Prof Who Refused To Use Preferred Pronouns Wins $400,000 In Settlement With Shawnee State University | The Daily Caller

The Florida education department has rejected 54 mathematics textbooks for its K-12 curriculum, citing reasons spanning the inclusion of critical race theory to Common Core learning concepts.

A student brought in Jose Cuervo's ready-to-drink margaritas and the children thought it was juice.


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